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Mohinder Suresh ☤ [Text]

[Smart phones this advanced are not something Mohinder is use to. Luckily, he's a child of the information and technology age and figuring out the more or less intuitive operating system of the device in his hand is not at all difficult. Thumbing along the touch screen, and bypassing the entertainment sections (films and books on a mobile? How remarkable!), Mohinder comes across what looks to be an electronic bulletin or message board. At least, that's the closest approximation he can make for the network. Perhaps it's similar to the listserv his University uses? Either way he has every intention to check into it later, after he leaves this post:]

My name is Mohinder Suresh. I seem to be unable to contact anyone I know using this device, as it it does not seem to be connected to a cellular network. This might sound ridiculous, but could someone tell me where I am?

[Mohinder is not known for making sound life decisions, but he'd rather think he is lost and this really is some sort of odd American hospital than going mad. He hits the send button and glances around again the hallway he's paused in.  Nothing looks like a hospital around here at all. 'Going mad,' unfortunately, seems to be what's happening after all.]
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[She does a second take at the name. Hindu, yes. But it is shame to take notice that he most likely has no relations to a man she knew once who was named Tejinder. Actually, it is both a shame as it is a blessing.]

not cellular. network is only local.
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seems there are people you know here, too.

or was there anyone you were wishing to contact specifically?