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{PSA} - Video

[A somber face on the video feed. When last he addressed the people on board, it was about loss, and how to cope with it here.

Irony was indeed a cruel mistress, was she not...?]

As... no doubt you will have seen. Seraphim, who was here-- a long time. She has departed us, by more natural means that disappearance, and less natural means than a gentle and faraway death.

She was surely too young for such a fate, and far too goodly. For those who grieve her, like I, I offer condolences.

[A deep breath here, to square himself to the reality, and to keep calm in this.]

But let her passing be not in vain.

Before passing, she left for me, a message. Part of which she hoped to share with all of you. I will read that part now, that perhaps someone here knows how better to make of it than I, and can look at it and know what she meant to impart to us all.

She said you all have to know. It was her final wish.

[And so, reading from a part of that transcript, that it is much too raw and painful, too personal, to simply post the entire message she wrote to him.]

There is an entire other side and it's white...

Deutsch was right.

Tell them it's SU(3) structure...

--rallel univer--it's a compact universe--side the Jump...

[There was the mathematical notation, too, but it was much too long for him to make sense of. The begging, and the emotions still to read on page; this, he would keep to himself. That was meant only for his eyes.]

That's all.
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[A deep look of concern, that that wasn't just an ordinary goodbye.]

Jehan, mon cher ami. I am sorry for your loss, and may she rest in peace.

Where are you now?
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[video] -> [action]

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[Nodding, frowning.]

Most certainly she must be.

Give me but a moment, and I shall see you shortly.

[Heading over, then. ... Yes. Perfect time to get a nosebleed. Sniffling it up, and wiping it back with a hand, and knocking with his other -- though he wouldn't wait before pushing the door open, to frown, concerned at the other.]

Petit... How do you fare?
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[Heading over to sit, and then going to go take Jehan's hands in his, to hold them gently, reassuringly. Looking at him with a bit of a frown.]

The lesson may have been learned, but that does not end the hurt.
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You have experienced more than you should in any lifetime, mon petit... I am sorry that loss keeps following you so closely these days.

[Squeezing Jehan's hands a little, turning his slightly to shift that bloodstain from view out of embarrassment for Jehan's catching such, when he was the one to be comforted.]

Nah, no; it is nothing, only a silly nosebleed. You say also -- are you then afflicted?
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... Yet the rest of us slide by with far fewer lovers lost.

[Softly. Sort of looking at him carefully.]

You were close to her, were you not?

[Raising a damn eyebrow back. Put that away. >(]

True enough, though you seem well, without a drop of red anywhere.
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[Made obvious especially through that response, yes. Squeezing Jehan's hands gently.]

Though the terms were enough such that you will grieve for her far deeper than you would a stranger, or even a dear but distant friend.

[A tilt to his grin, though there was not so much mirth in his eyes as simply the quirk to his lips.]

Perhaps not quite so distant, these dear friends, then? I find myself increasingly more jealous to find you always in the arms of another, mon petit, when we were once such bosom buddies -- also literally.

[The edge of a chuckle cutting short, though, at the look on Jehan's face, at the words that came next. That was, indeed, no laughing matter.]

How can what be justified?
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And so we shall.

[Inclining his head a touch.]

Then I shall miss it all the more! The dour and melancholic do not repel me -- quite the opposite, in fact, that where there is great darkness must, too, there be a brilliant light to give it such depth. I know you well enough, Jehan, and so your nights do not scare me; when you feel you've cast too thick a veil of clouds over Feuilly's rays, you must promise to then come to me, for I shall be happy to guide you by moonlight instead.

[Rubbing Jehan's hands between his callused ones.]

There is no justification for death, mon cher petit, only that it happens, and very rarely, I imagine, does it happen fairly.
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Both, though that granting of happiness works twofold, in that it would also absolve you of that harm dealt.

[A bit of a squeeze of hands and a grim purse of lips in a small smile. Then, a slight knitting of brows.]

