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[Serah's face comes in way too close for comfort, if only for a second, before she sets the camera down on a table, propped up, to offer a waist-up shot of her. Offering a smile, she waves.]

I hope everyone can see me. I haven't used the video option much, but we had similar technology on Cocoon. [Her hands intertwine in front of her.]

My name is Serah Farron, and I got here on the jump before the last one. A few of you had talked to me, but I figured I should introduce myself.

Back home, on Cocoon--well, Gran Pulse, I guess, but that's not important--I was a teacher. I don't think we have much of a school set up here, and I know most of us have jobs, but I wouldn't mind teaching anyone up to high school subjects if they wanted it, and I could teach survival tactics as well, but I'm not sure if they'd be useful in space.. I was a jack-of-all-trades teacher since I was the only one in my village, and I don't have any official certification, but I think I can handle it.

[Her smile grows brighter. She's not sure if anyone will take the offer, but she's always willing. It would bring some sense of normalcy, here.]

Also, I'd like to get a job in support or security, if there's any need. Thank you for listening!

[And with a wave and then darkness mixed with the sound of jostling, the feed turns off]
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There's always a need.
But SEC + support are pretty different.
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How much experience?
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Both would fit.
Going to need a run down of your skills + put you through an assessment.
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Some of us have actually been tryin' to reestablish a school, so we could always use the extra hand.


Also, uh... hi. I work in Support.


Well, run it. Head of it. So, yeah, if you have any questions... [Yeah.]


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The people who got it goin' are no longer here, and I guess nobody got around to carryin' the torch.

[Damn jumps.]

We pretty much take care of stuff the other departments don't technically cover, such as the welcome guide for new arrivals, supply runs, and any other type of odd work. We also help out in the other departments when they're short-staffed, which kinda makes us a little bit of everythin', honestly.
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Hey, that'd be great. Heather's the one who's tryin' to get it goin' again, so I'd ask her.

[He snorts.]

We've actually incorporated that timeline into the welcome guide. Our, uh. Our last chief officer had one started, but it's not nearly as up to date as the other guy's. We do kinda help out as the welcome wagon and handle questions from any of the new fish.

As for supplies... The kitchens don't stock themselves. Me and sometimes a few other people help drive out some of the food grown in the gardens and restock the kitchens from deck one to ten with fresh produce.
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Hah! Yeah, no. Though... we've stopped at places before. Supposedly for supplies...

[God only knows how true that is, though. He can't say he trusts the word of Ward and Resnik.]
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There're some shuttles in the shuttle bay that are still fully operational. That's how.

And no, the shuttles aren't exactly a great escape plan, either. [Just in case she's wondering. Murphy would be wondering as well when he first got here.]
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[Video] (sort of)

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[There's a flash of ceiling for just a moment, then the video cuts out again. He'd only gotten lucky by hitting a random button in his quest to work his communicator. After that... that's it. Serah can probably safely assume that Ai planned to make some sort of snide comment, but failed utterly.]
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[Ohno. The little box is flashing at him and making noises. Ai looks around the empty hallway just to be sure no one is watching him before he starts to frantically hit buttons. That one didn't work. It says mail. Why does it say mail? Can he get mail on this thing? What in the seven hells makes it work? Should he just throw it away and cut his losses?

He does.

It keeps ringing.

He scrambles for it. More frantic button mashing. Finally he hits the right one and Serah's face appears. Ai looks very much like a deer caught in headlights before he can try to collect himself with a smirk.


[He has utterly nothing to say. That's not a brief flicker of panic on his face. He scowls instead.]


[Okay, so he just learned that he's bad at talking on phones. His plan had been to be snarky. And then this train wreck had happened. He's subtly pushing more buttons now, trying to find a way to turn the video off again.]
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[None of the buttons work. Low-grade panic is setting in. This is the last time (no it's not) that he tries to casually pop in to insult someone.]

It takes time for the magic box to work.

[He schools his features into showing no hesitation -- like he actually knows that's how it works rather than being completely ignorant of technology.]

And I didn't call you. The box malfunctioned.
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[It's hard to look affronted when you're not entirely sure what you're being affronted about, but Ai manages it.]

I'm not an idiot.

[There's a beat.]

It's this box.

[Right? He's right, isn't he? He's perfect at guessing.]
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[There's a rather excited young face on screen]

M'dame Heather is trying to start a school.
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Mason, I think... she's going to hold it in the gardens. We do a lot there. I can't wait to start learning!
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They'd never let someone like me into a school, Mamzelle. Not a penny to my name.

[Barely a name to his name]

I can read though!
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I'm Gavroche. I help out in the shuttlebay.
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What did you teach?
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Teaching reading and writing is a lot of work by itself. All of that must have been hard.
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That sounds like a nice place to live.
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That does not mean it was bad.
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If you can teach, Heather has classes in the Garden. She could use more teachers.
Survival skills are always useful.
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Not that much different.

You could ask her. You can find her in the Gardens most of the time. Or with Takeshi, wherever he is.
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Survival tactics? Like what?
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You think there's stuff to trap here?

[The way he says it is almost nervous.]