12 August 2013 @ 05:04 pm
The ship at large should be pleased to know that not all of us were recipients of mangled body parts at the most recent jump. The time-honored Tranquility tradition of strange gifts from home magicking themselves into our lockers is not lost. Some of you were just unlucky this time, it seems.

That said, I am now in possession of a quantity of yarn, among other things. While I do not expect the aforementioned 'other things' to be of interest to anyone but violin enthusiasts and collectors of cocktail glassware, I have a hunch that knit goods such as scarves or communicator cozies might be somewhat in demand aboard a ship that rarely, if ever, deigns to pit stop near actual civilization. I am willing to offer this service in exchange for other goods and/or services and/or information, and can provide references and examples of my work.

In the event you enjoy this craft or would like to learn, I've also been given a few sets of spare needles, provided you don't mind that they seem to be made of suspect materials. If there is enough interest, we might even be able to start an organization more colloquially known as a "Stitch and Bitch". We have a great deal to talk about these days, after all.

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so hey, honesty & philosophy hour

if it's true what they say, and none of us remember our time here after we've left

are we even really here?

what i mean is, does it matter what we do here if we don't remember it?
01 July 2013 @ 11:24 pm
Audentes fortuna iuvat.

Does fortune favors us, Tranquility?

Caesar himself was quite devoted to boldness and fortune; alea jacta est he said and the goddess of fortune favored him for many years.

in the end, she did not. it is a tricky thing, fortune and quite a riddle to guess.

[ that aside ]

An assistance is needed! For baking a cake to a friend whom I favor greatly and who, I decided, celebrates his birthday today.
24 June 2013 @ 09:02 am
[ for optimal viewing pleasure, please see the following and allow to run in the background as you enjoy this recording. though the only thing currently in the feed is an angled shot of the treetops in the gardens, this is not an accidental video. there's rustling in the background, like something's moving fast through the leaves coming closer, and it is moving.

a couple seconds later, myfanwy comes flying overhead, a small black shape on her back. it might not be terribly difficult to discern what it is, but don't worry if you miss it, because the pteranodon makes a screech and a sharp turn, sending the shape tumbling off her back towards the device.

river rolls over the feed when she hits the ground, dressed in her tq crew uniform with the legs cut into shorts, hair tied up in a messy bun and hands covered with fingerless black gloves that hardly fit her at all. sky-diving experts or anyone with military training might notice her roll is perfectly controlled to minimise damage, and when she comes back into view, her eyes are wide with adrenaline but she doesn't seem particularly bothered by her fall. ]

Test five. Flight successful. Notes: need to meet higher altitude, consider construction of a harness; ask permission first. No hard turns.

[ she looks away for a second and blinks. ]

I skinned my knees.

[ oops? that's all she says before cutting off the feed. a second later, she attaches a text message. ]

  • driving goggles ( 1 )
  • cowboy hat ( 2 )
  • chocolate ( dark pref. )
  • colors ( blue unnecessary )
  • tour guide
accepting applications for the last. list name, ident, and qualifications below. willing to trade goods and services.

[ namely: simon's services and stolen goods. double oops? river's permission post is, as always, right yonder with all the necessary warnings and what have you! ]
08 April 2013 @ 11:28 pm
I hope you're all well rested after that little experience. Caffeine is good for the post-jump blues, so if any of you missed my black coffee and a sit down in the jump bay, I'd recommend you get on that now. And for those of you who are a little more delicate, I'll reassure you--the jitters are a lot easier to deal with than the alternative.

My name is Nathan Petrelli; I was Senator for the state of New York. Here, I manage the Communications Department. If you have any skills with computers, managing databases and information, or no skills at all, and want to learn how to use the computers here in exchange for a nine-to-five, you can show up to our office on 001 and I'll give you the tour. Just look for the door with Communications stenciled on the outside. We're understaffed presently, and I'd be grateful for any help we can get. Just sign up, we'll find a place for you, and if things don't work out you can move elsewhere with my personal recommendation.

