09 April 2015 @ 06:43 pm
Hullo, welcome to the Tranquility. [ Your welcome wagon is a tired-looking but pleasant Welshman. ] First things: we don't know precisely how you got here, we can't send you home, and you're probably not dead.

Second things: if you're injured or sick, talk to Medical. If you eat people or have other special needs, talk to Xenogen. If you need cigarettes, go beg Agriculture for work. [ He's reading all these ifs off a list, rote and sing-song, but now that he's reached the last bullet point he looks up and smiles, sort of. Still tired-looking. ] If you ignored all the graffiti warnings about living above the tenth floor, please note that in the event of an emergency, no one will be there to help you.

Any other questions or concerns, ask here or come by the Support office, and we'll do what we can. [ He's already moving to shut off the feed, but he pauses long enough to add, ] I know it's a lot, but it'll be all right.


THE RUNDOWN » What happened, where you are, what to do.
SUPPORT DEPARTMENT INFO » Who we are and what we do.
REFERENCE* » Basic facts about the ship and solar system.
A TIMELINE OF EVENTS » This will take time to read thoroughly, but we strongly recommend it.
FAQ » Please read this before asking a question on the network.
SPACE TRAINING » If this is your first time aboard a space ship, please watch these helpful videos.
LOOKING FOR WORK? » If you have any questions about the departments, track down a chief officer or someone who operates within it about recruitment.
COMPLAINT BOX » Need to get something off your chest? Bring it here. We might just be able to do something about it.
I work now!! I'm a worker like a, a adult, just like you guys! See??

[He pulls up his sleeve to show you guys his wicked awesome addition to his tattoo.

SCI » 039 » 055

Clearly someone has been telling him things to keep him motivated and busy. Heather.]

I work in the garden now! Heder says I'm gonna be a... morale officer!! I talk to everyone and make sure they're happy when they work and they're not sad, and if they are I can try t'make them feel better. So if you work there and you feel bad, just talk to me, and I'll help you! And if you get tired, I'll do your job, 'cus I don't get tired very easy. I'm a good worker.


A-and if you wanna talk but you don't grow plants and stuff, that's okay. 

I like talking with everybody.

[That's why he's even posting, okay, he just wants to blabber at all of you.

He spares no one from his talkative fate.]

08 February 2015 @ 07:38 pm
Hi, hey, howdy, konnichiwa, what's up, and how's it hangin' — been a while since I did one of these.

I mean, it's been a while for this place, anyway; I'm still wrapping my head around, you know, the whole "you were gone for like months" thing when I feel like I've never left. Pretty fucked up, right? I feel cheated out of some trauma or whatever. Good times. But seriously, I've heard it's been as rough as it ever is; hope you guys have been hanging in there. I've only been back a month but it feels kind of tense after that spooky monster problem.

[That said, Marty is actually in a great goddamn mood, so he's gonna damn well spread his cheer.]

As payment, I like to formally introduce you to Marty's Power Hour here aboard the Horror Ship Ala Mode. If you've got any Top 100 Songs from the 80's, 90's, or early 2000's, just shoot me a request and I'll see what I got! I can't guarantee anything, but at least you guys can always clean your weird ol' space rooms to the beat of some of the greatest Earth hits ever. Featuring mostly old pop and rap, because those are the single most important genres of all time. No offense, rock, plenty offense to country. 


Here's a good ol' classic, from me to you! Don't do drugs, kids, unless her name is Mary Jane.

And just for your information, I do know the entire dance routine, thanks.

[There's a click, and his shitty old self-fixed CD player is spinning out a tune:]

21 December 2014 @ 10:59 pm
[Netherlands is in the Oxygen Gardens, looking more worried than pissy for once, brows upward- rather than downward-knit. Somewhere in the background there's a roughshod shed, and anyone who frequents the Gardens often enough will recognize that it's the second level, makeshift chicken coop a few meters behind, all locked up and uncharacteristically silent.

