01 February 2015 @ 04:37 pm
[ so that was...some shit, huh?

in light of just how grim everything had gotten, it seems the perfect time to roll out a little something to lighten the mood, and river has been rehearsing for at least half an hour prior to actually addressing the network.

(it needs to be perfect, okay? delivery is everything in comedy)

I have a joke. ..More than one, but one for now. We're all very tired.

[ she clears her throat a little - bless she's actually kinda nervous - before continuing, a little rustling following as she even sits up straighter. ]

How many existentialists does it take to screw in a light bulb? [ pause for effect ] Two - one to change the light bulb, and one to observe how it symbolizes an incandescent beacon of subjectivity in netherworld of cosmic nothingness!

[ ok you can all laugh now ]
06 November 2014 @ 09:48 am
[ Iiiiit's Edgeworth! It's Edgeworth looking a little bit worse for wear. His face is blotchy around the eyes. ]

Good day. Miles Edgeworth, with Security.

[ Edgeworth's introduction is terser than usual, and his face is decidedly ill-tempered. And his speech is considerably less formal than usual: a lot of his usual pomposity is gone, in the face of sheer crabbiness. Indeed, instead of polite administrative announcements going first, he hops right into a snappish lecture.

(There's a little bit of nervousness to this, under the surface. In a weird way, it might almost seem to the keen observer that he's sort of minimizing the gravity of this by framing it as a don't-be-stupid issue rather than a you-all-have-committed-criminal-deeds issue.) ]

Do not touch things that look suspicious. You all have been on the ship now for a minimum of a month and for a maximum of two years. You are all familiar with how things work by this point. You know perfectly well that there's no end to the death-traps that the ship sets. So I honestly do not know why I have to say this to a single one of you, but if - hypothetically - there's an eerie painting of one of your fellow passengers, perhaps don't mutilate it. Perhaps just walk past it. Perhaps ignore it. Honestly, you're all intelligent people; begin acting as such.

[ And then he crosses his arms even tighter, and scowls deeper, and says: ]

Anyone who has evidence that their depictions were tampered with by someone acting with malice aforethought, do come to me or one of my colleagues. Reckless stupidity is not something we have any interest in pursuing, since that would put rather too many of you in the brig. But any attempts to deliberately do harm to others, with awareness of the consequences, during the last incident - that will be dealt with.
25 August 2014 @ 10:38 am
[ Soooo… Peter might not be lookin too hot right now but he’s trying his damndest to suck it up for the camera. Granted he could look far worse, the fact of the matter is that he’s supposed to look like he runs the medby, not like he’s about to become one of its patients. But whether or not he doesn’t look 100%, Peter exhales in preparation before he actually addresses the camera he’s just turned on. ]

We know that the majority, if not everyone on board right now is sick. I also know that lots of people have already offered up advice and ways to help others- most importantly, we’re urging everyone to try to do something to help themselves. If you don’t trust the medbay enough to stop by, then at least take it easy. Do what you can to take care of yourselves. Stop trying to buck the system and pretend nothing’s wrong. It won’t help anyone.

That being said, if you do stop by the medbay, we do have ways to help.
[ He pauses for a second, just so he can sigh, a frustrated note to what he’s about to say. ] We don’t have a cure but we can treat your symptoms well enough to offer some relief. There’s a variety of methods and resources we have to offer and even if you aren’t interested or just outright dislike the scientific side of things, then maybe you’d be more willing to take a different approach. All i’m saying is you have options, it doesn’t hurt to consider them.

We’re even starting to consider handing out chicken noodle soup to anyone who walks through the doors. And hey, if that sounds good to anyone, let us know, we’ll see if we can manage it. But, apart from that, i’m handing over this over for some more specifics on what we actually know about the disease we're all up against--

[Swivel camera to William Tsang.

Like his companion, he looks like shit. Everybody looks like shit lately. Still, he looks to be trying to maintain reasonable spirits, maybe for the audience's sake, or his patient populace, for all that he does not (can not) refute the bleak picture set forth by his companion.]
Aye aye, this is William Tsang, medical officer. Right now we don’t fully understand the disease, but we’re working on it. We’ve determined that it is associated with a mineral deficiency in the body, and that knowledge is guiding some interventions.

Speaking of interventions-- lately we've had in more staff, and we've still got the resources-- both magical and technological-- that we've had for the last few months. That includes spells, potions, pharmeceuticals and now, apparently, mineral supplements. Symptom relief appears to last up to three hours at a time. Limits must be taken into consideration depending on what you take-- blood plasma concentration for drugs and herbs, cost to the caster for magic, potential complications in all interactions with the ship's... idiosyncrasies.

