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After the ship has been wrecked and the first people have started packing up

We will stay here now, yes? Because the ship is broken and we cannot go home.

[And chances are low that they will manage to get off planet, but Muscovy doesn't really see a point in that - the planet is warm and while, like every other place, it has its dangers, it seems like a fertile place that one should be able to make a good living on.]

So everyone should get married and have children, yes? Because unless you're immortal you will need them to take care of you when you get old, or ill. And it will be less scary to live here when there are children around, because it will feel more like a place that is home to everyone, yes? And it is a warm feeling to be with family and home, so it will make everyone happier.

If you know whom you want to marry but you don't know how to tell them, you can write them a letter and I will bring it to them!

And if you don't know whom to marry yet, you can tell me and I will tell you who else is trying to find someone to marry and then you can look at each other and talk about it. And then you can have children and be happy, yes?

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[Yes, Muscovy. That's exactly how it works.

[Rey just sighs. Of all the things she expected herself having to explain in this life, this conversation definitely isn't one of them. She isn't exactly someone who often gets asked why she isn't mother material because the answer is usually right on her face.]

Well, um. Women have an organ in their bodies that men don't have when children are being born. I was not... made to have this organ. There wasn't much of a point.

Don't need any children, anyway. I have you. [That's all she needs in her life, so there.]

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[Of course, Rey doesn't follow Muscovy's line of thinking. She just blinks at him, her brow arching at his question.]



[It's not a yes, but it isn't necessarily a no, either. This is just confusing. Rey has never really imagined herself filling in the role of someone's mother before. But then, she practically is mothering this boy that's come into her life, hasn't she?

[No, it's still too weird, even for her. Especially for her.]
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That isn't what--

[Rey stops. Despite considering them both family, she hadn't ever contemplated about the dynamic between her, Muscovy, and Firo. She never thought of their relationship in terms of the conventional family unit. It seemed more comfortable that way.

But now it just has her wondering...]

Mm. Suppose so.
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[Throughout her many lives, Rey has been called a long list of things. From the identities that she had assumed to the ominous nicknames she had been given when her reputation as a ruthless killing machine preceded her. But never has anyone ever called her "mother". Then again, she's sure as hell never shared the sort of relationship that she does with Muscovy.]


What do you want to call me?

[There's no point if he isn't comfortable with it. Does he really see her as that much of a mother that he'd address her as such from now on? Absurd.]
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[Well, he is a living embodiment of a nation. Is it even possible for those types to have parents? It's weird though, since he's mentioned having sisters...

[That's when Rey decides not to put too much thought and logic into it. Chances are, she'll just make her head hurt.]

Whichever one comes easier. Sure. Honestly, I've been called so many different things that I don't care what you decide to go with.

[Rey is mother this is crazy world.]
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[So he called her "mother" just then. It still sounds weird. Rey's feelings on mother figures is a complicated one, considering that she had killed her own.

[...Not purposefully, mind you. But circumstances surrounding her experiences with familial bonds have left something to be desired over the years. Still, somehow, she's made something for herself here. Something she never thought she'd ever have, or deserve to have.

[Rey doesn't want to see Muscovy hurt. She wants him to be happy. That's what mothers are supposed to do, aren't they? That's what her own mother wanted for her, wasn't it?

["I just want her to be happy."

[After a long, contemplative silence, she finally nods to herself.]

Sounds good.