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[ Here's Heather and an absence of scenery. She looks more annoyed than scared, though her cheeks are a flushed from some experimental running and her hair is kind of sticking up in front where she's been tugging at it in frustration. ]

So I'm lost. Or stuck, or whatever. I've been talking to lady Japan and she's lost too, but we can't see or hear each other.

[There's some jiggling as the view turns to a long stretch of corridor unrelieved in any way by doors. Blank walls move past as Heather walks, holding her communicator out in front of her, and still nothing new comes into view. Her voice is clear (and seriously ticked-off) in the background.]

This is getting pretty old, so if anyone's got any advice that isn't find a lift and get in it, that'd be swell.
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Good to know that if I'm going crazy, so are you.

[Yes, this is supposed to be comforting to Rey.]

Haven't been able to find an exit yet, though.


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...I have a knife. That should work. See if I run into either of you.

[And not a bad idea. She's sick of wandering in circles. Or, not being sure whether or not if she's been wandering in circles, dammit.]

Little naked cartoo...

Never mind.
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Who knows. Maybe that's where all the previous crew went. Unleashed a fit in all their custodian rage.

[Yeah, she attempts at making light. Did it work?]

If vandalism was such a big deal, they shouldn't trap people in these hallways with nothing better to do.
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If you're willing to throw yourself to the dogs that easily, I won't stand in your way.

...I think you should do it.