As such, these interventions are recommended largely if your symptoms is quite severe: loss of consciousness, repeated falling, high fever, intolerable pain, continuous vomiting and dehydration, that sort of shit. In general, we currently advise rest, fluids, and food.

Please keep in contact with each other-- make sure there's somebody you can talk to for help, that someone knows where you are in case of crisis. If you haven't got anybody, that somebody's going to be me. Or wee Petrelli there.
[He jerks his head in the direction that Peter just went off-screen.] Do your best to discourage each other from giving in to really fucked up cravings. Don't think the nanites can sort out ingested needles or that sort of bollocks.

Thus far, known symptoms include these.
[William holds up a tablet display.] If you experience any symptoms ain't on the list, please alert medical immediately. [A beat, and he remembers to press his face into a smile.] We also appreciate any information about when yous first started exhibiting symptoms, as research is ongoing. Cheers. And back to Pete--

[ Aaaand the camera’s back on Peter. ]

Think that actually covers all of it. For anyone that’s got any questions, feel free to ask. But more important than that, take care of yourselves.

[Text attachment titled: care-providers.4444]
(Contains list of Medical staff, active volunteers, and a note about Granny Weatherwax (potions))

[ blue is peter, pink is william ]
[Simon had been pondering addressing the network for a few days. He had no reason to distrust Wash's statement that he, Simon, had been here before, and if this was an Alliance trick... well, it was a very elaborate, very real-seeming one.

He didn't want to give them that much credit.

And so, he finally called up a video feed, clearing his throat.]

Hello to everyone on the Tranquility. I suppose I should be blunt right off the bat- I am aware that I have apparently been here before, but I wanted to spare everyone who knew me back then and mention that I do not remember anything of this place. ... I feel as though I should apologize for that fact, but truthfully, I am still having trouble wrapping my head around that idea.

So... if you would like to introduce yourselves again... or get to know me for the first time... I would not mind that.

For those who do not know me, I am Simon Tam. I was a trauma surgeon where I came from, and I intend on joining the medical department here and offering my services.

[And with that, he awaits replies.]
02 March 2014 @ 07:20 pm
[It's the familiar backdrop of Medbay, hurrah! Simon looks--you guessed it--tired, and he sounds--you guessed it again--exasperated. Cleanup after something like what just happened in Engineering is never very good for the sleep schedule.]

Before anyone asks--Charlotte is in the care of Medbay. She's stable, but isn't in any shape to receive visitors or answer questions. Please don't come to any medical staff requesting to see her.

We'll get what information we can when she's ready to give it. That might not be for some time. Right now, passenger health is the priority.

[And she is, in fact, a passenger.]

If you were...forcibly ejected from Engineering and require any further medical attention, please don't hesitate to see a doctor or nurse. We'll do what we can to alleviate any lingering symptoms.

[Should you go to Medbay with the express purpose of seeing what's up with this Charlotte lady, you'll find she is, as Simon warned, in no shape to receive visitors, drifting in and out of consciousness and in an obviously unhinged state. As she's clearly a danger to herself and others, there's an SEC guard near or around her bedside 24/7.]
11 November 2013 @ 05:28 pm
[The small, not quite comfortable smile she greets the network with is a far cry from the face she'd been sporting only a few hours before. It was one thing to accept her new lot in life for a day, maybe two- until reality really sunk in and the memories started pouring in. But she doesn't want to weigh in. She doesn't have the experience to, and even if she did- Her world extends only to those from Boston right now, and she needs to keep it that way]

I'm getting the impression the more hands there are in the medbay, the merrier. I'm a nurse from Boston. The- Uh, the year is 2013 if that matters. [It's space, it probably matters, she doesn't know- her nerd culture exposure is only by proxy. Her fingers curl around the steaming mug of coffee, and wishes it was a little less coffee and a lot more vodka. Still, it's hard to beat surprise breakfast in bed] I'd appreciate a guided tour, as soon as someone's available.

So let's get the mundane out of the way. I'm Nora- Josh's wife. I'm one of the new kids passing through here, but he's let me in on the fact that he's been around for- way too long. I feel like taking the lazy scenic route for making new friends and I'm going to keep stealing his.

