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[After the fires, AJ has every reason to want to learn how to treat burns and worse, though she's not going to visit a certain throttle-necked Carboy to figure out how it's done after learning that Carlisle is also a slimey-mouthed toad under his unassuming exterior. She doesn't know any other doctors, medics, or herbalists in the camp--yet--so Ms. Weatherwax has just inadvertently drawn down some heat.

The lanky survivor is currently sporting an unintentionally wizardy poncho of the brightest blue, with glimmering alien glyphs shimmering under the noon-day sun. It doesn't match with her sour face and disposition, though she had hair long enough that, were she to tie it in front of her chin, she could make a pretty good approximation.

As it stood--as she stood, on the side of the garden, watching the old woman work--AJ was less interested in being obnoxious today as she was in maybe learning something.]

Can I ask you a serious question?

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