[ Close up on Quinlan's face as he frowns in to the video feed and adjusts his comms device. Seemingly satisfied with the feed he sits back from the video feed and levels it with a stony look. His default expression, nowadays. ]

This ship has a habit of turning your mind against you. For those of you who find it useful - [ hey fellow jedi heyy ] - the oxygen gardens are good for meditation, especially the upper levels. Ground yourself, respect the life there, be mindful of the Living Force around you - and perhaps you'll find some peace.

[ And for the majority of the ship that's the end of the message! Those damn hippy Jedi! But for a select few from a galaxy far, far away there's an additional message attached: ]

FILTERED to Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Bail Organa, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker & Lucien Draay:

So. We've got five Jedi, a senator, and - [ deadeyes ] - whatever Solo is. So that's seven -- seven of us, all from the same galaxy and all from different points in time. Small paths in one long journey.

For my own part, I know enough about the future - [ his expression turns grim, distant, ] - the Clone Wars end, peace returns to the galaxy. I know the role I play in the events. The Force guides me -- and I will do what I must. You needn't tell me any more. [ A pause, a gruff nod. ] Each one of you can decide for yourself how much of your future you want to know. I won't make that decision for you. But we all need to be clear.
17 November 2012 @ 03:22 pm
There is a bottle on the feed. But not just any bottle. A bottle with a ship inside of it. And even still, there’s more to that than meets the eye. Because there’s a storm inside that bottle, an actual, moving storm. A harsh storm, with violent winds that cause giant, torrendous waves, and the sails of the ship to wildly flutter about. The ship is battling the storm and the waves and as the seconds tick by, it’s easy to tell that the ship isn't going to win this battle. It’s Mother Nature, after all, and who can win against that?

But then the whoever was holding the bottle lowers it, and oh look, it’s Captain Jack Sparrow! It’s been quite a while since he was last on the feeds, and he’s got a proposition for you, Tranquility.

“This,” He starts out with. “Is me ship.” And he’ll raise the bottle again, just so you know exactly which ship it’s talking about. He opens his mouth and raises a finger. “It is in a bottle.” He completely lowers the bottle now, placing it down with the utmost care. He then grabs the communicator and moves it closer, looking into it with complete seriousness. “Me crew be on that ship. An’ I want t’get them and me ship, outta that bottle.”

He raises both index fingers into the air. “To do that, I shall need,” he counts off each item on his fingers. “Three goats--actual goats.” He points at the screen. “None of you. Shapeshiftin’ types. Sorry, luv.” He still loves you, Jaye, really he does. “A crossbow, an hourglass, an’ a trumpet.” He nods to himself, and then looks at the feed expectantly. Well, Tranquility. Cough up.

...Oh, you probably want something to trade for all that, don’t you? His eyes widen with an “Oh.” and he looks about himself for a second before picking up and holding up a bottle to the feed. This one doesn't have a ship inside. “I can give you rum.” Which, as you may or may not have noticed, that no place else on the ship has rum. Because he steals them all after every jump. From the bar, from the kitchens. He makes rounds. This is a real thing.

After another second or two, he gives a nod. “Right, guess that’s about it.” And with that, he shuts the feed off.

((OOC: Before anyone asks, yes you are free to fourth wall Jack as much as you like! Go wild!))
16 October 2012 @ 08:49 am
[ The video feed starts, and Stephanie waves. She's sitting on her bed in her "room," smiling through the screen. ]

So, I've been thinking about the whole "space hell" theme this place has going on, and I came to the realization that not everything that happens here is going to be all rainbows and butterflies, obviously.

I mean, this ship is looking more horror sci-fi and less action adventure sci-fi every day. And I kind of like being alive and well, as surprising as that might sound.

[ She pauses, hesitating. ]

What I'm getting at is...would anyone be up for teaching me self-defense?

[ Not that she really needs the help, as self-defense was thoroughly covered in Bat-training.

But if Batgirl wants to go out and about, her alter ego has to be nothing but normal—Stephanie Brown, an average teenage girl with zero space experience, zero fighting experience, and zero spandex experience. ]

16 October 2012 @ 09:18 am
[the feed turns on, and the girl holding the device looks rather timid, if not scared. she somehow keeps herself calm and quiet, though. it's not like she made it a point to avoid introducing herself, or at least make herself known. she had taken some time to explore, to try and understand just what was on the ship, but understanding most of it was difficult, if not impossible. whatever explanations she'd heard didn't make her want to talk about anymore than she wanted to talk about how exactly any of it was possible. she was just one of the many that had been taken.]