So if you know him, why don't you come say hi? I'm thinking of taking a look around.
[ Good space evening, Tranquility! Did you say you wanted two exasperated, vaguely concerned doctors this evening? Yes? Good! Because there are two of them. Simon and Bones are broadcasting from the familiar backdrop of the Medbay, and it's clear that what they're about to say is very important. Simon speaks first, rubbing the bridge of his nose between two fingers before addressing the camera. ]

If the recent network posts have been any indication, it seems that many of you have been experiencing insomnia. We're not sure if it's a result of the most recent jump, but Doctor McCoy and I wanted to take a moment to remind everyone that we do have treatment available in the Medbay for anyone who’s been having trouble sleeping.

[ There's a moment when Bones looks at Simon to make sure he's done mentioning the insomnia and the fact that there is the sleeping aids available from them. Unlike the other remedies from everyone's various homes, Bones thinks they may be more effective at combating the issue. He ends up rubbing at his eyes and picks up where Simon had left off. ]

We'd start you off at the smallest doses, of course, and if that doesn't work, tell us and we'll work up from there. In addition, there's been a rash of several of you all coming in with bloody noses, ears and occasional burst vessel in your eye or eyes. Or if you're supremely unlucky, you may have been caught on camera suddenly bleeding. Chances that all of you who've had those issues are coming into Medbay is slim to none, but both Doctor Tam and I are wondering just how many of you all— [ Not us, because clearly neither of them have dealt with it, really. ] have had that happen at least once or twice since this past jump. And if it's happened, how many times, as well as, where. Meaning your actual location and the place you were bleeding from.

We can't stress enough how important it is for you to come to Medbay if you think you're ill. Burst blood vessels in the eye will usually heal on their own, but a checkup never hurts.

[ Well, except when they do, but that's obviously not the point he’s trying to make. ]

[ But Simon, a little suffering is good for the soul! Except fine, valid point to make, even if Bones ends up giving him a bit of a look. ]

And if it actually does, then wouldn't you know it, we can fix that. [ But right, yes, they got what they needed to say out and someone's gotta end this feed with something better than that so as Bones is reaching over to cut the feed, he does say one thing as if to say goodbye. ]

At the off chance you're ill and you don't come by and I find out, I'm not above coming to find you and dragging you down here for that check-up.

[ And then the screen goes black. ]

( Green for Simon, Blue for Bones! )
09 August 2013 @ 06:53 pm
So now that I've read the handy little welcome manual and have established that this place is entirely too creepy--

[ She looks at the screen and sighs. Traces of concern and what might be fear accompany her mostly unamused look. It's probably pretty obvious that she took the time to make herself look at least semi-presentable before contacting the network. Her hair looks generally tucked into place and her usual daily makeup has been applied. ]

Is there anybody here who knows me? [ She expects at least a few yeses. She's practically New York royalty in her world. ] My name is Charlotte Clarke. I want to know if my family's here. The Graysons. Or anybody else from my world, I guess.

[ She basically just doesn't want to be here alone. ]

Also, I need to speak to a doctor. Preferably one who knows what they're doing.
26 July 2013 @ 09:43 pm
[Simon sounds all at once incredibly professional and slightly exasperated. It's enough to wonder if it's his default mode--and of course, the answer is yes. The slightly hesitant tone of his voice makes it clear that this is something he's wanted to say for a while, but just hasn't figured out the best way to articulate it.

Better late than never.

So this is…probably not what anyone wants to hear so close to the jump, but I'm starting to think we're slightly overdue for a staff meeting. I'm willing to overlook a lot of things, but I am...of the belief that we'd benefit from a little group discussion. In...my opinion.

We're overworked. There are too many passengers and too few of us. Some of us aren't as familiar with the technology as we could be. It's hard, I know. There are bound to be...mishaps. Here and there. But in the past few months alone, we've had one botched autopsy, several missing bodies, and a human liver on the floor that...still doesn't have an identifiable owner.

I'd like to think we're more professional than this. The ship doesn't leave medical degrees in the lockers, so when someone joins this department claiming they have a certain amount of experience, all we can do is assess them and hope they're telling the truth.

[He's not saying that maybe some people are lying...but he's totally saying that maybe some people are lying.]

Ideally, we'll meet after the jump, once everyone is situated. In the meantime, however, if anyone has any concerns or...topics of discussion they'd like to bring to the table, please let me know. I'd appreciate it.

