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TEXT - UN: Etrepa - **Security Alert**

Attention, citizens.

I have located a perpetrator of criminal larceny.

Her appearance: seemingly human, not quite two meters in height, lean, ill-shaven; a fringe dweller, outside the settlement density perimeter, likely an arrival from a more recent jump. [ More recent than herself, she means. ]

When confronted she pretended compliance before affecting a transformation into a mammalian monster. Teeth, claws, pelt, accelerated healing. Increased sized and strength. She fled after I fired my sidearm, wounding her leg.

I have pursued her to a ridge some distance from the river. [ coordinates are provided ] I am having trouble keeping pace. If anyone with combat experience is nearby, backup would be beneficial.

We should take her alive, if possible. Justice must be served.

(( OOC Note: This post refers to an encounter with Flint Deckard, not the ongoing modplot about thefts in the camp. So much crime, so little time! ))
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Still a woman, then.

[He's assuming her distinction is between an upper crust "lady" and not.]

You know you never answered my question. Did she even steal from YOU? Just back off if it's not your property
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And you're being so selfless right now? People like you only do this stuff for the money or the power trip. Or are you going to try to convince me you just like to help other people?

[Not that he even knows her too well, but this post has placed her firmly in the "cop" role in his mind. And those people he does believe he understands.]
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Benefit of camp-citizens my ass. Don't pretend this is for anything but your ego.

Don't start talking about the universe. We're talking about our corner of this planet and nothing else. Or are you trying to dodge the issue?

[A lot of assumptions. But Firo's found that arguments aren't won by being reasonable.]
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We. Not you.

[Not that he's going to be one of the ones to take up the mantle, though.]

Then get humble because you sure don’t sound like it, miss high and mighty. Who said you get to decide what justice is?
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If you think justice brings peace, you should step in a prison sometime. But I guess that'd be beneath you, wouldn't it

[He likely wouldn't welcome any peace officer who followed him into prison to bug him, but he feels safe making the argument when there's so little risk of the possibility of eating his words.]