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Before you go flinging shit all over me, I know there's worse to worry about right now, but if any of you knows how to sew and has the cloth to spare I'll find some way to pay you back.

These blue rugs make shitty ponchos and unlike some of you lucky bastards I never got more than one set of space pajamas. I'll take spares, too, if that's all there is to go around.

[AJ's voice is utterly defeated right now, but then she's been wearing one of those bolts of blue alien fabric that had been collected from a month or two ago, the badly folded likes of which have been covering the shredded back-side of her crew-issue jumpsuit for the last two days. She's been feeling about as comfortable as a cat in a festive sweater.]
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[Trade was exactly the reason why the alien had been hoarding even the most random of miscellaneous objects that he personally had no use for... but it was getting harder and harder to pawn them off with salvage being pulled from the ship, and besides, bartering with people wasn't his strong suit. He was willing to part with his stashes for AJ's sake... it would be going to better use if it was helping her.]

Very well. In that case, let us follow the trail that has been carved into the ground for us. It will be a bit of a walk--I wanted the stashes located far enough out that people would not stumble over them accidentally--but should not take us more than a few hours. We can stop for rest intermittently; Makers know this heat isn't pleasant.
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[That earned a chuckle from the towering ice alien who was currently leading the way.] I suppose even if it did work, it would just disappear from your system shortly. I'm not sure how that would even work... best to stick with what we can forage. So... a watermelon. Alright, let me try to guess what this fruit is like. Melons have edible flesh, and they're usually round... and if it has the word "water" in it, then... does it... I don't know, grow in water? An aquatic plant? Probably won't find many of those around here, given how most of the rivers and streams on this planet are acidic.
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What? How does that make sense? [Algidus gives another chuckle--right now his tone sounds amused rather than condescending, which is the usual note to his words when he's criticizing human society.] If you put the water on the other side of melon, you would have "melonwater", and that makes it sound like some sort of juice or beverage, not an actual fruit.

[Honestly he's not even sure why he's pursuing this inconsequential line of conversation... maybe it's because it's refreshing to not have to focus on gravely serious topics for once. Or maybe it's because AJ has mentioned that this was a thing back in her home, and even though he can often be dismissive he still likes learning of other cultures, particularly when the topics are of importance to her.]
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[The comparison startles Algidus, who is still adjusting to his newfound hue. He blinks and starts to look down at himself while he's walking, which causes him to stumble briefly before he catches himself. Embarrassed at the lapse, the alien mutters a curse under his breath in his native tongue.] You spit at each other? Human culinary culture sounds so... so... bizarre. Why not just eat around them? [Then, as if this has just occurred to him:] If you find a melon you had better not spit at me..!
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[HE STUMBLED BECAUSE HE WAS TAKEN OFF-GUARD NOT BECAUSE HE WAS WEAK OKAY?? OKAY!!] I--I am not a baby!! [Making a very convincing case of it here, getting flustered by a human that's a few feet shorter and much skinnier than you, Algidus.] I could handle the seeds--I could! That doesn't mean I have to find the concept of getting your... spit on me pleasant!