24 June 2013 @ 09:02 am
[ for optimal viewing pleasure, please see the following and allow to run in the background as you enjoy this recording. though the only thing currently in the feed is an angled shot of the treetops in the gardens, this is not an accidental video. there's rustling in the background, like something's moving fast through the leaves coming closer, and it is moving.

a couple seconds later, myfanwy comes flying overhead, a small black shape on her back. it might not be terribly difficult to discern what it is, but don't worry if you miss it, because the pteranodon makes a screech and a sharp turn, sending the shape tumbling off her back towards the device.

river rolls over the feed when she hits the ground, dressed in her tq crew uniform with the legs cut into shorts, hair tied up in a messy bun and hands covered with fingerless black gloves that hardly fit her at all. sky-diving experts or anyone with military training might notice her roll is perfectly controlled to minimise damage, and when she comes back into view, her eyes are wide with adrenaline but she doesn't seem particularly bothered by her fall. ]

Test five. Flight successful. Notes: need to meet higher altitude, consider construction of a harness; ask permission first. No hard turns.

[ she looks away for a second and blinks. ]

I skinned my knees.

[ oops? that's all she says before cutting off the feed. a second later, she attaches a text message. ]

  • driving goggles ( 1 )
  • cowboy hat ( 2 )
  • chocolate ( dark pref. )
  • colors ( blue unnecessary )
  • tour guide
accepting applications for the last. list name, ident, and qualifications below. willing to trade goods and services.

[ namely: simon's services and stolen goods. double oops? river's permission post is, as always, right yonder with all the necessary warnings and what have you! ]
23 June 2013 @ 04:21 pm
I don't really enjoy making these recordings so I'll try and be brief. While things are slow in medbay - and I know I'm probably jinxing it by saying that - I want to remind people that we're open for run of the mill check ups, consultations on existing ailments, examining any strange itches or lumps, help with nutrition or sleeping problems--anything you need. We've seen it all before.

For those of you who frequently put yourselves at risk, the medbay really works better when we have stock of your own blood available, which means coming in and getting it drawn. We have synthetic blood, and all sorts of injections and tablets that can improve the capacity of blood production, but nothing is better than getting your own blood back when you get injured. It's especially important in the case of gunshot wounds where you lose a lot of fluids much too quickly.

And uh, finally... [ Dexter scratches his nose. ] If you have any odd nutritional needs, it'd be better if we could discuss them now rather than have to pick up the bodies later. Medbay can help, just give us a call. I promise we'll be one hundred percent discreet, no matter what.

Oh-- [ Not quite done yet, okay. ] Does anyone know how to make bear claws? Jelly filled donuts? I owe someone an apology, and baked goods have always been the way to go.
11 June 2013 @ 05:34 pm
[This is the first time she's made an attempt to speak to the public at large, and she's a little nervous about it. But good things are happening, exciting things, and she really wants to show off how nice the ship has been to her this jump. The camera's a blur as she swivels it around toward a table she's set up someplace in the gardens, and sitting upon the table are jars of plants, varying in size and shape. There's even a lone flower, her current pride and joy.]

Barberry, flaxseed, ginseng, and even more than that!

[She laughs, downright giddy at being able to have found so many useful things. She turns her device back to her, so people can see who's speaking.]

They're perfect, really perfect. Don't you think? They'll help make sure I'm able to open my clinic faster now.

[She calms down a great deal at this point, and gives out a contented sigh as she leans down to toy with and sniff at peppermint. She gently curls a green leaf around her finger, and watches it pop back up.]

My sister gave me a chance to live, a chance to do something. I was wasting that chance here, I think. I spent too much time being afraid. But now I can do something to help people. If...that's allowed? I know there's already the doctors that work in the medbay, and I don't want to get in the way.

[She gulps, a bit nervous about feeling like she's overstepping her boundaries.]

But if anyone that's a doctor or knows something about healing would like to help, I need someone to look over my notes.
[The screen is showing a very anxious little boy. He doesn't use the comms very often for just anything at all - no, Takeshi's all about being practical, using it for when he has a question or something to that effect, or maybe threatening somebody. So it's no surprise that he's kinda serious right now. Like he's working on summoning up the courage.]

Um... I dunno if - if it's bad to ask right now, but... Uhhh... I wanna... talk to some doctors...

I'm not hurt! I'm okay! But - can you - check my head? 'Cause at home... I had a chip. It's called a chip, my dad said. They put it in my head, and it makes people's heads a'splode. I don't think it works no more, 'cause - 'cause I talk about stuff I shouldn't talk 'bout, and I'm okay still, but I don't want my head to a'splode. Someone said I need to see if it's okay. So I am!

[A pause.]

