02 September 2013 @ 06:43 pm
So as you all know, that space station had a bunch a' pretty nice stuff on it. Me an' Lilith here [and here the camera points at her briefly, while she organizes a number of different things from the Cyllene so they're all set out nicely] went through the trouble of gatherin' a lotta it all up for you guys, so you didn't have to - smart, I gotta say, if you stuck around here, 'cause I hear that thing got kinda dangerous if you stuck around.

So if you're one a' the ones who stayed here, or if you went an' didn't get what you wanted, we have the following for sale or trade:

[And here, the camera turns from his face to an array of items laid out on his bed, which the video pans over as he mentions each one:]

Three tubes of lotion, smells kinda tropical I guess;
Two sets of makeup;
Two rolls of the softest damn toilet paper you've ever touched;
Four bars of some kinda fancy olive oil soap;
Two men's an' two women's outfits - I know you all need new clothes, I see you all every day an' lemme tell you, you need somethin' new to wear;
Five packages of coffee from someplace I've never heard of, looks exotic;
Five bars of some really rich dark chocolate;
Two jars of some kinda fruit jam;
An' ten little boxes of somethin' that'll get you pretty stoned.

You want any of it, you gotta pay up. We take payments in weapons an' the ammo that goes with 'em, alcohol that didn't come from the Tranquility's own stores, an' jewelry an' other priceless family heirlooms. You name your price; we'll tell you if it's good enough or not.

[Filtered to Jaye:]

Got somethin' for ya.
[Haymitch is drunk, which is not really that surprising, but normally he keeps that shit private and doesn't really bother getting on the network much- drunk or sober. He doesn't trust it.

But he's hit that point where he's stopped caring.]

Thing about the Games [he says this like this isn't a Game- whatever, most people know he thinks that and the rest can draw their own conclusions] is they have to keep it interesting. It's not enough to just kill each other. Most won't- they'll try to stick it out as long as they can. To try and cheat the system or because they fight better in packs. [he sniffs] So the Capitol created the mutts. Sent these genetically engineered beasts to start ripping people apart to make sure the audience was entertained.

We've got mutts here. [obviously.] Those things in the labs. And elsewhere now.

[Haymitch doesn't normally talk to this much and he's just drunk enough to be babbling like a crazy person, but when he speaks next, it's with near perfect clarity.] One of the last games, we thought they were using the dead tributes to make mutts. Got me thinking about how there are a lot of unaccounted for people who used to be on this ship. Probably killed, but then there's those prisoners in the cell blocks we just found.

[There's a pause as he recalls some of the phrases he's heard bandied about from the stuff they found down there.] Scientists were taking numbers- that's what they were calling them. Makes you wonder what they were doing with them.
15 August 2013 @ 01:23 pm
[ sherlock's in space. he's more or less come to terms with that, because the facts don't lie, and the facts say space - or at least a working model. he could ask targeted questions about the informational posts and the major players. he probably should, though he's fairly sure he won't get much more than what he's already gotten by reading other people's conversations.

the priority, currently, is the ridiculous reactions people keep having to his name. ]

2 Qs. 1: Have U heard of SHERLOCK HOLMES. If Y, which 1.

[ he's aware of a few. the question is admittedly petty and self-indulgent (and possibly stupid), but it beats working blind. ]


[ unrelated to the first question, obviously. that's it for a few seconds, then: ]

Also ROPE. 200lbs/SWL 10, 5 @ push.
02 August 2013 @ 04:01 pm
This is just a reminder that fire in an enclosed area like a spaceship is bad and eats up all the oxygen. Luckily the past two were put out quickly. Use caution and don't set any yourself on purpose. If there are any more large ones or anything you can't put out quickly by yourself, let Security know.
[Spike puts his booted feet up on the table in the lounge, puffing idly on a cigarette. He kinda didn't care about the recirculated air thing given that he didn't actually need to breathe. Instead he's just going to get right to it, leaning over the feed.]

Can't believe what the kitchen here calls 'hot wings.' More like spicy mystery meat, if you ask me. Which you didn't, but I'm telling you anyway. Because there's not one bloody thing else to do up here. Can only walk round in circles so many times before you start getting dizzy. Not that I've done that...

[Instead he's been riding the elevators up and down for the better part of four hours.]

Say, anyone know how to play cribbage? I'd settle for a rollicking game of Operation, at this rate.

[He's away from the screen just a moment, coming back up without his cigarette.]

I know. Charades. Yeah? [He stands up and sets the device far enough away to catch his expression. First word. A person. He flaps his arms like wings then rearranges his brow to hang over his eyes. See what he's doing here... No, probably not. He puts his hands together like prayer and draws a halo over his head with smoke from his cigarette (that he quickly puts down again, off screen).

There's a pause, and then Spike rolls his eyes. He got bored of his own boredom-curing movement.]
You know the guy. He's not really on security, is he?

[The video ends with a slightly melodic laugh and a hoo sound. As in, hoo boy, that's a knee-slapper.

