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[ When her video feed clicks on, Raven looks like this. Same as always, physically, except this time maybe a little more nervous than usual. Not in a bad way, just a little bit fidgety and not looking right at the camera like she tends to do. That would be because she plans on finally letting this ship know that she's a mutant. Big news! She's never actually gone public with this, in an sense of the word, but it feels right to now. And not just because both Erik and Alex now have called her out on it. ]


[ Here's a small wave at the camera, quickly followed by a nose scrunch and a short laugh. God, nerves are the worst. She takes a breath, rolls her shoulders back. ]

So, for anyone that doesn't know me, my name is Raven. I've been on the ship for- [.......thinky..] -well, since the first jump, and, not that it's a big, dark thing or anything, but, I have a secret. And recently it's been bugging me a lot that I haven't really told anyone outside of just a couple of people, because it's nothing that I'm ashamed of, it's just something I'm not used to being entirely open about. Back home it's not really ..normal, so I always had to be careful about who I told. But things are different here.

-- And this is starting to sound really cryptic, so, I'm just going to say it.

[ As she continues talking, Raven starts to shift. She's not wearing any clothes, but the camera view is only from the shoulders up, so.]

I'm a mutant. Human, technically, I'm from Earth and I'm built the same in most ways, only genetically I'm much different. The same kind of mutation as Magneto, um, kind of. Not really, though? We're both mutants, but we do very different things. I don't know all the technical terms, evolution and genomes and stuff, but that's why I can shapeshift. And this is my true form.

[She holds the back of her hand up close to the camera for a moment, letting her scales show more clearly before resting it back in her lap.]

I've walked around here like this before, but only because the ship messes with my abilities a bit after each jump, and it's hard getting back enough control to change my appearance. Umm. The blonde girl isn't a real person, not really. She's the face I've been wearing for years now, kind of a patchwork of different features I picked out when I was a kid. And I haven't ever used my abilities to impersonate someone here, and I never will unless the person knows and there's a very good reason for it. Because when I shift I completely change, in every way. Voice, finger prints. It all changes.

So. Yeah! That wasn't so bad, right? [ She's blushing now, but it's hard to tell. ] Um. If anyone has any questions about what I can do, you can just ask, I don't mind. [ In other words; please, please don't be scared of me now that you know. ]
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[She still doesn't understand the need for public honesty, so she asks:]

Does it feel better?

[Of course, the statement can be taken in any context because Rey is such a wizard of words.]
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Must be nice.

[She hasn't quite worked up the nerve to exercise that kind of practice yet herself, so she isn't one to judge.]
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I suppose you're right. Though there's no sense in sharing all of your dirty little secrets with the public, is there?

[She wonders what else these people are hiding. There's always something...]