Then perhaps what you have witnessed was the last unkindness that this ship would ever be allowed to wreak upon so pure a soul; the god whom her spirit served found a happier ending to her story than to be damned to this hell, and reclaimed her as his own. Did not the Greeks extoll such virtues of their own gods, also, who showed great benevolence by rendering great tragedies upon their lovers' fellow mortal friends?

She is in a better place now, in peace; I am sure of it.
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["a compact universe"]


Thank you for sharing the information she left you. This may have confirmed a theory.
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[She could refute that claim, but it doesn't seem to be the time or place. Rey just nods, understanding, focusing more on Jean's query:]

That perhaps some if not all of the strangeness that's occurred on the ship -- the environment sometimes warping and the more recent monster infestation -- may be connected to the White Room and the thing living there. It seems to be a different place entirely from the rest of the ship.

It's not a proven theory yet, but the messages she left behind seems to heavily lean towards that possibility.

Considering that Clarke's drive creates wormholes, her mention of parallel universes is also not surprising.
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No. [She says it so abruptly, like a snap.

[Then she sighs, rubbing her forehead.]

Yes, there is. Have been there. Opened the door as well.

But-- Think that's what she meant by the "other side".
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Eponine pushed past the pain, as she moved towards Jehan's room. The poor boy, to have loved their Reynaud, and have had such feelings for Seraphim. He deserved to be happy, as they all did, and his pain was visible, to a girl that knew him.

A bottle of wine was in her hands. her head throbbing when she knocked against his door. "Jehan, I come with a gift. Let me in, for my hand has begun to bleed and I wish to drink!" Even pain wasn't going to keep her from bringing wine to her hurting friend. He, after all, had been the one to tell her she was in love with Combeferre.
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Eponine pushes the door open and comes into the darkened chambers. "And Michel and Gavroche as well." She set the wine down on a desk, and began looking for a bandage to wrap around her hand. Scars were the things that bled for her, first and foremost, for some time now. Since they had all become so sick.

The one on the center of her palm usually was the one to start it.
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"No, I shall not have something white. I hate to see the blood. Since I have died, I cannot stand to see it." There had been so much, when she'd laid dying.

"And your head throbs as well?"
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She wouldn't accept his clothes. Instead, she wound up ripping a piece of pillowcase up, as he had suggested. "This will turn red, then brown soon enough," she admitted, before wrapping it around her hand.

"The heart hurts worst of all. This is why I brought you wine."
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"It numbs the pain my handsome Jehan," she said pointedly, fishing into her pockets for a bottle opener. Oh, yes, her dress had pockets. She'd found one, and it was the greatest thing ever.

Sticking the opener in the cork, she begins to work it out. "You will sit with me, as we drink, and say all the things that you wish. I shall be quiet and let you, and should you cry I will comfort you and dry your tears. Or if you so wish for a distraction, then perhaps we will find something else to do while we drink. I am good at card games." What else were you supposed to do when a friend was heartbroken? It seemed the right thing to do, but she didn't know.

She hadn't had friends, until this ship.
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Not in vain, indeed. None of them will have been so, provided that we keep what they've left with us.

I am sorry to hear of it, though. Would you like to be alone or would some company do you any good now?
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And the information that she left. That seems it will be helpful, somehow. You've done well in carrying out her wishes, Jehan.

I wish that it were a better time to hear yours, my friend. I cannot imagine...well. You are stronger than even we could understand.

[As far as it being a while, that's true. This month has mostly consisted of Combeferre hiding in the dark, creeping around when he can, by way of having pasted temporary shades to his spectacles and wishing they were shaded's not been pleasant to say the least. But nothing like this, of course.]

I am, yes. It may always be worse, my position here. How grim it is that I think of that as some form of hope.
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I am sure it will. Such a desire to help must surely prove to be a factor that will help us all. And courage of that sort? I doubt that it can be forgotten by any of us. Perhaps you think you might write of her? Would putting feelings into words help you?

