22 June 2015 @ 08:25 pm
hullo im posting a survey on behalf of Support
Support asked me to
answers here please but direct all questions to mr R J Lupin hes head of Support surveys thats why he asked me to do this one for him
interdepartmental unity

[ here's the thing: sleep deprivation makes idle whims seem like fantastic ideas-- and neal's not full up on self-control as it is, so two weeks of barely any sleep just raises great idea to best idea on his personal scale.

as such he's leaning against the wall behind his bed, pupils slightly blown. what is an intro he can't even. ]

Not we, my dear, you. I'm leaving you here.

You're what? Rhett, where are you going?

I'm going, my dear, to join the army.

[ his posture changes between; other than a few flat vowels slipping in as rhett, pushing for the accent seems a little too much and posture is good enough to convey the suggestion of gender, if you're careful. ]

Oh, you're joking. I could kill you for scaring me so.

I'm very serious, Scarlett. I'm going to join up with our brave lads in gray.

But they're running away.

Oh, no, they'll turn and make a last stand, if I know anything about them. And when they do, I'll be with them. I'm a little late, but better late than--

[ it's tricky to overlap your own voice, and his grimaces a little and shrugs as if apologizing for the lack of actual interruption in the scene. ( sleep deprivation or pretentiousness: the world may never know. ) ]

Rhett, you must be joking.

Selfish to the end, aren't you? Thinking of your own precious hide with never a thought for the noble cause. [ he yawns widely, skipping scarlett's line in the process. ] Why? Maybe it's because I've always had a weakness for lost causes, once they're really lost. Or maybe, maybe I'm ashamed of myself. Who knows?

[ he pauses, body language returning abruptly to his usual. ] I missed something, there. Anyway-- [ and back to the show. ]

You should die of shame to leave me here alone and helpless.

You, helpless? Heaven help the Yankees if they capture you. Now climb down here. I want to say goodbye.

[ that makes him pause, one that extends out into another jaw-cracking yawn and neal slumps down even more, almost prone now. ]

There's more, but it's really better with someone else.

[ and he's out. ]
15 September 2013 @ 08:05 pm
[Put up on the network at some dark hour of space night, but it's not like anyone's sleeping anyway, right?]

I need somewhere to run.
[Haymitch is drunk, which is not really that surprising, but normally he keeps that shit private and doesn't really bother getting on the network much- drunk or sober. He doesn't trust it.

But he's hit that point where he's stopped caring.]

Thing about the Games [he says this like this isn't a Game- whatever, most people know he thinks that and the rest can draw their own conclusions] is they have to keep it interesting. It's not enough to just kill each other. Most won't- they'll try to stick it out as long as they can. To try and cheat the system or because they fight better in packs. [he sniffs] So the Capitol created the mutts. Sent these genetically engineered beasts to start ripping people apart to make sure the audience was entertained.

We've got mutts here. [obviously.] Those things in the labs. And elsewhere now.

[Haymitch doesn't normally talk to this much and he's just drunk enough to be babbling like a crazy person, but when he speaks next, it's with near perfect clarity.] One of the last games, we thought they were using the dead tributes to make mutts. Got me thinking about how there are a lot of unaccounted for people who used to be on this ship. Probably killed, but then there's those prisoners in the cell blocks we just found.

[There's a pause as he recalls some of the phrases he's heard bandied about from the stuff they found down there.] Scientists were taking numbers- that's what they were calling them. Makes you wonder what they were doing with them.
14 August 2013 @ 03:17 pm
[Merlin's face hasn't appeared on the network for awhile. It looks a little older now than it did before.]

I'm missing one horse. He stayed in the gardens, where i know there's been some talk of eviction lately. If anyone removed him, I'd like to know. He's-

[Merlin pauses, swallowing hard before he continues.]

He belonged to King Arthur of Camelot, who some of you might remember as Prince Arthur while he was here. He disappeared a few days ago - the horse, not Arthur. At first I thought he'd just wandered off because I overslept, but I've searched all over.

His name is Llamrei and he's almost as much of a prat as his rider, but I've always suspected that he saves the worst of that for me.

[Another thing that horse and rider had in common.]

