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[002: audio]

Heheh... hahahaha...

[It's been a long while, since LB last made a call to the network, but from her lengthy laugh, it should be pretty telling that all wasn't quite right, in her mind. A sharp intake of breath is heard. calming her giggling down before she begins to speak.]

I think - I think I speak for all of us when I say what the fuck happened, huh?

[The tone is odd in that sentence, obviously an attempt at halfhearted humor.]

But... it wasn't all bad. Eeheehee -- I got to kill the group of people I always fantasized about killing -- something I never even dreamed was possible. And it felt good -- hahaha -- so good.

[Her prideful tone then falters.]

Or at least it did, at the time. I had always thought that if I could just get the chance to kill them, it would fix everything and everything would be okay again. Ahahaha -- but nothing... nothing's changed. [Hesitantly, she adds:] I'm still laughing.

It's - it's just because the whole thing was - different, right? Sort of like a passing nightmare? It would be different if it were real, wouldn't it? If it were a situation I was more familiar with?

[LB speaks hopefully, genuinely believing that she could be happy again if she could just kill the right person.]

I guess what I really want to know is if anyone has ever managed to kill someone that really caused problems for them. Heeheeheehee... and more importantly, did it make you feel good?

[A heavy sigh passes.] That's all... thanks.
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I'm certain that, whether it was real or a passing nightmare, it still would not be capable of undoing the damage that's already been done. [Rey is one who feels and lives that damage, day by day.]

In answer to your question, yes. It did feel good, and then it was done.
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I do not know if there is.

[Rey didn't feel happiness or relief when she had done it. Only an indescribable amount of anger and fury. In the end, she was still pretty pissed off.]

I have no way of telling whether it did, one way or the other. If it's anything like the drug I took once, I did not feel euphoric, if that's what you mean.
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I don't know. People have tried -- making me feel something without the need for substances of any kind. [Natalie. Ariadne. Some other names, which come to mind.] I figure it's a lost cause.

[Or the lost cause just lies with her. The subject.]
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Life itself isn't fair.

[This much she knows with certainty.]
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[Rey doesn't have a better answer to that, so she just says simply:]

Drugs. [It's what worked for her so far, anyway. Even if the effects they have on her might be different than how others are affected.]
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It isn't much.