We'll be resuming classes Tuesday and Thursday afternoons tentatively. That's day 2 - tomorrow, and day 4, students will get a schedule. We do everything from learning about the ship and how to use the holodecks and communicators to learning to cook, sew and for the older students, fire guns, etc. Two afternoons, that's all I can offer, but the youngsters on board are usually welcomed into the various departments and mentored by experienced adults in the fields of science, flight, medicine; whatever you want. I can put you in contact with the right people if you have something specific in mind. If you're a teacher--well, it should be obvious that I could do with the help. Two afternoons isn't much at all.

I'm also responsible for the outside chapel in the Oxygen Gardens, open for members of every faith without restriction. A memorial wall there lists the names of people who have been and gone, and a book is open for anyone to leave a message. In the case of an emergency, the Oxygen Gardens is the safest place on the ship. A base of operations will usually be set up down there. If things go awry, it's a good place to be. We have a Sunday service every seventh day. Today is day one, if you're wondering.

What else is there...? Listen attentively to the information you read, stay in the common, well lit areas of the ship, don't eat anything that smells as bad as it looks. Try not to go space crazy. Shuttle bay has the only window you can see out of, if you're desperate to see it for yourself. Take care of your fellow passengers, and keep on Tyke's good side.

I'm done talking for now, but you're welcome to ask any questions you might have, for instance 'When do I get to go home?' That's always a good one.

Filtered to Tyke; comms encryption )
31 March 2013 @ 06:41 pm
[The feed flickers on to a young dwarf sitting at the base of a tree, the beginnings of an arrow in one hand as he went about sanding it down. The green of the oxygen gardens is something of a comfort to Kili nowadays, when he’s not at the forge, so it’s really no surprise to find him here.]

I was wondering if anybody would be welcome to bartering something for feathers I could use as fletching. I’ve a few left from before I arrived, but I would like to get a few more if I could. [A pause, head tilting.] I've not much on me, but the offer my brother and I made in our last message still stands, and we’ve managed to get our forge running. I know there were a few who had asked of it.

--That’s all for now, I suppose.

[Kili smiles brightly to the camera, and takes a moment to attempt to filter the feed away from the populace, managing it after a try or two.]

PRIVATE; Filtered to Netherlands )
30 March 2013 @ 10:29 pm
[the video opens up to Nill, and Tate leaning over her shoulder. they’re both wearing crowns of woven flowers, pinks and yellows and whites. Tate grins, all teeth and delight when he sees it’s recording.]

Look what Tate showed me how to do. [and she gestures to the daisy crown on her head.]

We kind of got carried away. [Tate says, and he leans back enough to hold up a handful of joined flowers, they’re all of varying lengths, but they’re all made of the same general flowers. nill smiles, and reaches up to gently adjust tate’s flower crown, which has somehow managed to go crooked. her attention then returns to the comm.]

We are on the second level of the gardensfi

[her typing is interrupted when her horse suddenly clops up behind her and starts trying to snuffle at the crown on her head. she sort of rolls to the side in an attempt to get away, dropping the comm as she goes. she’s doing her silent laughing thing, shoulders shaking slightly even if no sound leaves her mouth.

Tate’s smile, if possible, widens, and for a moment he looks like nothing more than a fond older brother. even if that laugh is silent, her joy is clear. he turns his gaze back to the screen.]

The second level of the gardens, if anyone wants to come up here and get lei’d. We’re lacking a beach but hey, beggars can’t be choosers.

[whatever else he was going to say is cut off when the horse comes back over, clearly favoring the stationary target over the one trying to get away, and Tate laughs before he cuts the feed to direct his attention to fending off their attacker.]

[ooc; typing is nill, and purple is tate.]
19 March 2013 @ 04:48 pm
[ since the elevators malfunctioned, arthur's returned to dressing in full armour constantly, and so he's clad now in chain and plate as he addresses the screen. he's sweaty, dirty-blond hair plastered to a forehead pinkened with exertion, though his breathing is even. ]

Evening, Tranquility. Back home, in Camelot, I spent a large amount of my time training the knights; and with their honour and devotion, as well as their skills, I honed them into the finest warriors in the realm.