You're welcome, Ataraxion.]
24 July 2013 @ 01:05 am
hey tq

too much talk about serious things lately. yeah i know we have to take this place more seriously, it's dangerous, we're overdue for something bad. but i can't do anything about that right now! and that's pretty frustrating.

so. let's play a game to lighten the mood! two truths and a lie. i'll go first.

1. i'm bored and i have a cold
2. i survived multiple attempts on my life before coming here
3. i'm a normal teenager
14 July 2013 @ 01:55 pm
[Video is new for her. She prefers to opt for audio, but there's a book she needs to show you, Tranquility. A very important book. She's holding a hefty book with the title Bunkers and Badasses embossed on the front and she flips through some of the pages while she talks to show off what's inside. Some contain stats for monsters and classes and other such rules and figures you need to hold a fine roleplaying game.]

So, I got this book the last jump. It's a game I used to play a lot when I was younger. You make a character and play them out in a story that the Bunker Master leads you and other players through. So, you're given a setting and quest and get to decide what you want to do with it.

[Yeah, she knows how nerdy this sounds, but dammit, she wants to play. She sets the book down, so her face isn't obstructed by it anymore as she makes her request.]

I'm working on a campaign for it, but I need players, dice, and paper to make this work. Who's in or willing to share?
27 June 2013 @ 08:44 am
Everyone stay the fuck away from the corridors around Space Babylon. [ voice clipped, the message short and sweet, right? ]

[ filtered to medical & SEC ]

There's a kid shooting up the place.

[ ooc; backdated to the evening, relating to this. replies will be slow i just wanted to get this up before work ]
17 June 2013 @ 10:01 am
[The first broadcast is on the SEC filter.]

I, um. I - formally request that someone be sent to my room to...arrest me on suspicion of murder. I - I need to be placed in the brig until the matter is resolved. With...full punishment no matter what happens.

[Edgeworth's voice is low, and he's uncharacteristically halting and unsure. The next broadcast - to the ship at large - is a little better, but not by much.]

The body found earlier today was that of Manfred von Karma, a man from my home. If anyone has any information about this crime, I beg that you...come forward to share it. Please speak to Tyke, as I will be, ah - indisposed.

The fellow who found the body, Marty, is - completely blameless. So please no one even speak about the possibility of him having anything to do with it.

I...Thank you.

[ooc: All part of the plot seen here! If anyone has any questions about what their characters can know, as ever, PM me or private plurk me.]
So our new friend number nineteen there, Joe, says he might recognize the stars out here if we can get 'im a view of the sky. I know there's a bunch a' you here with some unusual abilities - anyone got somethin' to let him see outta the ship?

[He chuckles quietly, then:]

Or hell, if anyone wants to go knock on the door to the bridge an' see if anyone's home, maybe Ward'll be so happy to see his new guest from Pasiphae he'll be willin' to make a deal.
13 June 2013 @ 06:28 pm
[ anderson has come to terms with her presence here in as much as she can. there's a minimum level of information she's gathered from the guide, the network, peoples' minds. accept that which you cannot change, prioritize, move on; those are the principles she's been operating on for the time being.

so she faces the screen now, expression and voice even.
] We’re all from different worlds. I know that there are different justice systems in many of them. [ there’s a brief pause, a swallow. the hall of justice has been her home for a long time, being a judge is what she’s always wanted. the role of judges in her world is important, it’s necessary. she doesn’t want to see their reputation sullied by a comparison, but she wants to know this. ] Tell me about them?

[ ooc; annd a permission post for her too! ]
10 June 2013 @ 09:29 am
[ it's a rare thing when damon decides it's time to pick up his communicator and make a proper post to the network. typically these things are waaaay more...self-serving, especially for him of all people. but in the light of recent events there's an inkling of obligation that's been nagging at him.

he should know by now on this goddamn ship that maybe running into the arms of these not-so-standard impulses is not the way to go. pretty ironic considering the message he's trying to send here. ]

Hey, newbs and the rest of us who've been here way too long—I don't know what it is that makes you completely ignore advice, over a year of evidence, the most basic of human instincts like hey, maybe this is going to be a dumb idea. Either way you're failing miserably and I'm going to take it upon myself to reiterate this reminder:

Do not go wandering into the ship.

Really, I can't be clearer than that.

[ there's a pause on the audio feed, like damon's sudden thorough irritation is stopping him from saying the other important thing on his mind. the silence only lasts about ten second, and when he speaks again his voice is way less authoritative and way more solemn. ]

For anyone who knew him, Stefan Salvatore is gone. Home.

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10 June 2013 @ 06:17 pm


no wait

a/s/location back home/year?

[It's not just that Cassie's bored of this sci-fi bullshit already-- though she is. She also wants to get the lay of the land. And hey, someone might find it as funny as she does.]
20 May 2013 @ 10:46 pm
[ the camera turns on to show gwen holding a sword that is sheathed, the handle basic yet beautifully crafted, well made.] The events as of late have made it clear that we may need to defend ourselves from those we do not know. Enemies outside of our ship and... well, erm, perhaps the monsters that lay within. [ space rats.]

[ she pulls the blade from it's sheath to show her work, smiling softly as she lays it down and addresses the camera once more.]