[now all she had to do was speak up.]

Hi, um, I was wondering if anyone has ever left without coming back. I know a lot of you probably get this question a lot, but ... I need to know.

[she offers a small, partial smile before ending the feed.]
15 October 2012 @ 02:51 am
[ when she sees Moran with his rifle, strutting down the hallway like he's all that and a bag of sliced bread with potato chips, Wichita knows that he is up to Absolutely No Good. she can just tell. so naturally, she follows, maybe hoping to discover some blackmail material, or something she could make fun of him for later on when he least expects it. you know, the usual. but after a while ( where the hell are they going? ) she gets bored, and turns on her communicator. she switches the video feed to show ( kind of ) what she's looking at, which is Moran making his way through the hallways, her stalking casually following him a few yards behind.

when she talks, it's in a dramatic stage whisper.

Oi viewers! You've just tuned in for another cracking good episode of Wild Safari Adventures With Sebastian Moran. This week, we follow the wild Maroonie into uncharted territories! [ nah let's not try for an accent here. she laughs, as quietly as she can, then starts again. ] No, but seriously. I know this is creepy as shit, but this guy's been creepy as shit too, so it evens out.

[ Moran has his rifle balanced rather jauntily on his shoulder, but his ears are tuned into Wichita's entire commentary and his mood is slowly souring. Thanks, Wichita. He sounds nothing like that. He gives an exasperated sigh and eyes her over his shoulder. Gurl, you in trouble now. ]

I've heard sneakier footsteps from an elephant. An especially large one. With a limp. Have nothing better to do with your time, then?

--hup! Discovered. )

[ooc: the cut is ooc, just to save your flist. UM. Moran is ORANGE, Wichita is BLUE. replies will come from both once Hannah wakes up again and Moran is done, um, running. have made plans for someone to come pick her up, but she'll be talking ( kinda! ) to anybody that answers. i'll include random notes in the tags as we go. idek.

BUT YEAH. YAY GUN RANGE! underneath all this ridiculousness, the ship's actual gun range has been discovered! Wichita will give directions once she's got medical attention. :D
14 October 2012 @ 04:49 pm
[ When it begins, the camera is pointed in the direction of water. Beneath it, you see the newest member of the oxygen gardens swimming around slowly — Cibo's coelacanth. It's old from the looks of it; With scales hanging from it and its color is faded. And it barely fits into the frame at the distance that Cibo seems to be holding the comm device. Basically, it's a huge fish.

Soon enough, the camera turns to show Cibo, who seems pleasantly exhausted. She's normally slept at least once since the jump by this point. But she hasn't and it shows through to her tired voice. ]

If anyone knows how to care for any sort of fish, please respond. I would like to know if there are any special requirements for a creature this size. I am in the oxygen gardens, if you wish to come.

[ She looks off-screen to the water. ]

Also, if you know the name of its species? I've named it Dhomochevsky for now. He was another... friend I had...

[ The sight of the coelacanth seems to have drawn her attention away from the feed. After realizing it's been on for a long minute, she quietly shuts it off. ]
14 October 2012 @ 04:30 pm

[Surely no one on the Tranquility has motion sickness. If you do, sorry about the view you're getting of a very shaky camera feed of Wilee pedaling as his life depended on it down the halls of the ship, cutting sharp corners like a pro. It's obvious he's scared out of his wits by something. Maybe it's Smiley, finally showing up in person. Maybe it's some space monster that somehow managed to get on the ship. Maybe it's...

...an angry turkey. Well, that explains the fear. That shit is scary. It looks angry as it flaps its wings and chases after Wilee, no matter how fast he pedals. Fuck you, human on a bike. It wants to peck your eyes out.]

13 October 2012 @ 08:12 pm
[Bed rest sucks.

[Now that we've got that out of the way, you know what doesn't suck? Dutch weed. Just a little bit of it. Not only does Murphy
not feel like he's been royally screwed over by a bullet wound and injuries and sicknesses he'd endured from Silent Hill, but he's feeling pretty much like the universe is an okay place right about now. No nightmares of dead children and angry wives and shackles, prison, being a monster...

[Nothing's okay, everything's fine, fine fine. And we have Murphy here. Now's not the time to be tacking away over text! Instead, we're treated to a hoarse, haggard voice of a swell and phenomenally high man:]

"Y'know what's really somethin' that I've never taken into consideration before? We're in space.

"I said it, we're in space. You'd think the novelty of it wouldn't wear down after so long, but..." [He scoffs.] "Never even was one of those kids who... y'know, wanted to be an astronaut when they grew up, but...