I have nothing of value to offer as a reward - unless you want me to wash your socks and fetch your breakfast until the next jump. [He shakes his head a little, a thin smile on his lips.] But you'd probably be better off just accepting my thanks.
08 August 2013 @ 02:53 pm
anyone else feel like they need to scrub their skin off right now?


[ what with smiley's post and the slightly more horrified noises around the medbay and lockers, plus the inexplicable itchy feeling she'd been having that's making the hair on the back of her neck raise - almost like something was just out of sight and they were too late to know it. ]
02 August 2013 @ 10:49 am
For those who noticed the incident that triggered the watering system in the garden a few hours ago, I'd like to assure you that it wasn't a ship error or an act of random vandalism, and it wasn't anything to be concerned about. It was an accident and it won't happen again.

[a pause. okay, anakin, your turn to speak. explain the accident]

There was a slight…malfunction while we were testing the repairbikes.

[okay, so perhaps it's more like "they were being idiots and pushed the bikes too hard and managed to hit a tree" but shh.

also, guess who isn't impressed about having to make this post in the first place? damn future masters.]

The rain managed to put out the fire before it spread, but- Look, it wasn't our fault. We fixed them perfectly, but then the controls froze up and it either this or let them fly about and possibly kill someone. At least this way it's just a few trees that got hit.

[because that means they made the right choice, doesn't it? he just glances back across at obi-wan now, leaving him to finish this up. there's a reason the other jedi usually takes the lead in discussions instead of him.]

Either way, we accept full responsibility for our actions, and apologize if we startled or frightened anyone.

[ooc: Blue is Obi-Wan, this refers to this!]
24 July 2013 @ 01:05 am
hey tq

too much talk about serious things lately. yeah i know we have to take this place more seriously, it's dangerous, we're overdue for something bad. but i can't do anything about that right now! and that's pretty frustrating.

so. let's play a game to lighten the mood! two truths and a lie. i'll go first.

1. i'm bored and i have a cold
2. i survived multiple attempts on my life before coming here
3. i'm a normal teenager
15 July 2013 @ 11:32 pm
[There's a ginger on the screen, a pretty face with fiery eyes. When she speaks, it's with a Scottish accent and a bite in her words.]

Am I the only one who thinks it's a bit boring that we're on a spaceship that's not actually going anywhere? Where's the saphire planets? Where's the American Doughboys marching off to war?

Where's Rio! Why do I have the outfit for that if we're not even going!

[Amy sighs, frustrated. There's no way she's the only person who sees how lame this is.]

Even this ship isn't so impressive. Oh sure, it's big, but isn't it big on the outside too? What sort of a boring spaceship is that? Anyone could do that! The next thing you know, they'll be forcing us all to wear bow ties to make it seem interesting!

[Sorry Doctor, they're still not cool.]

Whatever. If anyone sees a Roman with a stupid face and a nose marching about, send him straight to room 021 » 003. That's the only thing that's going to make me like this ship better.
12 July 2013 @ 12:33 am
[ hello again tranquility. three guesses who's back and looking incredibly worse for wear. even in the worst of days with the lack of proper resources during her first time around, she didn't look like this. it's as if someone had slowly been draining life out of her ( and resistance ) — well, that had kind of been the point, but let's not linger on that too much. just try not to mention how dull her hair looks. ]

I knew it was possible to come back. I mean, I saw it happen but— I guess I never thought it would. It wasn't exactly what you'd call top priority.

[ but where one might expect anger or bitterness at thought of being back, she almost sounds a little bit... relieved. if you squint. ]

At least I remember everything. [ she hopes. ] Or maybe we can play a game of twenty questions and work out if there's any gaping holes.

— one last thing. [ the comm's placed down so she can jerk up the frayed bits of a torn sleeve. there's a few bruises here and these ( some old, some from a recent incident in the gardens ), but the tattooed numbers are what she wants attention directed towards. ] This changed from last time. Anyone got a clue how or maybe an answer for why would they even bother?
[ she did not often use this device. it is distasteful still, no matter how long she's been here now. no matter how long she will be here.

but she is aware that certain things needed to be said. there's a tremor to her hands that no one will be able to see, but she feels and it's enough to unnerve and unsettle.

aithusa was here. she was here. her ally, her friend. and it brought excitement. and pain.

the feed pans to the gardens, before stopping on morgana. her hair is in disarray as usual, black dress and pale skin. but normally tired eyes have a sharpness to them again, and fix the device with a hard stare.
] This place does little to cease its torments, it has no right -

[ there's a rumble, throaty and slight, beside her, off screen. she glances briefly down. she was glad to see the creature, but she was just as equally angry. this ship had no right. if she was subjected to its whims, it did not mean this poor, deformed dragon had to be, as well. she straightens though, composure unwavering whilst on display. ]

I will say this once. In the Gardens, there is a dragon. She is my ally - [ there's an emphasis to the word. ] - And is not to be touched. Not to be harmed.

