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Anyone out there have a lighter or something? Flint? I could use anything that creates a reliable spark. Matches, even. My scavenging efforts are apparently subpar when it comes to finding things I could actually use. On the other hand I've found a superfluous amount of spoons and broken screws so if anyone needs those I'm your man. [Look, not everyone can be a hoarding genius, okay?]

I've seen a couple of nice-so-great looking animals a little too close to camp for comfort. Open sores, mangy, probably not a good sign. I know some of you hunt. I would definitely steer clear of those. If you kill one, it might be more prudent to burn the corpse than butcher it.

That I can do. Without setting the whole damn jungle on fire.
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Ain't learned the bow trick?

[She has magic too, but the bow trick's better]
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Ye can use a bow to get a stick movin' fast enough to spark.
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Best plan for that's never lettin' the fire go out.

[Good advice in general,really]
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Well why didn't ye just say so?

[Honestly these people dancing around things]

I can create, but ye don't want to have to follow me all the time.
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I have matches.
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How many do you need?
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Okay. I have managed to keep them dry.
I will take some spoons.
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[but does she need seventeen spoons
yes of course she does]

I have two cartons of matches. You can have one.
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There is a cooking station near the exit to the ship. I am there.
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Lighter, huh? You won't need that with me around.

You're setting up camp somewhere, buddy?

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been burning the corpses as well. don't think whatever they have is infectious to us, but better not to take any chances. doubt we're that hungry.

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have they been a big problem at the camp? been living in the trees and the bird things are seriously annoying as of late, though there could be worse things out there.