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004 -- mirror.

[ the mirror-shard is clutched in derek's hand. he's obviously unsteady on his feet, being buffeted about by the wind, but he shoves a mask briefly into frame before moving it aside to scowl down at the mirror. ]

Don't put them on.

[ important psa's that can't wait for sobriety, as much as derek resents having to both address people via mirror and do it while wind-drunk. ]

They're dangerous. Don't do it.
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[Someone has been keeping her sobriety for the time being, at least. We'll see how long that lasts.]

Doubt there are many left who even know what happened the last time masks started showing up.

[To Rey it seems like basic common freaking sense. But between some people and the wind, who knows who is in their right mind to know better.]

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Assuming everyone is even thinking straight to listen.

[Which, knowing the state of the camp right now, she wouldn't be surprised if a bunch of wind-drunk people thought it'd be a good idea. Stupid wind-drunk people.]

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[Away from the mirror, still sat on the ground from where he'd caught her, fingers running at her jaw like she might really find signs of the skin being ripped open.]

You think I didn't figure that?

[The grumpiness in her tone might better cover over the brewing sulk if she didn't have to raise her voice over the wind.]
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[She glares at him, sullen, doesn't make any move as if to catch him if he tips further.]

You can see shit through them. Other places.


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They're masks, how dangerous can they be?
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Put one on and find out.
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You again. I'm flattered by your attention.
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Don't mention it.

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We also can't let every shadow frighten us, unless you have some reason to believe that they're dangerous.

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Do you remember?

[Takeshi's hidden from the winds, for now. A good thing.]

The masks. From b'fore. They were bad.
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[Takeshi bites his thumb, frowning around it.]

I had one, too. It was bad. Made me... hurt people, 'cus I was scared of them.

I ranned away a lot.

We gotta protect people, so they don't run somewhere bad on accident... 'Cus they're scared.

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I saw someone walk away with one.

[He's in partial shelter, so the wind is mostly doing things to his hair. Unfortunately obvious: brownish roots beginning to creep up on the blond.]

What are they?
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[The dye situation is a work in progress, okay.]

One of the old crew... I didn't recognise her. [The next two or three words come out slurred:] What will happen to her?

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Speaking from experience?
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What happened the first time?

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