An unlit cigarette is jammed in the corner of his mouth; it bobs as he speaks.]

They're sick. The chickens.

[And by that he means: they're all sick. All the chickens. Every chicken. He takes a second to light his smoke, shifts his weight, and with the next he sails right past distressed and into something borderline despairing.]

Rabbit's sick too. Need someone to help him.

[... uh.]

24 November 2014 @ 06:35 pm
Now that it seems the halls are no longer full of sleepwalkers engaging in bloodsport... it seems like many of the people who have joined departments had occupations or skills from home that made one a natural fit over the others. Did anyone pick up something entirely from scratch?
21 November 2014 @ 10:07 pm
attention people of the tranquility

since that whole violent whacktrip is totally over just in time, this is a reminder that

SPACE CHRISTMAS is absolutely still tomorrow!

summary: if you like someone, give them a gift. also decorate if you can! shiny stuff, esp. in green and red and silver and gold.

if you don't have any gift ideas, i refer you to the following: "give something you have, trade for something, make something, draw something, write something, do a chore for them, cook them a meal, punch someone they don't like, do a stupidly embarrassing dance for their personal entertainment without complaining"

also! 5th floor kitchen is gonna have a tiny christmas... thing idk. not enough food for a feast but i know there's rum and grog bc of a certain old-fashioned party person (you know who you are) and also whatever we can find in basically all of the fridges. which means you might want to come bc some of it's probably your food anyway :')

if you still don't know what christmas is, this is where i direct you to my lovely assistant RICH, official job description: "our space-christmas wtf-is-that guy"

also don't give edgeworth gifts or he's gonna bitch at me again :(
27 September 2014 @ 06:54 pm
[ jax is sat back against his headboard in just a t-shirt and a flannel, samcro symbol visible on the white cotton. he's lacking his customary cigarette, looks serious as he taps a thumb against the side of his comm. ]

I been meaning to bring this shit up, but that killer flu was going around. Kind of put a damper on group discussions, if you catch my drift.

[ killer flu. yeah, that's what to call last month's shitshow, right? ]

Anyway, anyone around here know a Lina? Homebody, uses text, asks some pretty pointed fucking questions? I'm betting I don't know half of the people kicking around this place, but shit. [ there's a pause, jax's gaze cutting to the side, jaw working as he tries to chose his words. ] She and I had a weird conversation a couple months back, figured it was about time I tried to follow up on that.

[ another pause, then a shrug, jax looking back at the lens. ]

I'm just saying, someone asks you to be their eyes and ears, it means something's up.

[ darkly, before he shakes his head. ]

And if anyone on this rig has cigarettes, lemme know your asking price.

24 September 2014 @ 05:37 pm
Does anyone know of a way to get paint on one of the ceilings of a gym here? Or a really high wall at least?

Other then a really tall ladder? Unless you have one, or know where I can find one. Then that works too.

[Aka: someone has conversion gel and really wants to try her portal guns out with some jumping.]
20 August 2014 @ 11:59 pm
Tranquility. [ Like everyone else, Carolyn doesn't look so great; she's leaning back on the passenger seats of some of the shuttles, looking a bit flushed. ]

If you need something to do while whatever this is goes around [ and god she hopes it's not another plague ], I have some videos.

[ Tapping at her comm takes a few seconds, and then a link pops up for those inclined to click it. ] Especially if you're new.

In general, I'd like to propose that everyone on board pick several people -- something like two to four -- who can take their belongings or look after their plants, animals, children, whatever in the event that something happens to them. It could be disappearing, could be death, could be staying in the gravity couches when everyone else is awake, whatever. Something a little more organized than what we've got, which has ended with animals wandering around the medbay looking confused and shitting on everything.

[ Yes, that part was necessary. ]

Make sure those people agree and know what to do in case something happens.

Besides that, if anyone's looking for something to do, the flight crew is always looking for help. We'll train you, no experience necessary. Just know that most of what we do is repair, so if you're looking for a joyride, you're in the wrong place.

