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Lot of folk here don't seem to know that most witchin' ain't about usin' magic. It's just lookin' after folk. Lot of what I do's just mixin' up medicine and makin' sure injuries are kept right. Ain't any reason I can't treat you lot to do that. So I'm offerin'.

If ye want to learn about treatin' burns and animal bites and such, ye can come talk to me in the gardens. Look for the black pointy hat.

[Because some parts of witching are what you'd expect.]
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[She might look a little intimidating, but the reply puts AJ off guard and she finds herself grinning.]

Alright, so maybe it's one of those. Your kind of healing doesn't deal with making pacts with devils or digging around in people's heads, does it?
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[AJ seems to think about that disdain for a moment or two, then seems satisfied.] Where I come from, pointy hats and witching sh... business isn't really looked on very good... but I'll take what I can get out here.

What are you doing?
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And what's the good stuff?

[To AJ, everything looks green, or shades of it.]