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sn: muscovy prochainezo; private to Firo & Rey Prochainezo

[He's bouncing on his heels as he types his message into the comm.]

Newt needs a place with people to stay with for a few days, but she isn't allowed to know that she needs it. Can she stay with us and we tell her adult that she should help me with expanding Sketto and Pityo's house and her that she can help me with that but also that she should train with knives again and that Firo is a good teacher?

[He'd love to have a friend around all the time for a few days, even if it will be limited because she belongs to someone else it should be a lot of fun. And it would be a shame if what he taught Newt about daggers got all forgotten because nothing new got added to it. He likes to be the strongest to make sure that he can keep his friends with him because they need him, but he also likes his friends to be able to defend himself and be strong so they can survive.]
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We can fix up something like that, sure.

[Rey blinks at Firo's comment, and then checks Muscovy's ID again and finally realizes--]

Oh. [Huh. So that's a thing.

[After a moment, she smiles.]
It is nice, isn't it?

[It must be "Let's make Firo act as ungangsterly as possible" hour.]
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They'll have one of the nicest places around by the time you're done.

[But not as nice as the place Rey has made, of course.

After reading them, he can't even look at those messages from his little family. All this and the simple fact that they can be together--it's a bit overwhelming.

As he tries to gather himself for a chill and manly reply, he holds the device away from his face for a moment. He doesn't notice when he's squeezing the communicator so hard that he accidentally sends the following:]


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[Too emphatic? Probably. Give him a moment to figure out the caps lock.]

MY HAND JUST slipped. Sorry.

[And totally, completely unrelated to that slip:]

I'm happy that we're together
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And I'm happy that you didn't break your fingers.

[Okay, somewhat more serious this time; it takes a while for the words to come out, and there's some effort put into it, but:] I love you two.

[She knows Firo knows, but it's been some time and Muscovy wasn't there, so there. It's been said, in all of its saccharine glory. Her little family, worth more to her than anything in the world.]
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[Well, okay, if his family is saying it, then he has to say it. It's only the right thing to do as a family man.

And, yes, he does want to say it. A lot.]

I love you all too
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[She didn't know what she was expecting.

[Well, Rey certainly expected it from Muscovy, but she's surprised that Firo's up and said it now, too. And she can't help but smile --
really smile about these developments.]


I'm really happy to hear that.
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[Firo's surprised to find that he doesn't immediately regret saying it--not because he'd ever think it wasn't true, but because the idea is simply so scary. But he feels fine. It's nice, even, to know that they know.]

I just want you guys to be happy.
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Wouldn't worry about that, Firo. Don't think I could be happier.

[It would seem that "tall order" he had made many months ago wasn't as impossible and far away as Rey had thought at the time.

[Are things perfect? Hell no. But it's as close to happiness as Rey is ever going to get in this place, she feels. And she is okay with that.]
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All right, then. No worries at all.