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Before you go flinging shit all over me, I know there's worse to worry about right now, but if any of you knows how to sew and has the cloth to spare I'll find some way to pay you back.

These blue rugs make shitty ponchos and unlike some of you lucky bastards I never got more than one set of space pajamas. I'll take spares, too, if that's all there is to go around.

[AJ's voice is utterly defeated right now, but then she's been wearing one of those bolts of blue alien fabric that had been collected from a month or two ago, the badly folded likes of which have been covering the shredded back-side of her crew-issue jumpsuit for the last two days. She's been feeling about as comfortable as a cat in a festive sweater.]
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Now you see why I never bother wearing 'em. [Maybe not helping her feel any more comfortable, but... he doesn't like hearing that tone. So, in an attempt to cheer her up, he's going to try something that he doesn't often do (perhaps for understandable reasons): joke around a little bit.]
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I know how to sew. I also have cloth.
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I found some clothes in the jungle... some pants and shirts. Do you want them?