what's the status of this ship? besides crashed
and what class is it? which system did it come from? i've never seen anything like it and i've flown almost everything there is
who was its pilot? its crew? does it have a hyperdrive generator? something this big should
you might know it as the jump drive. that's a term i've heard thrown around but nobody seems to really be able to explain it
i need to know every detail

there's obviously extensive damage all over but the worst debris can probably be stripped away
with time and the right tools
which i need
all of them, all of the tools
i don't care if it's a wrench or a hydrospanner, i need it
just put them in a pile somewhere and i'll sort through the mess
if there's a droid handy, i'll need that too
and lots of rope

i'm going to get this thing flying again
09 February 2016 @ 11:15 pm
[Rey is tired. Too tired to be showing her face to the network after spending so much of her mental energies fighting the fire from burning down her home, as well as other endeavors against the rabid, terrified creatures fleeing the jungle. You know the drill.

[In any case, it caused a very real problem for her: She wasn't able to do her rounds of headcounting this time, as she had so been committed to. It's a bit of a problem, especially since she hasn't had the chance to do her search at the base camp since all the excitement happened.

[That said:]

did we even have any new people show up this jump?

you guys at the base camp better not be dead.
30 January 2016 @ 03:13 pm
So this is probably a really stupid question
What do dogs eat?
I mean
I know what they eat normally
it's just
our predicament
& limited resources.

Mammalia aren't exactly my area of expertise.

PS- I got a light to turn on.
[ aka phase one of the grid: complete. ]
While we lack a formal department structure, there are still a number of large projects that need considerable community involvement. I'm sure some of you are looking for places you can help out, so I've compiled some suggestions.

- If you're technically inclined, we're always looking for more people to help with the network. Things are much less restricted than they were in the days of the Communication Department. Contact ryuuzaki to get involved with that.

- Bill Adama coordinates the formal watch and is working on constructing a stockade. Contact husker.

- Chell has very few people remaining from the old Agriculture department and is looking for more hands in the garden. Contact chell

- Wash is organizing an expedition to salvage water purification equipment to de-acidify the water. Contact pteradon

- Rey has constructed a series of traps along the perimeter. Be sure to watch out for those. If you want to discuss laying traps for defense and catching food, contact hotdamn

- Charles Xavier continues to collect those with a scientific background. Contact xavier

If you have skills that you're not sure how to apply, I can try to direct you to the most pertinent person. Or if you have a large project you'd like included in this list.