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006 | video

[ She's been in the shuttle bay since before this started, but she hasn't left yet. She can sleep in the shuttles when she needs to, can send someone out or request supplies, because if they have to leave then they need to be ready. But there's something else making her scowl, tension and worry etched into her face along with anger. ]

Each department is locked down, isn't it? Because we're missing some supplies that were here yesterday, and it would have been pretty damn obvious if someone was carrying a broken repair bike out of here -- but I didn't see anything. They took some of the ripped space suits, too. Security, keep an eye out.

[ One hand thumbs the hilt of her knife, but then it drops to her side. ]

Check your departments, all of you. I know there are now unlocked drawers in the morgue, but look and see if supplies are missing. I'd like to assume it's just people hoarding, but it doesn't make sense.

On another note, if someone could run supplies to the people still working in their departments, I'm sure we'd all be grateful. [ Pause. ] And if someone could grab Jones and my bottle of slugs out of my room, however people are doing that, I'd appreciate it.

[ locked to the flight crew ]
If we need to bail, we're going to have people trying to take non-essential items with. Everyone ready, if it comes to that?

Sulu, what's the status in engineering?

[ locked to haymitch, katniss, brienne ]
If you want to come down here, I'll let you in. It's probably less crowded than the oxygen gardens and if shit is going to continue to go missing, we could use the extra pairs of eyes.

[ locked to riddick even though he's probably like three feet away ]
How are your eyes in the red light?
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...The morgue?

[It takes a lot to make Rey even flinch, and this time is no different. But her head spins, her thoughts flicker. She remembers the confined spaces, the dead smells, and anything associated with that place does not bode well in her stomach.]

Affirmative. Will search for the stolen items.
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Do you know if something came out when the doors opened?

[Trying not to sound concerned in the least here, even though she is moderately worried. What is this feeling of giving a shit?]
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That isn't good.

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Not good, either.

...Isn't there a way for someone to hack into them? Get them back up and running again?
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I see.

Feel free to contact me if any further assistance is needed.
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I will remember that.

[Which, considering the state of Rey's juxtaposed memories, is as close to a "Nice to meet you" as one is ever going to get.]