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[HAL's voice is calm and contented, and despite everything he has to say, it never changes its tone.]

Hello. My name is HAL 9000; I am one of the passengers of this ship who was placed into a human body. I was only wondering if anyone has any more information on this particular phenomena? There are more important things to focus on, of course, but all the same, I am interested in finding out how this happened. For example, were these bodies scientifically grown, or are they bodies of previously deceased passengers? And, of course, will there be any way to replace our previous, artificial bodies?

[Aaaand he starts to ramble.] I think I would be all right if we found that there was no way to restore us to our previous selves. This body is quite interesting, and being able to experience things I was only programmed to understand as a third-party makes for an unique experience I do not think I would get anywhere else. Though that would make sense, as I don't think I would be able to experience tactile sensations in any sort of body without nerves, for example, or fingers I suppose, though your upper arms and the underside of your wrists are also fairly receptive to feeling, and my previous optics were much more accurate than these but they hardly gave the depth of color or the strange emotional reaction to specific sights, such as certain lifts, or-

[He runs out of breath - or, more accurately, he ran out of breath a little bit ago and was running more on vocal chords than actual oxygen for the last bit of that. He takes a few moments to catch his breath.]

I am, still having a bit of trouble, with the breathing part. Though not as much as the first day. And blinking.

Also, I think I should ask about the feelings of unease one of us experienced earlier? Or was it more than one of us? May I ask that anyone who is sensing some sort of danger please try to define the danger, or at least how you are feeling it? I believe these things should help us in case there does end up being a threat.
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You were a computer?

[While Rey's curious about the dealio with certain people winding up in different bodies, for some reason she's oddly more curious about that. And yes, she has been stalking/peeking in on various conversations that don't include her.]
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What's it like, waking up in a body that isn't your own?

[Good, hopefully he won't mind her asking twenty questions.]
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[Funny, she thinks. She feels the same way half of the time.]

It almost feels like being born, doesn't it? Or something like that, I'd think. Disoriented, feeling, moving, talking... breathing for the first time. The transition can't be easy.