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First; Audio

[What on earth... Was this thing? It was definitely unlike anything Lenna had ever seen before... Nonetheless, the pink-haired girl manages to turn the device on and clumsily picking the ‘audio’ option.]

If you all wouldn’t mind, I would like to take up but a moment of your time.

[She speaks in a soft, but stern voice. She can’t afford to show any weakness, especially in this foreign place. She also speaks a bit slow, but that's only because of her confusion in this weird place.]

I was just curious to know if anyone could possibly fill me in on what is exactly is my purpose here. Why was I brought to this odd place? Is there some sort of task I am supposed to accomplish? Please, if anyone knows anything... Anything at all, please reply to me.

[A pause.]

Oh! Thank you for your time.
circumitus: She was stuck there, we simply exchanged rides. (it's not like i paid for sex)


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Negative. You have no purpose. There's no reason you were brought here, unless if you can work, and even that's just mindless busywork sometimes, if you can do it. [Way to break the ice, Rey.]

I am replying now. Satisfied?
circumitus: Otherwise you'd be a dad by now. (thank god you're gay)


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[She doesn't say anything at first. She just kind of nods, which turns out to be an uncomfortable pause because she realizes she hasn't utilized video for this conversation. Oh well.]

Do you come from a primitive world?

[Once again, she falls quiet. You people and your long-winded three-lettered names. At least, it's long-winded to her, when all she has in return is:] Rey.

[Just that. Nothing fancy.]
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Magic? Like in children's stories? [At least, she's pretty sure that she's heard of kids talking about stuff like those. It's all vague.

[It's too bad that Rey has issues with emoting herself properly. She might have been a bit more convincing when she replies:]
Likewise, I suppose.

...You're complacent for an arrival.
circumitus: This is drunk and confused... (this is worse than naked and afraid)


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[Seems so, right? Since experiencing "euphoria", it feels like Rey has some idea as to what intrigue feels like, among other things that is... nice. And almost more pleasant, in terms of figuring how what demeanor to put on when talking to people.

[On that note, Rey understands what it means to put on a front. One drop was all it took.]

Not many do, no. But everyone is different.