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Second Prayer ; Voice

[She's been thinking since she's been back. Kara Thrace -- the Harbinger -- seems to have kept quiet about what she and her sister are. She's seen Caprica on the network, but she hasn't gone to her in person just yet.]

It looks like I've missed more than I'm comfortable with. If someone could concisely sum up the most important events of the last few months, I'd be grateful.

[She laughs quietly.]

It's strange. Minutes at home, a hundred days here. Has anyone else experienced something like this?
circumitus: got messy. (i did a shot of seamonkeys)


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[Oh. Hello again.]

Haven't kept up with what's been happening too well. But have experienced strange lapses in time once.
circumitus: She literally cut my boxers off with a 8" chef's knife and had her way with me. (tomorrow never knows)


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...You could say that.
circumitus: I have big plans. I'm learning spanish this month. (i need an office)


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Do you think it would help?
circumitus: What if cement was really a rainbow color they just secretly paint it grey so as not to distract drivers? (what if...)


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[It's okay. Rey doesn't think to be suspicious about it.]

circumitus: you started throwing frozen shot glasses at people and you kept saying "it's fine, they melt." (wave goodbye to your troubles)

voice; i'm fine with either, though prose might be easier

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Ten-four. [Wait.] ...Understood.