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[Oh how he hates technology. If he had his way, this would be a conversation they'd have in person. There's just those pesky sigils getting in the way of him seeking the other man out.

So instead, here's Castiel, attempting to use this phone...thing. It gets turned over in his hands a few time, completely oblivious to the fact it's recording a video feed. Even once he realizes it's actually on, all he does is peer more closely at the device, giving everyone a close-up view of his eye first.]

...what are you doing?

[Or rather, why is the device now flash- Oh. Right. Clearly it's called Dean for him. ...right?]

If you can hear this, I need myrrh. Find some.

[Because he can't exactly pop off himself to get it. :| Oh, hold up. There's another thing to add to the shopping list.]

And I'll need your blood again.


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You sound remarkably inconspicuous and trustworthy.
circumitus: tall, lanky, uses teeth when giving head, and runs like a giraffe. don't do it, man... (no i know her type)


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[Damn, even her attempts at being sarcastic fall flat.]