You will not want to know what will follow if my words are not listened to. [ it's a threat, and she doesn't care how subtle - or otherwise - it sounds. in her world, where she should still be, morgana would have thought hard before announcing such. but here…well, the gardens were only so big. sooner or later aithusa would be noticed.

best all who listen be aware of it now.
] I trust I am understood.

[ authority, unquestionable and final, and the feed ends. ]

[ action; if anyone would like, she is in the gardens, found with this dragon. ]
10 March 2013 @ 06:20 pm
[ robb and bran both are onscreen for this, grey wind at robb’s side, summer curled at bran’s. this is meant to be something official, and so robb’s drawn up straight, even though his fingers are carding idly into grey wind’s fur. he clears his throat before he speaks, darting a glance at bran then back to the lens. ]

Though my brothers and I have dwelled aboard this ship for quite some time, it was brought to my attention that there are many aboard who have questions about our direwolves, and we’ve been remiss in not answering them more fully. That is why Bran and I have come before you, to speak of our direwolves and assuage any fears passengers new and old may have of them.

[ grey wind gives a short huff, shifting as if to move away and robb pauses, fingers twisting in fur until grey wind stills beneath his hand. bran has been sitting more still through robb’s speech, watching his brother, but as robb falls quiet, he takes up the task of speaking.]

Our direwolves are not pets, but they are of House Stark and they are ours. They mind us, and they will not harm anyone--so long as we are not under threat. They have never attacked anyone aboard this ship, and they never will, unless there is some danger. They are not tame, but they are not wild and savage, either. And they will not hunt any animal aboard this ship, so those who keep pets need not worry. [and here summer flicks an ear, as if he might take argument with that statement, should tempting prey make itself known--but he settles his great head on his paws once more, as bran scratches behind his ear.]

There’s no need to fear them, nor a need to hunt them. The only times they have bared their teeth against anyone was in service of our House, and protection of our family. If you mean them no harm, then you need never worry about their presence, no matter how large and savage they may appear. [ none so large and savage as ghost, but perhaps that’s best not to bring up. ] If you see them in the halls unaccompanied by one of us, continue about your business. They’ll not bother you. [ grey wind’s lip curls back from his teeth and robb makes a hushing noise, expression stern, before he looks at bran. ] Have you anything else we should say?

[bran has tried to look more a lord than a child this whole time, but as he bites at his lip and thinks, he looks slightly more his age. summer rolls his eyes up to consider him, and robb, and grey wind, but does not raise his head.] Only-- that they are safe. And if anyone is uncertain of them, I would gladly let them meet Summer, so they could see for themselves.

Aye, and Grey Wind too. [ robb says to bran, before addressing the lens next. ] If anyone has doubts, you’re welcome to come to any of our House and see for yourself. We would happily accommodate you.
10 March 2013 @ 04:27 pm
[ hair up sweats on chillin wit no makeup -- nope, nope. but that is sort of what erica looks like at the moment plus a whole dose of looking grossly pale and red-nosed due to lingering effects of the rat bite, so there's no way she's turning on the video. ]

so apparently, rat sickness + jump = having your insides feel like the human equivalent of a smoothie.

go figure.

speaking of those thing, did anyone get a good look at them? like a real proper "oh my god why are they so vicious and huge and where can i find the right exterminator" look?

i know there's worse monsters on here, but something about rats...

anyways i need to know if someone on here can sew? one of the things ripped my favorite jacket and im not ready to trash it. :/
06 March 2013 @ 09:38 pm
i haven't seen rats like that since the trenches. and those crocodile things-- what are they called? manticores? anyone know where they come from?

i'd guess a flood in the sewer scenario, but i can't say i know space ships.
19 February 2013 @ 05:11 am
This is Communications.

