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Lot of folk here don't seem to know that most witchin' ain't about usin' magic. It's just lookin' after folk. Lot of what I do's just mixin' up medicine and makin' sure injuries are kept right. Ain't any reason I can't treat you lot to do that. So I'm offerin'.

If ye want to learn about treatin' burns and animal bites and such, ye can come talk to me in the gardens. Look for the black pointy hat.

[Because some parts of witching are what you'd expect.]
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... Black pointy hat?

[There are actually a number of reasons why this post has drawn the normally-reclusive ice alien to the network, but right now he wants this point of confusion out of the way. It's an aside and he knows it, but he doesn't understand a lot of human tropes!]
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You know, there are a number of different questions I could ask right now but I won't waste your time, so I'll get right to the point. You said you could teach people to treat burns..? Is this strictly for human physiology or should it work regardless of... species?

[There's a slight pause to his voice because even though he's quite sure plenty of people in the camp have seen him and thus know there's a giant alien of ice sharing the planet with them, it still feels weird to be so up front about it.]
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I suppose so. [A small pause, then:] I would like to... to learn. When are you available? What will you want in return? [Because he's still adjusting to the thought of people helping others out of the goodness of their hearts. He has a hard time believing in stuff like that, given the circumstances of his being and everything he endured after.]
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[There's the slight sound of the alien shifting in the background--he's note sure how he feels about being caught out doing something so mundane with what he's assuming is an elderly human, but moreover:] ... My body is... very cold. I do not know if exposing living plant life to it for prolonged periods of time would be a good idea. I would not want to ruin anything important to your craft.
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... Yes. Perhaps it would do us some good to... meet in person? I would be willing to assist and aid you in preservation, but I also possess a number of other unique abilities. Maybe you will find some use for them while we are going over your methodology.
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Makes sense. So then--shall I visit now, or would another time work best for you? Though I am not one to interrupt if you are in the middle of something, I conversely will not waste your time by making you wait if you want to get on with this.
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[After the fires, AJ has every reason to want to learn how to treat burns and worse, though she's not going to visit a certain throttle-necked Carboy to figure out how it's done after learning that Carlisle is also a slimey-mouthed toad under his unassuming exterior. She doesn't know any other doctors, medics, or herbalists in the camp--yet--so Ms. Weatherwax has just inadvertently drawn down some heat.

The lanky survivor is currently sporting an unintentionally wizardy poncho of the brightest blue, with glimmering alien glyphs shimmering under the noon-day sun. It doesn't match with her sour face and disposition, though she had hair long enough that, were she to tie it in front of her chin, she could make a pretty good approximation.

As it stood--as she stood, on the side of the garden, watching the old woman work--AJ was less interested in being obnoxious today as she was in maybe learning something.]

Can I ask you a serious question?
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[She might look a little intimidating, but the reply puts AJ off guard and she finds herself grinning.]

Alright, so maybe it's one of those. Your kind of healing doesn't deal with making pacts with devils or digging around in people's heads, does it?
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[AJ seems to think about that disdain for a moment or two, then seems satisfied.] Where I come from, pointy hats and witching sh... business isn't really looked on very good... but I'll take what I can get out here.

What are you doing?
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And what's the good stuff?

[To AJ, everything looks green, or shades of it.]