[ there's something rose-tinted about that nostalgia. he's right at the point where he's starting to forget to miss camelot, sometimes, and he's clinging onto thoughts of it fiercely. ]

Though my men are not with us, and I'm lacking an armoury—

[ some amusement in his tone at that. ]

—I thought perhaps I'd extend the offer to any who wish to learn to defend themselves. You'll be assigned training tasks to improve your general fitness and understanding of strategy, and I'll teach you the sword. I'm skilled in plenty of weapons, but not many of them can be substituted with sticks.

[ and then he draws his blade from its scabbard, twirls it in his hand with idle showiness. ]

The amount of time I'll have available will obviously depend on the level of interest. I've already got a couple of pupils, but I welcome more, so long as you're willing to work hard and obey orders. You may think it absurd, but a blade never runs out of bullets.

[ obviously nobody's told him about blasters. ]
18 March 2013 @ 01:23 pm
[the only thing that appears on anyone's screen is the text. this is serious business, and nill thinks that if people see her, they won't take her seriously. it's the big blue eyes and angel wings, man. but she's thought about this for a while, and knows that heine is better with guns than other weapons. but after what happened in the genetics lab... well, maybe she won't always have a gun on her, and she isn't that great of a shot anyway. so this is something she wants, which is a lot coming from nill.]

I want someone to teach me to use a knife.
15 March 2013 @ 05:44 pm
It seems to me we are beyond the point of customary introductions, so I'll err on the side of brevity and attempt to get straight to the essential details of this message. My inquiry is simple. How many of you were capable of certain feats in your home universes that you are now unable to perform? Specifics are helpful, but not necessary. I understand this issue might be very personal, in which case I assure you that anything we discuss will remain in full confidence.

Please do not trouble yourselves if you cannot enlighten me regarding the situation. The elaborate ins and outs of paradox space are admittedly vexing, but any information is appreciated. I have been told that I was here once before, but I am sorry to say I don't remember it. Apologies if you were at all friendly with my apparent other self.

Barring that, I consider myself a fan of a great many conversation topics, so it should not be difficult to find an alternative conference. We can discuss our interests, or what we enjoy doing in our spare time, or which department is most worth joining. Perhaps we will even find that we share an intellectual pursuit or two.

I'll go first. My name is Rose Lalonde. Some of you may have already met my brother and his avian counterpart. I enjoy literature and knitting, and I am exceedingly pleased to make your collective acquaintance.

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13 March 2013 @ 02:36 pm
Afternoon (????) ladies and gents aboard this craft its jake english again.
Though i supposed you are accustomed to my spanking green font here i only find it proper to be polite and introduce as chums come and go from time to time! That i have been rather to myself lately in case my name has been forgotten (i forget names all the time!!)

And i dont mean to be too much of a botheration with all of these movie sort of chit chatting but i have successfully watched the following movies copious amounts of times since our last little escapade and i am willing to hand them off to any of those who are in need of some earthly entertainment and swear on their graves soil theyll return them to me post haste. Here they are an how many times i watched them!
Casablanca (6)
Gone with the wind (4)
E.t. (10)
Frankenstein (8)
The wizard of oz (4)

I am also in need of a sparring partner seeing as i am getting antsy like an eager rabbit in early spring (i mean that in a non suggestive sort of sense!!!) to engage in some rousing sessions of fisticuffs.
By that i mean weapons aside and those capable of having any sort of powers gently lowering them to normal human stamina.

If you are interested in such things contact me and we can settle a place to wrestle for sport!

Oh! I also am curious. Has anybody seen the tiger board this ship?? She or he i dont know the sex crossed paths when the lifts werent working and i would love to be in contact with it again. Its completely harmless and a friend of mine!
Thank you!
10 March 2013 @ 11:07 pm
[ The video feed starts, and a young red-haired woman appears. She's outwardly calm and collected, but to some who might know her personally—or are just a little more observant—there is an edge of worry etched in her green eyes. ]

...So, from what I've gathered, this is obviously a spaceship, and we're all passengers on it. My name is Jesse Reeves, but I don't suppose that actually means anything to any of you listening.

