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Wash ([personal profile] dino_zarf) wrote in [community profile] ataraxion2015-11-28 04:40 pm

Text, username: pteradon

Okay, we've got shelter downish. We've even got half reliable food. But water? If the weather's always like this, we're okay, but what if this is the rainy season?

We never had to stop to fill up on water when we were travelling. Now maybe we were managing to stretch the potable water farther than usual because we were way below regular crewing levels. But most ships have water recyclers. And we know there was potable water in Medical.

I know how the recyclers worked on my ship, but of course Tranquility is different. So I figure any set of techie eyes I can get will help. Who wants to take a look at plumbing and see if we can figure out where the water was processed? Maybe there'll be something we can reach that'll help with the river.

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