05 September 2014 @ 02:00 pm
[ She's worried, and it shows, but like everything else, she does her best to hide it. ]

Hanna? Where are you? [ she rubs at the back of her neck. ] I did not mean to quarrel with you, it is only that I worry for you, dear heart. Sickness is not something to be taken lightly and the thought of you -

Please just let me know that you are well, if nothing else, grant me that mercy.
09 July 2014 @ 09:37 pm
[ She seems uncertain, at the use of the device which records her, peering a little too close, before pulling back. Trying her best to be at ease, even if she clearly is not completely. ]

Forgive me, fellow passengers of the tranquility, which I am told is a ship, though it is not one I should ever seek to employ --

[ but that is a rant for later, and she dismisses it quickly. ] -- I have been remiss in introducing myself, quite rightly I was not sure how to do so. But this seems the way of it, so I understand it. Though I am alone neither in name nor face. [ her amusement is brittle at best for it. ] I am Elizabeth Tudor, granddaughter to Elizabeth of York, and great-granddaughter to Elizabeth Woodville.

[ and she puffs out of breath in dry laughter. ] And by more time than is flattering to count such, Queen of England in turn. [ there's a pause and the propriety of it all seems to drop, introduction done. ]

Now that is out of the way, the matter that is far more important, what must be done to procure a decent drink on this twice cursed place? Or indeed how to pass the time at all, if my skills may be put to use, though I scarcely know where to apply them here. [ and that, truly seems to amuse her, quite darkly in fact. ] In any case, you shall find me a generous friend.
08 July 2014 @ 11:33 pm
[Right after Marissa's message:]


[Her voice is soft, almost desperate, and for once she looks like a vulnerable teenage girl.]

Please don't listen to her.

[She just wanted some peace on the ship and now this.]

(ooc: even if you've only talked to her once, if it was friendly, you count.)
08 July 2014 @ 10:16 pm
[Marissa turns on the video the day after the jump. She clears her throat, turning the device so it frames her face just so. The first thing that's obvious is that she has a gnarly black-eye, courtesy of Hanna. The background is just a wall with no distinctive marks. It also may be strange that she's wearing dark gloves. Another strange thing is, she might look a lot like your resident psychic elf and queen of England...

She smiles, and to some it might be a reassuring smile, but to some others, it might be a little off. Her accent is Southern, and her voice is authoritative.
] Hello. My name's Marissa Wiegler. I wanted to explain the debacle that was yesterday.

There is a girl on this ship. Her name is Hanna. She is a very disturbed girl. Her father has brainwashed her into thinking I would do her harm, turning her into a deadly weapon for his own selfish benefit. She is highly dangerous and manipulative. I don't recommend talking to her or interacting with her at all.

She has already assaulted me once. It won't happen again. I will be in hiding until I can be sure that I will be safe. Do not be fooled. She was genetically altered to be the perfect soldier.

Trust me. And stay safe.

[And she turns off the feed. For the curious, this is the ongoing thread of the 'debacle'.]