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"People really like to ask their open-ended questions around here, don't they? Where we come from, what we did, who we are and what we can do..."

[For someone who doesn't know how to answer any of these -- it isn't something that Rey has been able to wrap her head around.]

"You're a very nosey bunch."

[Feeling like some are a little invasive? Maybe.]
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They're bored. Can you blame them? When you're stranded for the foreseeable with a bunch of people you hardly know, it's only wise to try to get to know them a little better.
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Like what? Stand around? Get lost on the ship? Fall down a hole?

In case you haven't noticed, it's rather hard to get anything done around here.
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Oh, but there's lots to get done, if you only look around. Figure out how this place works. Delve into its workings. Make it more efficient, more livable. Unlock its secrets. And once you've laid it's innards bare... find a way home.

Or are you not interested in that last part, hmm?
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Right then.

In which case I'd think you'd be more concerned about learning about your new home.
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The noise is more inviting then silence. At least you know people are around.
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Maybe. Or they could just be scared. Trying to find common ground. Something to make all of this easier to deal with.
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Doesn't always work. Sometimes, doing that just causes a panic.
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Maybe it hasn't really sunk in yet.
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Did you just figure that out now, Rey? [ yes, she sounds more amused then anything by this. but hey, she is one of the nosiest ones here. ]

You learn anything from lurking on these people?
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[ she has crappy humor, so it could happen really. ]

Have you met any of the new people?
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[ come on rey, she is curious what you have found - YOU HAVE TO HAVE SOMETHING right? ]

You haven't talked to anyone yet?
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Yeah. You do. [ a beat ] Anyone seem off to you yet?
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Aaa, but my dear, if we do not contemplate the complexities of life, the meaning of our existence and our reason for being, then we would simply cease to exist as intelligent beings, or perhaps as beings at all.

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Aah, so you as well enjoy speaking about life and contemplating what it is about? [ A pause. ] Former occupation? What former occupation? Did you mention something about that? I thought you were speaking of philosophy.