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username: fool (with potential action)

[Well, the username seems only natural.


put up some traps up north. bout half a mile.

[IT'S LITERALLY BEEN A MONTH SINCE HE'S BEEN SEEN and this is what he returns with. Hi, guys, you wouldn't even know he was back if not for the fact that he's just using the network to warn preemptively about something. He's in desperate need of a haircut and his beard is getting intense because he really hasn't touched it since he shaved, uhh... the first month of landing? He's a fast-growing beard machine, guys. Not that you can see it, because Mr. Anti-social is all texts today.

He attaches the coordinates for the general areas of where they are, just FYI. He wasn't going to because he thinks it doesn't matter, but then he realizes y'all are gonna bitch about not being precise. And god help him, he doesn't want to deal with complaining people who want to go south.]

it's for the food supply in camp.

don't walk into them.

i don't want to eat you.

[... But feel free to have not seen the message and walk into them anyway. They're the good old-fashioned types: pitfalls that are horrible to climb out of, and those annoying rope-to-tha-ankle tree traps that drag you a story into the air. He'll come across you eventually to complain and huff and puff and get you loose.

Good times.]
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username: c.fry

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might not hurt to put them around camp, too. for security.

did you mark them?
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[ Oh, she gets it. ]

those ones I'd say definitely leave blank

the problem with all of these is that we're assuming there's no access to our conversations, but we could still get lucky

can you skin the animals, make leather?
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you don't need to reload spears

would you teach me?
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depends on how many there are

will you teach me to skin the animals

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username etliberte

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I'd be too stringy anyway
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Makes me worry a bit about all the people who talked about fattening me up
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I can use a gun. Or a knife. Mostly against rats, for the knife.

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username: chook

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What do you think they will catch?
Besides people.
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[can i help u]

How do you know if we can eat it?

What would you do if you did?
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[maybe??? she'll just feel kinda bad]

I could help you.

[with the cooking]

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un: benjamin

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What kind of traps?
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Interesting. Where did you learn to make them?
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[That's actually a perfect answer as far as Jack's concerned.]

I thought this place was hell at first, but it could always get worse. My opinion of the camp has improved since then.

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