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Before you go flinging shit all over me, I know there's worse to worry about right now, but if any of you knows how to sew and has the cloth to spare I'll find some way to pay you back.

These blue rugs make shitty ponchos and unlike some of you lucky bastards I never got more than one set of space pajamas. I'll take spares, too, if that's all there is to go around.

[AJ's voice is utterly defeated right now, but then she's been wearing one of those bolts of blue alien fabric that had been collected from a month or two ago, the badly folded likes of which have been covering the shredded back-side of her crew-issue jumpsuit for the last two days. She's been feeling about as comfortable as a cat in a festive sweater.]
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[HAHA "shit together." Nill is just very good at living off very little. She probably expends more energy than she should on Dog.]

I can do that.
Do you know how tall you are?
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I know what they are.
It will take me a couple days. I hope you don't mind purple.
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[what the fuck is a decepticon]

It is a dark purple?
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No it is not sparkly.
Oh yes. That would be good.
Honestly everyone I have ever made a shirt for has been with me when I made it.

[spoiler: she's only made shirts for a very tall, very skinny psychopath.]
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Oh okay.
Near the middle of camp. My dog is usually outside my site.
I am Nill by the way.
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I don't know the breed.
He is black, white, and brown though. He is kind of shaggy. He answers to Dog.

[it's the dog from "cowboys and aliens" because one time nill was friends with daniel craig]
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[Dog wags his tail when he sees someone approach, whining a bit. He's never been a very good guard dog. When AJ calls out, though, a blonde teenager emerges from the tent, waving in greeting. She's rather small for her age, and the only thing that really sets her apart are the small wings poking out from her back. They flick around as she walks forward, and a smile finds her face when she nods. Yes, she is Nill.]
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[Nill inspects the woman for a moment, and then decides that she's reminiscent of Naoto. Strong women who don't want to ask for help unless absolutely necessary. It makes her smile, something she doesn't do very often anymore.

The blonde glances behind her. She thinks the wings have gotten bigger since she'd left the Underground, but measuring them herself is easier said than done. She gives a full flap, then turns back to AJ and shrugs with a nod. They probably are.]
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[During her time away from the Underground, Nill has definitely met more than one person has has "a lot tied up" when it came to angels--rather, people who just looked like them. Because Nill knows she isn't anywhere close to one. Angels didn't shoot people, and definitely didn't set fire to important science facilities.

But that is neither here nor there right now.

Nill thinks for a moment, and then her eyes light up. She disappears back into her tent for a moment before reemerging with a roll of cotton bandages in her hands. This will work as well as a tape measure, probably. She gestures to AJ, and then holds both of her arms up, parallel to the ground. It'll be easier to measure her when she's in that position.]
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[Nill nods her encouragement, and starts unraveling the bandages. The poncho thing definitely has to go, she decides. A shirt will be easy enough to make once she has the correct measurements. And Naoto's knife should work fine instead of scissors.

Delicately, Nill starts from the top and moves down, measuring AJ's shoulders, arms, and waist. She tries not to make it more awkward than it is when she carefully measures her bust, but can't help but turn a little pink. It had definitely been easier to do this to Heine. Each measurement is marked off by a knot in the bandages, ones she'll be able to undo later.

Once she's finished, just a few minutes later, she steps back and motions for AJ to put her arms down. She then holds up a finger, indicating she should wait a moment. The blonde disappears into her quarters once more before returning with a bundle of purple cloth. It's actually a dress that she's had since arrival, now too small for her. But it should work just fine for a shirt.]
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[Nill is visibly taken aback by the violent reaction AJ gives. She holds the dress close to her chest, taking half a step back as she shakes her head. There are so many things she wants to say--first of all, that this dress is not "sleazy prom bait" attire. Her brows furrow and she lets out a huff of annoyance.

The blonde gestures to her shirt, and then the skirt of the dress. This is the purple material, silly!! She even goes so far as to mime scissors with her fingers to "cut" at the cloth.]
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[Nill can't hide how affronted she is at AJ's outburst, but she does her damndest. She shifts awkwardly on her feet, glancing down at the dress before back up at her guest. Honestly, she isn't sure how a t-shirt can end up looking girly, but she nods in agreement. Girly is something she will try to avoid.]

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