But what I want to know is, why me? Why was I chosen for this? I'm... [ she laughs a bit, self-effacingly ] ...the farthest thing there is from a space traveler or astronaut. I'm really more of an indoor girl, you know, cooping myself up in a library and reading everything I can get my hands on, voraciously. I'm not a pioneer, I'm not a mechanic, I'm not even really very much of a survivalist, and I don't think I can really benefit from this kind of...extra-terrestrial experience.

So, if I could, I'd like to go home now. [ a soft clearing of her throat. ] Please.
10 March 2013 @ 06:30 pm
[The video clicks on and there is a--thing. She looks sort of kind of mostly human, except she's got donkey ears, corkscrew Homestuck-troll horns, slit-pupil cat eyes and a mouthful of sharp, neon teeth. Yeah. Once the video is on and she's sure it's broadcasting, she waves at the camera.]

Hullooooo! Camille here, resident newbie! I'M BACK BITCHES! Is what I'd say if the grand old multiverse could have been arsed to send me to an alternate world that’s actually, yanno, familiar and all! I’m certainly back in space, on what, a spaceship this time? Actually traveling somewhere, it is? And no horrendously bitchy AI this time around, well, not that I’ve seen as yet! Kudos to the multiverse! Oh, and kudos to you good folk, having a good and proper welcome post for us newbies! Right nice of you chaps! Never did get around to that in the last place I was at.

But anyway, let me tell you right now, space chumps! There had best be a place for me to open my café--again--or I’m eating the entire ship! Oh suuuure, they say it’s too big for that, but that’s just because they have never met a hungry shapeshifter before, hu hu!

Oh, yes, let’s just get that out of the way right now: I’m a shapeshifter! A shapeshifter who is also a baker! It’s alright to swoon, I really am that amazing! Best deal with it, sweeties~
23 February 2013 @ 04:29 pm
[Greetings Tranquility. You are greeted to the image of two trolls, one who is familiar to many of you, hanging off the shoulders of a much larger, much more imposing troll. For those who met him fresh after the jump, they'll notice Equius' eyes are now covered with a pair of shades with cracked lenses. Weird.]

Nepeta, you will cease this foolishness and remove yourself from my person. )
13 February 2013 @ 04:49 pm
[Somehow, WALL-E has gotten the network to work! Well, it wasn't too hard. The technology here is similar to back home in terms of how advanced it is, and WALL-E has always been good at pushing buttons and such. It took him longer to figure out how to actually type with his new fingers, and then longer to figure out how to type coherent words.]

[Look how much progress he's made!]







11 February 2013 @ 08:17 pm
Attention everybody ever!!!! I have some of the most exciting news.
Well its pretty gosh damned exciting to me.
This jump around i not only found two solid gold berettas and a computer coat but i found some things that are even more important.
Thats right when i opened up my locker a small collection of classic movies fell out.
Hot diggity shits this is precisely what i have been having a hankering for since i dont actually recall when but its sure been a good while since ive settled myself down to watch some real movies.

I figure since the ship is at a lull atm and no shipwide horrors are occurring we could take this moment to get acquainted over watching some cinemaflicks. I would like more friends.
The videos found are the following:
Gone with the wind.
The wizard of oz.
A fine collection if i can say so myself. All these items can fit in my puzzle modus so i will bring them all.

Anywhoo if you are interested in watching a movie you can meet up with me i will be in the rec room nearest to floor 8 in approximately thirty minutes.

locked to raven darkholme )
10 February 2013 @ 09:15 pm
[It's not very often that Asato makes a post to the network, preferring to read and hear what others have to say, offering bits of awkwardly-worded input when he thinks it could be useful. He's not one to draw attention to himself, and though it might seem difficult for a relatively big guy with cat ears and a tail, he tends to manage it too.