I'm okay, though! Heder - Ned - don't worry.



oh lawdy, child.

Suddenly the camera turns to a panda bear, sitting on Takeshi's second bed, chewing quietly on a stick.

He looks at the camera, pauses, and then goes right back to his task.]

And!! This is Hoi Hoi! Please don't shoot him! He's a nice bear. He just likes hugs. I gotta find bamboo for him. I think he'll like that more than the people food he eats.
[ generally speaking, leonard mccoy would like to avoid doing this sort of thing, but it's just his regrettable luck that he's the one who comes across what pretty much looks like someone decided to take someone's organ ( organs, maybe, just because there was just the liver there doesn't exactly mean the other parts weren't incinerated ) and bits of skin from them. those signs usually point to a murderer probably in medical which ten different shades of nowhere near okay or alternatively that— something else is going wrong. either way there are two things he knows right now. one, he needs to inform security and two, even if this isn't his medbay, he's allowed to yell at his fellow medical people. because they're goddamn medical personnel and you don't do this sort of thing to people. ]

[ encrypted 100% | tyke + reaper ]
Look, not sure which one of you counts as the head of security right now, and I honestly don't care. The fact of the matter is, there's something you two need to know. Especially in the wake of Dr. Frankenstein the last jump before I got here. There was— fuck it, I'll come right out and say it. There was a goddamn blood smear, a surprisingly intact liver and a few strips of flesh in the morgue near the incinerator. I have no idea why or where it came from, but there's a reason I'm doctor not a damn detective. I imagine you'll want to investigate and that's good for you. I know I'm not gonna touch it, but I can't guarantee everyone else might. So whatever you do with this, whoever you tell to get down here, might wanna do it quick. Especially since I am about to yell at the entirety of the goddamn medical staff.

[ encrypted 100% | all medical personnel ]

[ if mccoy sounds and looks annoyed when he talks, it's because he is. and it shows in how his accent thickens with each passing word and he knows later on, he might think about how this was stupid, but it needs to be said right now, or maybe they'll get unlucky and someone will do this again. ]

Let me make this very clear, I don't care how desperate we are for people to work here. How this is not my medbay and therefore me yellin' at you is mean and uncalled for. How, as always, there's more idiots on this ship than there are medical personnel who can patch them up with ease. Which means gettin' one of you all to leave is a bad idea. But— the basic idea of being in medical is to help people. I ain't gonna mention the Hippocratic Oath since some of you might not have even had to take it, but— cuttin' someone up and takin' their goddamn liver and leavin' blood and strips of flesh for someone else to come across breaks about every damn rule of helpin' people.

[ there's a pause, where bones takes a deep breath and looks even more aggravated than he already was. ]

Now I don't know if was one of you, or if one of you let the person who did this into the medical bay, but maybe, just maybe act like a decent whatever you are, and not make me concerned that I'm working with murderers and that I'll have to watch my back while I'm trying to do my job and helpin' everyone stay alive, heal from whatever stupidity they did.
13 May 2013 @ 06:50 pm
[ the video feed flickers on, showing a face peering way, way too close into the camera, squinting at it curiously. it takes jion a moment to realize that it's recording and pull back, gingerly moving his hands away from where he's set the device down on a table and sitting back in his chair. he smiles at the camera, but his smile has the distinct edge of something nervous and awkward about it. ]

Uh. Hi! It seemed like saying somewhere here was the proper thing to do, so I thought I should do it. Um -- [ a pause as he looks off to the side, as if he's been taking notes on what to say. ] I'm Jion. I'm a combat medic, though I was on leave right before I ended up here. So, I guess that was pretty funny timing?

[ a somewhat nervous laugh before he continues. ]

But uh, I'm pretty boring.

And I was more interested in -- . Like, I heard we're in space, and this is a spaceship and all, and I heard that there're othe -- uh, that there's people here who aren't just normal humans?

[ he sounds a little more excited now, sitting forward to look into the camera with great anticipation. he almost seems jittery at the prospect of non-humans being here. ]

An' I think that's so cool! I don't want to be rude or anything, but I really wanna know more about that. Uh, if anyone wants to talk about it, I mean! I'd appreciate that a lot.
29 April 2013 @ 09:15 pm
[ she doesn't trusts herself with saying this out-loud so she sticks to text. However, it doesn't go quite so smoothly ]

This is Rapunzel.


I just wanted to tell you that

Or actually I wanted to offer

if you know someone who needs to be healed because of pirates or or

anything else!

You can ask me and I promise I will heal them.

