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[voice] eridan's guide to people watching

[Eridan's almost like clockwork, in that he posts pretty consistently right after every jump. In this case, though, he's not bothering with text - probably because he is going to be rambling way too much and he doesn't want people railing on him for typin like a complete fuckin tool.

This time, he's going with voice. Because this amount of catty rambling can't be texted. There is, though, an underlying tone - like he's rambling because he needs to keep his mouth moving or else he's going to be extra grade stupid. It probably has nothing to do with anything that might've happened this past month, no siree.]

Runnin' commentary on all'a you still stuck dowwn here, doin' wwhatevver the fuck you're doin', because I'm fuckin' bored an' I don't see any fuckin' horns that aren't mine or Nep's, makin' this jump, just like evvery other one, a complete fuckin' wwaste'a time.

Okay so basically, first wwe've got evveryone wwho's used to this. Most'a you just kind'a stumble out, look around an' get your naked fuckin' asses to the lockers. Seriously, okay, from noww on someone has to start putting towwels out right the fuck awway, because I'm sick'a lookin' at all'a you bein' fuckin' naked. [BLECH gross humans.] An' I'm seriously gonna havve to just come up to you people next jump an' use my security position to force you to get hair cuts because ugh. That's gotta suck cleanin' outta your hair. Especially you, curly-haired asshole wwho nevver stops makin' fun'a me. [TAKE THAT, SHERLOCK.]

Man, a wwhole fuckin' lot'a these newwbies are flippin' their coddamn thinkpans like this is the most bizarre shit to evver happen to 'em. That one guy is like tryin' to break the gravv couch open - oh, there he goes, haha, fuck, did he just fall? ...Ouch, actually that looked like it kind'a hurt, he's bleedin' an' shit, medical should get a look at him. Jeeze, though, get a fuckin' haircut, wwhat the fuck evven. Some girl is like, flippin' out on the ground, wwhat is your deal, lady, this isn't that fuckin' scary, are you like... humming to yourself? ...Creepy. An' wwhy is that guy freakin' out? Cripes, sayin' no a million times isn't gonna make this not happen, jeeze.

Oh yeah, an' there's that jerk wwho wwas makin' fun'a my accent, wwell fuck you, I tried bein' nice for once an' I got nothin' for it. An' there's that neurotic crazy redhead wwho wwas all, "Oh noooo, wwe're all gonna kill each other 'cos wwe've got secrets, oh nooo!" Evveryone has secrets, stop bein' stupid about it. Like you evven told us your shit.

Still no other horns. Nobody looks fuckin' evvil, either, so I guess they wwere tellin' the truth about the demon thing.

[Long pause.] So basically, wwelcome to the Tranquility if you're neww, stop fuckin' freakin' out because you just look like an asshole, an' in case you didn't knoww, some'a us aren't human so use due fuckin' respect, okay?


If anyone sees anybody wwith horns, lemme knoww, okay? I still don't' see anyone but not all the couches are open and... [He sounds suddenly really nervous.} It's just kind'a important, I guess.
circumitus: I have big plans. I'm learning spanish this month. (i need an office)

video; you rang?

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[What the hell was she listening to?

[Just. No words. Only staring.]
circumitus: I have big plans. I'm learning spanish this month. (i need an office)


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[She doesn't answer. Not with words, in any case. She just stares for a few seconds as her head tilts. Eventually, she slowly raises her hand and "kindly" flips him off.

[At least she's capable of comprehending her surroundings.]
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video; SORT OF? can't promise it's very calming, though lol

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[Again, nothing. She just gives him a dubious look. Clearly, someone is not very moved and/or convinced by your concern, Eridan.

[Of course, she could always change course and take hold of the text, but that would require actually wanting to talk to people right now.]
circumitus: I have big plans. I'm learning spanish this month. (i need an office)

video; well there we go

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[She lifts a brow. Bitch, please. She isn't crying or in need of your help.]
circumitus: I have big plans. I'm learning spanish this month. (i need an office)


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[Sorry, bro! That's pretty much how it's going to have to be.

[It wasn't the jump, but she's not sure how to convey that fact without words. Her shoulders slouch for a moment, before she glances down. She pauses, then holds her arm up to show to the camera:

[SEC » 001 » 056.

[If only so that the numbers can speak for themselves -- this isn't her first tumble through here. In fact, it's been her sixth.]
circumitus: I have big plans. I'm learning spanish this month. (i need an office)


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[She cocks her head to the side again and just shrugs. If one had to make a wild guess, MAYBE it's because she obviously doesn't socialize much. More of the lingering type.]
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[She stares, followed by a dismissive gesture with her free hand. Maybe she is, or maybe she just doesn't feel like talking. The former, at present, is looking like the more likely scenario.]