He's just a quiet guy minding his own cat business, part of which he's spent in the gardens, carefully tending to something each and every day. The result of nearly a year of watering, trimming, checking and double-checking, is what he moves the video feed to quickly after he sees the feed is on, offering only a quick glimpse of his face.]

I have--these.

["These" being a little pile of some kind of fruit. They're somewhere between a peach, an apple, and a currant, the size of a baseball at their largest, ranging from magenta to purple in color. He can't show it through the feed (much as he wishes he could!), but the scent that's coming from them is a strong mix of sweet, sour, and spicy.]

Kuims. Is what they're called. I planted them. I can't eat all of them, but I don't want them to go bad. [Which is why he's happy to offer some to whoever wants to stop by in the gardens and try them out.]

They're really good. In my world, lots of people like these the best. [A great advertiser he is not, but he's trying, and his enthusiasm is genuine.]

Please come have some. I don't need anything in return for them. Um... They're good in cakes, too. [That...should wrap things up, he figures, so the feed gives a shake, comes back to his face one more time, and clicks off.]
06 February 2013 @ 08:20 pm
[ the device is balanced on robb's knee, with grey wind at his side, circling around out of sight and then back in on robb's other side, all sleek muscle and bulk, a counterpoint to how lean robb's grown, newly shorn hair a riot of curls, despite his attempts to smooth them. eventually, he reaches a hand, brings grey wind to heel, the great wolf settling as robb begins to speak. ]

I'm aware there are greater things to consider than the whims of a king, but I would ask your indulgence in this instance. Things have gone quiet, for the moment, so perhaps this is the best time to pose such a question.

[ there's a rumble from grey wind, a shift and scrape of claws on the metal. robb runs a hand over his head, settles behind the ears. ]

I would hear what was known of skinwalkers and shapechangers, if there are those aboard who would be comforable speaking of such subjects with me. Anything you wish to speak of, even legend and lore. I'd be grateful for it, good people of the Tranquility.
04 February 2013 @ 02:10 pm
[ Hello network, this would be the first time you've seen Annabeth wide-spread, but she figured hanging around for two months was enough of a 'grace period' before she could show her face.

So here she is. Kind of tired, kind of going a little crazy. That's what you get for having demi-god ADHD powers and very little to expend your energy on. ]

I spoke with someone about this before, but I was curious- [ Her voice is fairly steady, maybe a little more serious sounding than she means it to. ] Since there are people from so many different universes and worlds, I was wondering. Do you have your own versions of...gods, I guess?

I'm not speaking religiously. Not necessarily. Mostly I mean beings of power. Greater powers than you'd have normally populating the world. Back home, we had...stories. Of Greek and Roman Gods. There were others, too, but those tended to take precedence in my life. [ Understatement? I'd say so. ] I'm just curious if there were any other variations out there. What they could do, whether or not they did it in the first place...

[ Annabeth trails off, her eyes drifting off to the side for less than a moment before they're back again, renewed with a sense of purpose. ]

I'd also like to speak with anyone on board who used to be these...beings. I don't want to call them gods, because that might mean something else in other places, but I'd like to know if you're here, and what possible changes have occurred since coming on board. It'd be appreciated.

[ And then she nods, having made her point, and shuts off the feed. ]
03 February 2013 @ 10:16 pm
[Anne's face isn't one that shows up over the network very often, if she can help it. But right now, it feels necessary to break out of her usual norm of being as antisocial as possible, now that she has a reason to reach out to people]

I don't know if anyone's going to be able to help with this, but I can't risk not asking. I'm looking for someone.

[She pauses, and takes a long moment to just breathe. Internally, she's cursing herself for not making this a text, because it's a challenge to keep her composure right now. She chews on her bottom lip and then manages to pull herself together enough to speak again, though her voice is shaky]

I know at least some of you know him. His name is Murphy Pendleton. He's middle aged, around average height, I'd say. Brown hair. He has a scar on his right cheek. He's been missing for a few days. If anyone's seen him, or knows where he might be...

[Then her voice breaks and she abruptly switches the feed to text]

Just let me know. I need to find him. His number is OPR » 006 » 073, so you'll know him when you see him.