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010. voice. username: MAGNETO


[ He's reaching deep, ragged, bellowing on the edge of not-panic.

RIP headphones users. ]

ooc: backdated to occur pre-modplot
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audio; un: tsang (i changed my mind but william will be too far out if a diff healer fits better)

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Jesus fuck, mate. [There's a fingernailed clatter on the receiver, William's raspy voice starting quiet than getting loud.]

What and where?
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audio; un: sbrandt.

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Where are you?

( --the sound of motion, rustle. more things than just crossbows go in the bag. medical kits, for instance. )
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[Thanks, buddy, you have startled AJ so badly whilst holding her device that she's flung it hard against the wall of her slum hut. Good luck, but RIP to more than just headphones.]