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After the ship has been wrecked and the first people have started packing up

We will stay here now, yes? Because the ship is broken and we cannot go home.

[And chances are low that they will manage to get off planet, but Muscovy doesn't really see a point in that - the planet is warm and while, like every other place, it has its dangers, it seems like a fertile place that one should be able to make a good living on.]

So everyone should get married and have children, yes? Because unless you're immortal you will need them to take care of you when you get old, or ill. And it will be less scary to live here when there are children around, because it will feel more like a place that is home to everyone, yes? And it is a warm feeling to be with family and home, so it will make everyone happier.

If you know whom you want to marry but you don't know how to tell them, you can write them a letter and I will bring it to them!

And if you don't know whom to marry yet, you can tell me and I will tell you who else is trying to find someone to marry and then you can look at each other and talk about it. And then you can have children and be happy, yes?
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[Hurt each other. His heart sinks to hear that, though he never would be so naive as to think that someone would think of these things without pain; in his admittedly limited experience, the two are hopelessly entwined. He just wishes Muscovy didn't know these things.]

Muscovy... Um... I'm not sure about the difference, b-but.

[He can feel his face turning red again.]

P-people'll always use this stuff to hurt each other. But you know better right? The important thing is that you, uh... you love each other.

And stuff.
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[Oh god no. Firo can't reply fast enough.]

No no no! No way!

If people say you need that for love, they're lyin'. It's like... Well, you need love to do that stuff, but you don't need that stuff for love. Ever.

There's different kinds of love, you know? That stuff's only part of one of them, and you don't even need it for that.
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Well, that's...

[He sighs. It's embarrassing... but Muscovy is someone he could share this with if only he could express it.]

I-I think you'd know when you felt it. I-it's different.
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Well, you...

[He coughs, trying to hide the fact that his heart is thumping and his face is red--all just form thinking about Ennis.]

You feel kinda funny. Like, it's... it's embarrassing.

[You might even feel like you want to hold their hand or kiss them. It's a scary thing.]
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Hey, why is that the first thing you think of?

[If he really thinks about it, maybe she is. For all her past sins, she’s a kinder, better person than he is, he knows that much. Prettier too.

That’s something of an oversimplification, though. Ennis is strong, but Firo knows they need each other. Needed. It’s easier not to think about it now.]
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[At least it's not just because he thinks Firo's a loser.]

Don't think about stuff like that when you're... you know.

[In love.]

'Leagues' or anything don't matter--it's what you're willing to do for each other.
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But love ain’t about all that, Muscovy. You don’t need to know how powerful they are—you’re supposed to do your best to take care of ‘em.
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Ennis is tough. I know that much.

If she wasn’t, just knowin’ wouldn’t really help me much if I couldn’t take care of her anyway…

[Firo worries enough without that.]