[ Her hand lingers over the comm for a moment before she adds, in a tone of voice that makes it clear she isn't sure whether she should be doing this: ] If anyone from xenobiology is interested, I have some items from before I arrived you could look at.
01 August 2014 @ 12:54 am
[For once, his transmission isn't coming from the Gardens. Instead Netherlands is seated in one of the kitchens - a very, very pristine looking kitchen.]

Anyone needs help moving their shit down to the second level, I can, ah. Help.

[So eloquent. Whatever. He follows it up with a jab of his thumb to the background.]

If you move down here, don't fuck up the kitchen. Keep it clean.

[That said, he shifts in his seat and rattles off the rest, tapping on the table with each statement.]

Agriculture needs people, I've got weed and tobacco to trade, and - need to talk to someone who knows how to make clothes. Or knit. And uh. Got a football if anyone wants to play.

[The real sort of football, not the American kind.]
23 July 2014 @ 10:32 pm
[When the feed opens, Taylor isn't in the SEC offices. She's in one of the holodecks, recognisable from the walls behind her.]

My name's Tyke, I'm head of Security here. Petrelli's already told you all how thin on the ground the departments are getting, so I won't repeat - you've got any combat or policing experience, you want in the Security department, contact me or Edgeworth for recruitment.

Thing is we're thin on the ground all the way. Thirty-three floors housing approximately two-hundred bodies. We're scattered. It makes us vulnerable. Blind spots for this place to use when it wants to fuck with us.

[Like randomly luring people out into the dark. That had been too easy, even with so many of the contacting other people.]

We're moving to consolidate population before the next jump. Bottom ten floors, more than enough room for everyone. Find an empty room, lock it to your nanites, it's yours. You need a hand moving your shit, my team'll help. This is gonna take the strain off Agriculture's supply runs, our security patrols, and let everyone look out for each other. It'll keep us stronger. Safer.

[She sounds determined, steady about it. This is what they need to do. Should have done months ago, when Jenna had first suggested it. Regrets on that aren't going to help, though, and she looks away, tips her head slightly.]

Meantime, figured some of us might wanna let out some frustrations. [There's a very faint smile in the corner of her mouth, and it fades quickly.] Fight club, Holodeck 3. Same rules as always: no weapons, hand-to-hand only, no abilities unless agreed upon by both fighters. Someone taps out or goes unconscious, fight is over. Spectators welcome.

[[ooc: accompanying mingle/fight log over here! ]]

[[ETA: and a spreadsheet for claiming a new room! You can't unclaim your original room and please be reasonable with how many you take!]]
22 June 2014 @ 10:18 pm
[The feed opens on Tyke in the SEC offices. Her expression's set steady, only some thin sharpness at the edges betraying any strain. Mostly she just seems busy and pissed off.]

This is Tyke, head of Security. Most of you will be aware of the situation. We've got seventeen people reported missing in the ship, approximately seven that have followed in the last two days. I'm not gonna stop any of you trying to go after them, but you go prepared, and you don't go alone.

We're putting together supply packs. Come down to the SEC office, floor 001, pick one up. We can arm you if you don't have any weapons, and put you in teams if you're on your own. [A beat.] Got four hours before I take SEC out.

[A deadline for anyone joining them or coming to get packs. She almost looks like she's done there, but seems to reconsider.]

Don't listen to anything you hear out there. Watch each other's backs. Want as many of us coming back from this shit as possible.

[Including the missing.]
21 June 2014 @ 08:10 pm
You're not alone. People you care about are calling for your help, and you want to go help them. I'm going to ask you to be a little more patient before you run off into the dark. We know they're lost, we know there's something pursuing them, we know they need help. But we also know that the most recent post on the network, the one talking about warnings from the captain - a captain we don't have - wasn't made by one of us. That means this problem is bigger than you think; it's bigger than all of us, and it's important we get a clear image of what we're facing before we leave. Shepard's team has gone missing, and other comms have started going off the radar too--we'll start where they disappeared, and if we do this together, we might even succeed. The last thing we need is more of you lost out there because you chose to do this on your own.