We're aware of the issues revolving around the network presently and are working on fixing the problem of incomplete and fractured messages. I would like you to please bear with us until such a time as the issue is resolved.

Now, we have some experience putting together fractured audio files. A repeated theme we're getting from the devices experiencing this disruption is that their owners are lost. There is...some concern about the elevators, a repeat of the warning that we received while a number of us were confined to stasis. Until further details can be unearthed, I would suggest that anyone who is presently in a safe area of the ship should remain where they are, at least until the situation evolves. If you have lost someone, please report them to us or directly to Security. Do not go looking for them yourselves. I don't need to remind you, but the Tranquility is a big ship, and Security have the resources to find people faster, and with far less risk of becoming casualties themselves.

I repeat: stay where you are. To those who are lost, if you can receive this message in any format, please stay put and wait for retrieval. Keep together, where possible. Petrelli out.

[ The message is repeated in video, audio and then finally a text form, in an effort to ensure it reaches all possible destinations. ]

Private to Tyke )
19 February 2013 @ 12:50 pm
[ stiles looks like he's tamping down on some serious worry. he's trying to sound casual, but there's definitely concern in his eyes, the corner of his mouth tight with tension, and his leg bounces with a nervous anxiety. ]

Hey, uh. Has anyone out there seen my dad? Probably introducing himself as Stilinski. He's zero twelve, zero twenty-four. I already went by his room, 'cause we were meant to— anyway, he's not there, and I heard all the messages about we're not supposed to just go wandering off and looking for people, so I figured I'd just ask, first.

[ first. as in, this entry is coming before he goes wandering off and looking for his dad. ]

[ stiles gives an awkward grimace, and then his face trembles and he reaches over and covers the camera with his palm, voice thready. ]

I can't lose him, okay? I can't. So just. Let me know. Thanks.
14 February 2013 @ 09:36 pm
[ when the feed turns on, you're greeted by one hunter+angel combo, namely dean and cas. dean looks alive!! the same as he always does, arms crossed and ready to dish out his lovely personality.

and today's subject? let him clear his throat. ]

So. Hellhounds.

[ yeah, no wasting time today, this shit is serious. ]

tl;dr cut >> learn how to kill monster dogs )
30 January 2013 @ 02:20 pm
[ no one has ever looked more irritated to be on camera than derek looks right now. there's a beat, and then derek gestures to his beard, which has progressed past stubble and into full on beard territory. ]

I need a new razor.

[ there's a pause. he doesn't actually have anything to trade, which is a problem. there's maybe a minute of dead air and then derek just shakes his head and shuts the feed down. ]
29 January 2013 @ 11:27 pm
[Michelle is at the gym today. Behind her is a target peppered with paper arrows, clustered in the bull's eye or around it, and she is proudly holding her paper bow.

She sits down in front of her communicator primly with a smile, and her paper bow falls apart into individual sheets that zoom straight up the sleeves of her usual white, black and green dress. One piece of paper remains in her hand, however, and she begins folding this slowly and deliberately in front of the screen.] 

Good day, everyone! For those who don't know me, I'm Michelle Cheung, and I'm part of security. [She pauses from folding to wave cheerily, with a little chuckle.] That means if you're ever lost, or you need someone to protect you, or just someone to talk to about the strange things that have been happening around here, you can call me, or any of the other members. Or, if you need a big sister, I'll be your big sister!

[Michelle does not realize how out of place it is to suddenly offer being a big sister as a member of SEC, and even looks excited at the prospect of sister-ing others on the ship. And she'll just continue to fold.]

Now, as some of you might have noticed, paper is in very short supply here. [Duh, Michelle.] I use paper to fight and do my job, so it's very difficult to conserve the paper I already have. So I've been thinking about learning how to use other weapons - real weapons. Perhaps I could start with a real bow, or a gun, but I'll try anything. If anyone has a spare gun or anything they can lend me, or spare time to teach me how to use other weapons, I would appreciate it.

Thank you very much! [A short bow, as she ends the transmission. But it's not quite finished yet. What's finished is the paper crane in her lap, fully formed.]

[Filtered to SEC]

I'd like to practice and train with each and every one of you. Not all at once, but I'm sure you know what I mean. I think it would be very useful to learn how to work with everyone in the department.