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After the ship has been wrecked and the first people have started packing up

We will stay here now, yes? Because the ship is broken and we cannot go home.

[And chances are low that they will manage to get off planet, but Muscovy doesn't really see a point in that - the planet is warm and while, like every other place, it has its dangers, it seems like a fertile place that one should be able to make a good living on.]

So everyone should get married and have children, yes? Because unless you're immortal you will need them to take care of you when you get old, or ill. And it will be less scary to live here when there are children around, because it will feel more like a place that is home to everyone, yes? And it is a warm feeling to be with family and home, so it will make everyone happier.

If you know whom you want to marry but you don't know how to tell them, you can write them a letter and I will bring it to them!

And if you don't know whom to marry yet, you can tell me and I will tell you who else is trying to find someone to marry and then you can look at each other and talk about it. And then you can have children and be happy, yes?
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M-maybe, but still! It's just--it's not...

[He gropes for a word that doesn't make him sound like an old fuddy-duddy. Predictably, it's rather hard to find. Because he is an old fuddy-duddy.]

You can't talk about that stuff. Especially not in public. There're ladies and kids around here!
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Uh, well, yeah, but...

[Damn, Muscovy makes some good points.]

You still can't tell other people to, you know, do all that stuff.
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Nobody has to tell 'em. Especially not you!

Look, if it's that important... People'll either go for it or they won't. You don't need to worry about 'em.
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[Wait. Firo thinks he knows what brought this on now. His voice softens.]

...So you just want friends, huh?
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That won't be for a while yet, you know, unless something big happens. You've still got 'em for now.
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Yeah, but...

Look, you've got me and Rey, okay? We're not goin' anywhere.

A-and to be honest, s-some people might wind up with kids anyway, so...

[He is so freaking uncomfortable. Why did he respond.]
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[There's a sound like someone choking.]

Wh-wh--? M-me? B-but me and Rey a-aren't even m-married! A-and it's not like that anyway!
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[Firo's done a lot of bad things in his life. He knew he would have to pay for it eventually. Is this it? Is this punishment for everything he's done?]

Th-that's not the problem! W-we're f-family, yeah, b-but not like th-that. W-we can't!
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N-no way! Me and Ennis--W-we didn't--! I-it didn't-!

[In his haste to deny it, he doesn't realize that he's spilling more than he likely needs to. He settles for shaking his head very quickly.]

N-no, I wasn't.

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[Poor Firo. She's just going to slide in here real quick.]

Even if that were the case, I can't have children, Muscovy.

[Sorry. Looks like the rest is all on you, Firo.]
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Wasn't created... "born" with some of the parts women need to make children.

[This is as delicate as she can be when talking about the subject of being sterile in a way that Muscovy can hopefully understand, ugh.]

Even if it were possible, it wouldn't be a good idea, anyway.
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[Okay, first they weren't married, and now Muscovy is trying to convince them they should get married, and Carlisle will have to oversee the ceremony? MAKE UP YOUR MINDS, PEOPLE.]
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[Come on, Firo. We're like, practically already married, anyway.]
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[You guys are no help...]