Right now I need your help in a different, but just as important way. If you've received a message from someone, we need to hear them. That way we can establish a thorough list of who's missing, and try and piece together what they were all trying to say.

Tyke, as Head of Security, is going to coordinate the rescue. I imagine she'll speak to you shortly herself. Rest assured we'll need bodies on the ground for this one, and I know there's going to be no telling some of you to stay put, so forgive me if I - at least - save myself the effort of trying. The corridors are dangerous: bring weapons, ammunition, your communicator, but don't worry too much about rations--you won't need them.

[ He seems about to sign off, but he has to address that post, the grinding static and the screams underneath it, all of it so familiar to him by now. ]


"They're getting closer." I don't know about you, but that doesn't sound like a coincidence. Whatever we find out there, whatever is after our people, try not to kill it unless you have to. Don't get killed, but bear in mind the risk that we may be deceived into murdering people who would be our allies. I can't shake the feeling that we're being set up. Alright. Hang in there, everyone.
13 May 2014 @ 03:00 pm
[Summer is, as always, beside Bran, when the video begins. The great direwolf--nearly as tall as Bran, even when both are seated--favors the video feed with a calm and even stare, as if he knows that he is being recorded.

Bran, meanwhile, chooses to smile.]

I am Bran Stark, and this is my direwolf, Summer. His sister and his brother both tread these halls as well. They are not tame, and they are not pets--but they will not harm those of the ship, not without good cause. We have many that are new to the Tranquility, who do not know our wolves so well. Should you have complaint against them, call upon those of House Stark, and we will answer for them.

[Official business done, Bran takes up his device, so he can turn the video to his robotic legs. They look a little like metal braces with heavy straps, encasing his crippled legs.]

But this is what I truly wanted to ask about. These are robotic legs. They were made for me by a friend, who was clever and good and true. He knew much of robotics, but he is no longer here.

I would ask those of this ship if there are any aboard that have knowledge of robotics, that could craft legs like these. And, if there is someone with this knowledge--I would ask to speak with them, to commission work much like this. Though it would be a gift, I would find some trade to make for the work that would be done.

[When Bran turns the video back to himself, Summer has climbed onto the bed behind him. The direwolf takes up nearly the entire bed, but is settling down, curled behind Bran like the curve of a chair. Bran smiles again, this time more quietly, pleased, and he rests his free hand atop Summer's head, like an armrest.]

I have been having strange dreams of late. Not the strangest I have ever had--but strange. I wonder if we dream when we are in the pods, when the Jump happens. I know that there are those that have had dreams... but surely everyone must dream, and only a few remember. I wonder what those dreams are.

[locked to arya & robb... & gendry)] )
[ Nathan wears his black bomber jacket and jeans, a rare occurrence for a video post. His hair is slicked back, he's made no effort to shave, and...is that a sword tied across his back. Yes, yes it is. He looks downright rakish, more ne'er-do-well than politician. ]

Let me bring all of you up to speed. If you haven't been watching the network in any detail recently, you won't be aware of the fact that our deceased friend and victim Felix Laurens took to the airwaves to speak to us, ostensibly because he had the information we needed.

Laurens, for those of you who weren't here at the time, commanded the Scylla and her crew, a ship of raiders - pirates - that attempted to strip the Tranquility more than a year ago, and caused most of the damage on our two hundred and fifty passenger floors, destroying at least one of them when the Scylla was ripped from our hull during the Jump.

Laurens was certainly helpful; he told us that the place we're approaching is called Arima, a no-good dive for pirates and villains of all kinds, who'd kill you so much as look at you. Whoever took that shuttle fled there, probably to try and find a way off the Tranquility for good, and if they can do it, there's absolutely no reason why we shouldn't be able to do it too.