"Hey! Here's a question: What did you wanna be when you grew up? Grow up. Sorry. Some of you are kids. But still...

"Me, I always thought it'd be kinda cool to be like Mr. White, uh... Minus the gettin' shot at part. 'Cause bein' shot really hurts, and..."

[There's a pause. Are we going to finish that thought? No?]

"Shit, I think I can feel my brain..."

[Another pause. There's a sound of something creaking.] "I'm really bored right now."

[Somebody take Murphy's communicator away before he says/does something he's going to regret... Or just talk to him, because goddamn.]
13 October 2012 @ 08:37 am
[So, this last jump? Aaron got a gun. Just walked up to his locker for his clothes, clicked it open, and there it was. Sitting on top of his leather jacket, a few cases of ammunition behind it.

He really missed his gun.

Which is why, today, he's not addressing the network through text. Instead, he's sitting in his room, a single gold case (it almost looks like cigarette case) hanging around his neck, face serious and posture... well, it almost looks a little threatening.]

I need to know how often people from your worlds show up, people you know. When one person ends up here, do other people follow? That sort of thing.

Also... I need a chemist. [His expression tenses a little, almost darkens] Consider it urgent.

[There's a quick pause, and Aaron's lifting up the handgun he'd been given this jump, wiggling it in plain view of the camera.]

People from Outcome... Byer? You know what this means.

[And, almost looking smug, he leans forward and flicks the feed off.]
13 October 2012 @ 01:36 am
[ Oh, no, it's another one of them creatures that has no idea how to operate with technology! So, she slapped the communicator device until it bleeped and she is currently staring at it.

Behind her stretch out the Oxygen Gardens (second level or one of those, since she's in the middle of the jungle), near a body of water. The girl is wet, as if she has jumped in the water, and seems unsure, worried, like she is having second thoughts about this whole broadcasting thing - she doesn't think it's a good idea exposing herself to a network (not that she knows what a network is, but while the concept and word are foreign to her, the idea of exposing herself to the public isn't), but she doesn't seem to have any other ideas of how to get out of here.

There's a long beat until she realizes she is being recorded.

I need to go back to the sea. [ She has a strange accent, not quite terrestrial but it could be something like an Australian accent mixed with some Polish or something weird like that. A bit... native American, maybe. Broken and slow, like she has to think about each word before speaking. It's strange and difficult to pinpoint where this accent is from, but she isn't talking much anyway. ] Take me back to the sea. I must not stay.
12 October 2012 @ 12:04 pm
A stag has noticed arrivals, of late. Of the Westerosi, there are (or were) -- wolves, quite a few of them, two stags, a dragon, perhaps? A lioness as well, but what of the lion? I had heard there was another.

And now there is a man of the sea, too, newly arrived. He stands with the other stag, to my knowledge. Are there others present? Where do they stand, here or at home? Things must certainly be different on this ship.
08 October 2012 @ 02:27 pm
[Nothing here, but your average trendy looking Asian teenager going through one of the kitchens. He has important questions though! Two of them even.]

Hey like how do you guys feel about gods around here?

[There's a pause as he opens some more cabinets and slams them shut after a quick look.]

And like where's the alcohol? I wanna celebrate you know!
[ There are a few things everyone might notice about this video post. One is that there's no way Jaye could have gotten from the medbay to the kitchen on the 001 passenger floor this quickly. Two is that her hair looks both dirtier and longer than usual, and instead of either happily mussed or neatly groomed, it's just a complete mess. Three is that, judging by the way Jaye sort of seems to be wobbling back and forth on the floor and has burst capillaries in her face, she was just rather sick and might be so again. Likewise, anyone who looked around before or after the jump may have noticed that Jaye wasn't there -- didn't go down, didn't go into the gravity couches, and that Faith Lehane was looking after her animals. ]

So. [ Her voice is hoarse, quiet, and the rasp is completely new and sounds painful –- in fact, she has to pause, clearing her throat for a moment. It doesn't go away completely, but she's a bit louder, at least. ] I-- [ and she winces ] sat out during the jump as an insect. Don’t do that. It was a month. Everything was red, copper and salt, until it ended.

[ It hurts to talk, and Jaye takes a moment to rub at her throat. ] Want a shower, food.

