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( 006 ) video ✶ there’s a party at the bar everybody put your glasses up and i drink to that

[ normally, jenna's posts are reliably fairly tl;dr and cheerful. 'welcome, new campers!' and all that.

today is not a cheerful day. she turns on the feed and then sits silently for a second, not sure what to say. finally, she shrugs. ]

So, I really want to get hammered. Reprehensibly so. I want to get disgustingly fall down, pretend this all didn't happen for a night drunk.

[ she's not even sure she can do that without an iv of señor tequila, but by god she's gonna try. ]

Anybody with me?

...Price of admission is a 'no photographic evidence will ever surface' pinkie swear and a contest to see who can yell 'Christo' the loudest before anybody lets you in whatever common space we take over.

l o c k e d ;

Can everyone just... sound off? Please. We seriously need a check-in list, or something. 'If still alive and yourself, initial here'.

God. It's been a really long month, you guys.

/ l o c k e d ;

l o c k e d ;

So. I, uh. [ she pauses, weighing her words. maybe calling him a dick helped in the moment, with tyke, but the truth is: jenna misses dean, and if this changed his mind at all she needs to know, so she can keep chipping away at that... horribly frustrating stubbornness of his. ] I don't know if hunting monsters with a monster changed your mind at all, but... there's a bottle for you too. If you want it.

You can't not talk to me forever, you know. It's a-- huge ship, fine, but I'm really stubborn. Maybe more stubborn than you are.

[ it's hard to joke like they used to when she's not sure she'll get any reply but silence. ]

Anyway. The offer is there.

/ l o c k e d ;
circumitus: This is drunk and confused... (this is worse than naked and afraid)


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I can't seem to get drunk. Can I still come?

[She'll popcorn.gif, but without the actual popcorn.]
circumitus: you started throwing frozen shot glasses at people and you kept saying "it's fine, they melt." (wave goodbye to your troubles)


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[Best rules are the best]
circumitus: Otherwise you'd be a dad by now. (thank god you're gay)


[personal profile] circumitus 2012-05-04 12:22 am (UTC)(link)
Doesn't matter to me.

[She shrugs.]

...oxygen garden's fine.