Now I'm not saying it won't be risky. Hell, the universe out there might be more than we can deal with, but in two and a half years we haven't found a way to make this ship send us home. This might be the only way for us to break the cycle once and for all, and with it leave behind all its mysteries and its brainwashing, and the threat of death, disease or madness that hangs over us every day. At the very least, we need to find out who stole that shuttle, and why they thought it was time to abandon ship.

With Carolyn's permission, I'd like to volunteer to fly the first shuttle down there. Anyone who feels like they could offer assistance securing the landing platform, you'll get priority seating, and I'll attempt to use my experience to establish radio contact with the ship, let everyone know whether or not it's safe. For the rest of you, there's time to think about if you're ready to try and leave, and while we don't have many pilots left, there should be just enough to get us all down there. Even so, Laurens has made it clear that we shouldn't waste too much time thinking. We have days--four at most.

You all have an hour to make your decisions and pack. Do not wear your ship issue jumpsuits, and keep your tattoos concealed at all times. Come armed, and look tough. There's a chance this may be a one way trip, so anything that's precious to you should come along now; there's no knowing whether we'll have the opportunity to come back and get it.


Text (added two minutes after the video post goes live to the network)

Do not bring: horses, dinosaurs, heavy armor, large collections of animals, the entire content of your wardrobes, volatile chemicals/weapons/explosives.
Watch this space for further updates.

Private to Netherlands )

Private to Peter Petrelli )
16 April 2014 @ 09:35 pm
For those of you who are new -- or, ah, newer -- here... hi. [Awkward pause.] I'm Murphy, and I'm the guy who stocks your food.

After talkin' it over we've made the executive decision to tweak our system a little. After all, I'm only a one-man show, and stockin' kitchens in over thirty decks is gonna run me ragged.

So, from here on out you can get your grub on every fifth deck of the ship startin' from the bottom up. If you can't find what your lookin' for on the current deck you're on, try the next one up. I'll be puttin' up signs for posterity's sake.

[More pause. At first he considers hanging up, and then:]

Also, er... since I guess it's just that kinda month, there's gonna be a second wedding. Mine. And... Anne's.

Completely unplanned, honestly. But if you're not reelin' from the festivities of the last one, it'll be in the garden chapel tomorrow. Because hey, things could go to shit by then, they might not. I'm not tryin' to make light of our situation here, but I've been alive long enough in this place to not take anything for granted. Feel free to come or not.

That's all.

[ooc: Wasn't sure whether to make a log or not... It'll probably be a post-ceremony open log for both Murphy and Anne and anyone else since it's more or less going to be a small event. I'll set one up tomorrow. Edit: Aaand here is that log in question!]
11 April 2014 @ 03:19 am
[Before arriving on the Tranquility, Josias did not get attached to people. His entire life was constructed that constancy fell in place with falsity, and any more genuine encounters he had were always transitory and measured by worth. Over two years on the ship, and he is not the same man, but he still hasn't really learnt how to cope well with the loss created by having attachments suddenly severed. Mostly, he just gets very, very annoyed.]

Two years on this ship and I am just about fed up of people buggering off already. I'm beginning to wonder if it isn't some evasive measure they take instead of admitting defeat over the problem they'd promised to fix. Give two supposed geniuses a year and it turns out you still get remarkably little progress and then left on your todd to deal with it anyway.

So in the month's apparent theme of recruitment, I'm looking for some new expert assistance. Genius level or not, as it appears it makes no bloody difference. I have something known on my world as a neuroimplant, a computer in my brain, and it is currently infected by a virus I picked up during the lovely tour to the genetics labs we took last year. This is corrupting the majority of the implant's functions and a few of my cognitive ones, and I'd really like it gone. Apply within if interested or qualified, etc. Preferably qualified.