[Some feelings are too much for words after all, and he knows it too well. Combeferre feels a stab of sadness that he's not caught up with anyone lately, save those he lives with now, and has been distant himself since Courfeyrac, but losing him was...strange in so many ways. Combeferre had not known what to do with the thought and had tried, instead, to distance himself from it, and the knowledge he was the last of the three here.

He'd found it better to dwell in his happiness, although, he feels the shame of it now, really. He should have been there. At least once. Too late to change the past but he feels awful all the same.]

So it is. It has been so long now, hasn't it? For ourselves alone. And for those here, Surely every journey must end somewhere so the next one can begin.

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Only words...I do not think there need be an 'only ' about it. And what else is what we put on paper but another voice? Didn't your Byron say the pen was mightier than the sword? Perhaps it could mean, too, not only that words matter more, but that writing them can be a form of might.

It does allow for you to save them, after all, her words [There is a gentle smile at this, and the effort sets Combeferre's ear to bleeding a bit, but he ignores that for now. Perhaps he's done too much ignoring of the bad things lately, but this is one thing he plans not to think of. Instead, he is nodding as Jehan mentions balms.]

Ah, but we do not know what sort of end this journey will have. I had hoped for a place where we might make lives for ourselves, or continue the ones we've made. Six years for some... [There is a shudder.] I could not imagine it.
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[Then Combeferre is glad of that at least. He's not the one used to using his own words so much as repeating and using the words of others to help, or to teach, putting them into a new structure and presenting them in ways that may help people understand, but, he will take the compliment all the same.]

I am glad that I could help. Less of my own words than words I've read and thought about, I think, but still.

Disappearance or death, perhaps. All things must come to an end eventually, even our state of things now. I do not think there is science to prevent it or that I would wish for it, but... [And here is a wistful sort of smile for his friend.]

I think there still is something of an in between, a space between the moment and that death or disappearance. When this voyage ends, I cannot believe we are done yet, or will be. There must be something of the future we've dreamed. I doubt the ideals change, even if the people and the places do. Surely, we'll at least see it, first. Or so I hope.

[Combeferre never professed to believing, or not believing in any things like ghosts or gods, or Gods, because, well, there was no proof to him that they existed, but also no proof that they did not. They had always existed in a state of possibility with both sides needing to be acknowledged and addressed, always. He had driven the brothers who taught him Religion and Theology insane by politely asserting and holding to that position and supporting it with sources, always, and he found that now, years later, the belief in possibility had never changed. The one constant he'd known and could believe in, no matter what, was the future, whether it was one that he would be taking part of, or not. He held to that today as well.]

The one belief that I know to be concrete is that of the future, Jehan. I cannot see it failing us now. It's coming, still, along with us. Something will continue no matter where we land.

[At the mention of Eponine, he does smile, bittersweet as it is.] Ah, yes. I must admit, I would hope to spend them somewhere better, where we might fully embrace and make a future we can't dream of here, but given no other choice, I could do it, I would wish to do it, to be in her presence, yes. You've found the magic key.

Am I so?

[There is a blink, and he's reaching up to wipe away that blood.]

How strange. I've quite stopped noticing it, now.
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I think I know what she's talking about. If she's talking about the same thing I saw once.
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A white room. I don't remember all of it, but I was there. Or I almost walked into it once.
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she told you to share it?
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so what dyou think it means
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too many doors for her to have seen heaven

she sent loads of messages
whatever happened to her didnt happen straightaway

[--which he writes with an image of Sera in his head, blurred and superimposed over the smear of blood on a floor, a tangle of clothes dipped in red.]

she knew something & then she saw something that was weatching her
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Hey, I'm sorry to ask but if you have access to the other messages she sent can I see them? If they're all put together it might be easier to understand what she was trying to say.
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ive got mine
i didnt go around collecting the others