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Chase [the Vishual] | Amory Wars ([personal profile] the_vishual) wrote in [community profile] ataraxion2012-05-17 04:39 pm

07 | visual | all nonbelievers stand aside in fear

[ Chase does not look comfortable. Not spooked, per se, but when the video flickers on the little girl looks tired. Less burdened and more concerned.

This is something she genuinely doesn't know the answer to.

Hello, everyone--I regret to be the one to point this out.

[ A beat--she's worryingly playing with the paper bow tie she's made ever since the Doctor disappeared, and with a lick of her lips she's speaking again, eyes darting down to something on her lap. ]

It's funny. This list--it's amused. Laughing at us. I don't--I don't like it. And that's not everyone on the list. It's a fraction of it.

But the laughter. It's ringing in my ears and they're so, so, giddy.