Just not in front of a crowd.

27 April 2013 @ 03:55 pm
I understand that there have been injuries and losses throughout the ship during the last few days. I'll make this brief. Security reports Tyke's injury, but I'd like to hear reports from the other departments: their injured, dead, and with time a list of items stolen or destroyed in the firefight, if it's come to that. Communications was below most of the fighting, so we got off light. Medbay - Jenna - you make it through alright?

Damage has been done to the kitchens on the upper decks. Since there's no specific department that deals with that, and it's likely to remain that way, I'm looking for a group of civilian volunteers to clear them up. It's not a glamorous job, but I'm pretty sure Security is too busy to deal with it. Despite all this, we'll be jumping in a little under two weeks. It's important everyone is accounted for before then.

I want to reassure everyone that Security has all the pirates contained. [ He's not sure about it himself, but he says it with conviction. There's a pause, and finally he opens his mouth to say more. Before he can his expression darkens, and then he settles on something else, something simple, eloquent, and brimming with uncertainty: ] God help them.

[ This is dated yesterday, plot wise. And no, there's not a mention of communication's bungle in here. ]
20 March 2013 @ 07:24 pm
[Simon sounds slightly exasperated today (but then again, when does he not). Today, at least, there seems to be a good reason. Congratulations, TQ. It's KITTENS.]

If there is…anyone on board with veterinary experience, I need a consult. Cats, dogs, small animal, livestock--at this point, anything would be helpful.

It's, um, probably pertinent to note that if your pets are not spayed or neutered, please take care when allowing them to interact with other animals that are not spayed or neutered. If you aren't sure whether they're spayed or neutered, I can--we can try to determine that for you.

Medical is currently working on a way to offer this service, but that...depends on the answers I get today. The surgeries are simple in theory, but animal anesthesia isn't a field we have covered on staff, and I don't want to risk harming pets.

Medbay's always looking for qualified doctors or nurses to join the staff. The...veterinary experience isn't required.
13 March 2013 @ 12:02 pm
Gotta question for you medical an' science types. Has anyone figured out what it is about those rat bites that makes 'em so dangerous, yet? I heard people got pretty sick. Seems worse than your average infection, by the sound of it.
13 March 2013 @ 02:29 am
[The video switches on, but, unfortunately, it's not pointing at Combeferre's face but outward to his room. Anyone watching this will get a good view of the edge of his bed and the wall it's up against mostly.]

I am told that I'm connected to the entire ship now?

[Like in the messages he'd gotten on this thing earlier, right? He's tried to learn what he can about the ship and he's been reading the "links" sent via the mass message, but actually using the communication box is obviously harder to figure out than it looks. And the view anyone will get right now is the wall and bed slowly moving, turning nearly sideways as Combeferre is trying to adjust things properly.]

I...suppose this is a good time as any to introduce myself to all of you.

[Unfortunately the view now is mostly Combeferre's hand as he's turning the device around again, shakily, and then his face comes into view. In extremely unflattering close up of one of his spectacle lenses which is probably very...glinty.]

I...feel like a complete fool with this, I'm sorry. Can everyone see me now?

[Well, sort of, Combeferre? They can see a lens and an eyebrow anyway? It's...something. ]

At any rate, because I WILL learn how this device works, properly, I'll simply introduce myself for now, all right?

[And this time, again, the view zooms out a little, shaky but...there's his face anyway. And his spectacles are half dangling off one side of his face by a very loose arm, but his smile is extremely sincere.]

My name is Michel Combeferre and I am told that I have missed a great many things from the time that I left Paris and when I woke here. I was a doctor, or was studying to be, and I would very much like to be of help in that capacity again but I will clearly need a lot of study, and some practice, not to mention more knowledge of this world before I dare attempt helping somebody here.

[And he pauses, and he's rubbing his temple and the hand is blocking the camera again for a moment.]

Is there anyone here who would be willing to take on an apprentice of sorts? I am not sure how I can pay you but I am willing to attempt to try at least, if you would be so good.

And on another note?

[He looks a little embarrassed here, somehow.]

Might someone tell me where I can find headache powders? I've had one that I cannot shake...

[And he realizes he should end this properly, but does he address it as a letter, or a conversation? He's really not sure of the proper forms himself. But he settles for another smile.]

Thank you, and goodbye?

[But he kind of doesn't manage to shut off the camera, though the device is set down on his bed and he can be heard softly talking himself through the process of shutting it off. Sorry for the seasickness, everyone?]
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