[And that might not be such a good impression to follow on from, but he adds,]

Department wise: join Agriculture if you don't join anywhere else, as learning to garden is one of the easiest skill sets that can be passed around. You'll also get some actual job satisfaction, as even when everything else on this ship is going tit's up, the plants still grow. And we all need to breathe.
08 April 2014 @ 06:56 pm
[ hello, tranquility. it’s lucrezia and robb on your screen. robb’s holding her hand, thumbing lightly over her knuckles, grey wind sat at his side. his hair is still damp, curling wildly, but he looks content, gaze lingering on lucrezia for a long moment before he addresses the device. ]

If I could take a moment of your time, the lady Lucrezia and I have a matter to set before you. One I shall allow her to announce, as there’s a poetry in her words that I sorely lack.

[ and let’s not pretend this isn’t lucrezia’s show through and through, even if robb wasn’t his father’s son, too much a northman to do this announcement justice. ]

Sweet Tranquility which is dear to both of our hearts solely for its people -

[ and, you know what, wait a moment guys. it’s her show, which means she can turn and at least muss down robb’s hair since this isn’t legit. ]

We wish to invite you all, friends and families and those who wish to partake in our happiness to our wedding which will be held in the gardens. We would be honored to have you all as our guests.

[ she looks over at robb, all smiles. go on, you’re the king. he squeezes her hand in return, a small gesture. ]

We can offer you wine, and dancing, and my bride would delight in sharing both with all those who come in friendship and good will. [ which is a very thinly veiled, do not ruin this day or there will be hell to pay. ] We should hope to see you all in attendance.

[ ooc | now with an accompanying mingle log!! for all your wedding minglin' needs. ]
08 April 2014 @ 12:57 pm
Fellow passengers of the Tranquility,
The loss of many of our friends in the previous Jump, while already a tragedy, leaves us in a situation of grave peril. Volunteer crew across the board is at an all time low. No one department is flourishing; even Security is working on a skeleton crew, spread further every jump, as new passengers are consigned to higher floors. Medical is overstretched; two doctors and two nurses trading shifts. The flight crew is crippled; there are less pilots on board now than are needed to crew the shuttles should we need to abandon ship. And agriculture, which provides our fresh food and therefore guarantees our survival, is struggling to secure the help of full time volunteers.

I must urge each and every one of you, old passengers and new, regardless of how you feel about your confinement here, or how little you think you might have to offer in way of skills, to give serious thought to joining a department. Skills can be taught, but nothing short of action now will prevent disaster. Our very survival depends on you.

Each of the ship's departments will introduce themselves and link to relevant materials below. Please wait until they speak, or contact them privately to address your questions to them. If you'd like to offer your assistance but don't know where to start, we will help you get settled in the right place. When you're ready, enter your signup information here to be granted relevant clearance. Your tattoo will change to reflect your new position.

>>> Communications
>>> Flight Crew
>>> Gunnery
>>> Engineering
>>> Support

>>> Medical
>>> Agriculture
>>> Xenobiology & Genetics
>>> Physical Science

>>> Security

Remember: We all survive together, or we all die together. The choice is yours.

Please direct your general questions here.

[ Heads of department can respond to their subjects with video or whatever. Otherwise feel free to comment with voice, video or text as though this were a regular post. ]
06 April 2014 @ 12:40 am
[ This isn't going to be sweet but it will be short, courtesy of your resident Prince Not-So Charming. ]

There are now three flets, which pass as treehouses, in the gardens. These are homes and if anyone is seen nearing them to gain access, they will be shot on sight. I assure you, an arrow is far more difficult to extract than a bullet. [ #EXPERIENCE, urgh. ] Additionally, you will find the Elven quotient aboard the ship is now officially in charge of garden-based security.

That means we need not apologise if your actions force us to maim you.

[ Can you hear someone sharpening a knife? Humming? Sounds a lot like Legolas in the background, right? Someone pissed off the Space Elves. ]

Thranduil is indisposed and has appointed myself in his stead. If you have any concerns which fail to be entirely moronic in nature, you may bring them to me.