I would like to offer my services to those who are in need of a sword. My father was a blacksmith and taught me his trade- [ cue a sadder sort of smile.] I can also make smaller blades. I only ask that you use them to defend yourselves and not on one another. We must work together to protect our temporary home. I share a forge with Fili and Kili, who are also master craftsmen.

[ awkward pause.]

Thank you. For your time.
19 May 2013 @ 08:18 pm
[ Cibo had been relatively absent from communications since the jump. And now her voice calmly presents itself onto the network like no big thang. ]

I'm not used to losing someone and feeling so...

[ Searching for Scout became her main focus before she couldn't safely go much further into the ship. If Scout were even still on the ship; She's definitely been around long enough to realize that sometimes passengers disappear during the jumps. She's not ready to think about it that way just yet.

Actually, she'd rather just not think about it at all. ]

Does anyone know of anything that might help take the mind off of it for a while? I'm up for anything at this point.
09 May 2013 @ 03:34 pm
I haven't spent a lot of time here, but I have noticed this trend people have. They get stressed out, and I don't blame them, and then they decide that it's okay to be nasty to each other?

Is it possible we all just stay calm and remember that there's such a thing as manners? For instance, I for one, am sorry I brought up pirates at all. Ever. Never again. I'll keep my big mouth shut.

I'm just saying that this is worse than living in a college dorm, it would really be helpful if we didn't antagonize each other just to prove how smart we are.

Also, who around here keeps pets? Is there a list? A ship manifest of animals? For the curious, really.
not an ic cut )

( ooc | same rules as the first and second go-rounds; this takes place at O'DARK THIRTY icly, may 8th. i'll do the same i did last time, spread out the comments so it's not 'be here now or suck it': all the bulletins will have gone up in a cluster icly.

this time it's more conscious, but neal will claim no knowledge again. due to the anon function no ic tracing can be done, but it's not like he didn't do this already so the people who know his work don't need to icly beat around the bush to spare MYSTERY etc.

other than that, have fun and remember: smiley is our friend.

...right? )
02 May 2013 @ 04:33 pm
[Jim doesn't address the ship with a hello this time around, instead cutting to the chase, the only warning the somber look on his face and the fact that he's sitting down. he isn't at a desk and there's a dirty scuff mark on his jaw, so it's clear that wherever he's making this broadcast from, it's in the middle of repairs on the ship.]

What happened with the pirates was a tragedy. [a beat] In my own universe, if we could we'd send the deceased back to their home planet for their relatives to handle. Barring that, we would opt for a space burial by jettisoning the body into the stars, whether through coffin or cremation.

[it's a little romantic, especially for Jim, but while he might not personally be very spiritual or religious, he understands that there are many who can't stand the dead being spoken of as just another body to get rid of. he, himself, still sees the dead as people— individuals he couldn't save. the dead deserved respect, because once upon a time, they'd been living and breathing and thinking.]

I know the final say will fall to medical, as it's their facilities that will need to be used in either case— [and he nods, an acknowledgement to the medical staff on board] — but I believe a funeral service should be held and would be good for all of us. A loss of life this huge can effect people in ways we might not initially expect, and we've had losses of our own number that deserve a proper goodbye.

[he's speaking of literal losses, yes, but he's also speaking of the figurative. a loss of innocence was just as tragic as the loss of a life. Kurt's post, speaking of the girl at the end of the play, came to mind, and the loss of Gingersnap was a startling blow for anyone who knew Tyke and her dogs.]

There's an outdoor chapel in the oxygen gardens, should anyone want to make use of it, or should anyone elect to hold an official service. Enterprise, we'll be meeting at Chase's apple tree on the second level at 18:00 hours. Anyone else wishing to attend is more than welcome.

I realize we have our work cut out for us with the jump only a few days away, but we need to remember to take care of ourselves and our own. We're all we've got up here, whether we like it or not. Taking a half hour of one day won't hurt.

Kirk out.
19 April 2013 @ 05:55 pm
Tranquility - the last transmission on the network was not a hoax. We have been boarded.

All non-combat personnel should keep to their quarters at the present moment. Further instructions will follow.

Note please that the boarders are able to hack all transmissions, including those which are highly encrypted. Do not discuss tactical information over the network. Do not discuss extraneous things. We do not know what will be of use to these brigands, and we need to deny them as much information as possible. Keep silent; keep vigilant; updates to come.
14 April 2013 @ 09:28 pm
[The feed opens on a young man — very pretty, and eyeing the device in his hand with some poorly-hidden skepticism.]

Good evening. I— this is working?

[A puzzled frown, and a slight cock of his head. This entire thing still seems somewhat dubious. But after a moment, he continues on.]

... I have two questions. First, is it true that our absence is not noticed in our own worlds? I would appreciate assurance on this matter, if there is any to be given.

Second... I am aware that we cannot willingly return to our homes. However... I understand that people do leave, and furthermore that some have found themselves here a second time. If there are any who have, and who remember, I would speak to them.

[A polite nod of his head, and — another frown, as he fiddles with the device. Forgive him. He's new. Finally, it turns off.]