[ She pauses, glancing away from the camera for a moment. Her eyes aren’t exactly wet, and maybe it's from her earlier vomiting, but either way... ] Missed you guys. [ And she cuts the feed. ]

((ooc: MCU!Tony will be getting her from the kitchen and carrying her down to medical. Her replies will probably come from after she's there and probably be in text form. If your character wants to go visit her there (or fuss at her or whatever), I'd be up for it, but be warned that she's having a bit of a hard time talking at the moment and will set Faith on you if she feels shitty.

Also someone might want to clean up the 001 kitchen. ))
25 September 2012 @ 08:44 pm
[her voice is soft, accompanied by the quiet sound of bells and chimes just beneath the surface.]

It is quite boring here.

When are the adventures supposed to happen? There are always supposed to be adventures.
18 September 2012 @ 05:13 am
[Skulduggery could make a post about how it's Not Alright to throw people out of the airlock because of things they may have done back home, or about how it's Definitely Not Alright to just want to throw troublemakers out of the airlock because they've caused, well, trouble, or even about how little attention people have been paying to things like the screaming during jumps, or the missing smiley face, or... any... of that interesting stuff.

He could so definitely do that. But instead, he decides to go a more mild-mannered route.]

So. Does anybody have interesting stories from home they'd like to share? Preferably, ones that don't include throwing people out of airlocks or mass graves or, what was it - firing squads, if you please. Let's try for something a bit more upbeat than that.
[ Toshiko puts on her most sincere, "I'm friendly and come in peace" smile for the camera. The two people on board who know her well might notice the tension present behind it. ]

Since I've only just arrived and it seems there's a lot to learn around here, I'm hoping someone out there can answer a couple of questions for me. Just simple ones right now, really.

What do you all do for fun, in your leisure time? Is there a library, or games? Darts, pool table, that sort of thing maybe?

And, um...I know there's been a little talk about it, but is there any alcohol on board? And if so, is it available for public consumption or do I have to beg someone for a drink or two?
18 September 2012 @ 12:18 am
Is it a normal thing here to talk about:
1. dead people
2. killing people
3. what to do about 1 and 2
4. what to do about 3

Not to get on anyone's case, I get that this is a pretty creepy spaceship, but there's been talk of death penalties and airlocking people, I'm just wondering.

[ The next part comes up a bit after the first, mostly as an addendum. He switches to voice for this one, though. ]

—Does anyone know where I can find a washing machine? Do we even have those? My stuff still smells a bit like the blue goo, it's taking a while to get out of the fabric.


[ Filtered to Derek + Remus: ]
There's this werewolf guy, Josh? Have you met him?
16 September 2012 @ 02:16 pm
[Loki is sitting in his bed, lounging back with one arm draped across the headboard and one knee hiked up. In his free hand he's holding the communicator. He seems to be getting better with video feeds because at least you can see him this time.]

I wish today to speak of security. There has been much talk of late of ways to make life here more comfortable. I have seen mention of holidays, of designated meal times, and other ideas to give people a sense of structure.

[The hand draped across the headboard rises to scratch the back of his coif.]

What people are proposing may eventually lead to a rudimentary government. As we apply rules to life here we must, also, enforce these rules or our efforts would be for naught.

I am aware that there is already some manner of security force on the ship, but their actions are not currently dictated by any actual law.

Should law come about, what shall the security team then do? What would we consider a transgression here where life is ever at the mercy of machines beyond our control? And how would we punish such transgressions? Would we, as Miles proposed, bring our criminals to trial? Or would we have them promptly executed?
16 September 2012 @ 03:21 am


[ ooc: she's in talk-to-text mode. or... text to talk.. whatever. she's yelling at her communicator and it's translating it to text, right. ]
16 September 2012 @ 08:23 am
[ The feed turns on. He sees people on the other side, and he's pretty sure other people could see him, like a small, two-way mirror! That’s certainly progress. (He doesn't trust the device but it's progress.) There's a bit of an emphasis on the "small" part, though, so he puts the mirror closer to his eyes, just short of pressing it against his face. He needs to talk to somebody and get to the bottom of this. ]

Hello there! Can you hear me?

[ The other people in the feed seem to be listening. He takes that as a good sign and continues talking. ]

I’m Alistair, the… uh, King of Ferelden. I would like to inquire about this place, if that's all right. Mainly, where am I? What am I doing here? I’m not… in grave danger, am I? Because I really ought to be getting back to Denerim, I sort of have a country to run, thanks.

Oh, but if none of you could answer that, then can I at least ask for an audience with your… king? Viscount? Leader? Whatever you call them? I’m sure we can work something out. Resolve it diplomatically. I walk away, they get something, good feelings and negotiations all around.