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murder --4; voice

[Tate is standing in the disaster that's left of Crane's abandoned room when he makes this broadcast; and while the video evidence of what Tate's done to the place isn't there, there's a waspish crack to his voice that betrays how upset he is, an upending that's left him teetering on the brink of something awful.

but then again, he's never spoken like this over the network, and anyone who knows him might be able to tell that something's terribly wrong, even if the monologue sounds like nothing more than conspiracy. but his words sound eerily like an epitaph.]

You know what's the most fucked up thing about this place? That we're pulled up here like it's some kind of game. We just get plucked out of our lives like puppets that've been waiting on the shelf, and you know what we do about it? Nothing. Because it's like hey, we've just been taken away from all our problems back home and that's nice, right? This is one big goddamn vacation. And then they give us all these people that we're supposed to work with, people we've never met and people who don't even know what a fucking computer is and it's like fucking Survivor.

This thing, it's playing with us. It gives us people and we're happy about it and then it takes them away and all it does is make everyone scared. When is the next person gonna be gone? Who's gonna die next? And you know what? Soon someone's not gonna be able to take it anymore. People are gonna turn on each other. Like animals. And that's exactly what it wants.

We jump when Smiley says jump, and we cry and we kill because we're part of some kind of bigger plan this thing is weaving for us. This place has got everyone spooked, and you're all just worried about the ghost in the machine. About figuring this shit out.

But it's fucking pointless. It's no different being up here than it is on planet Earth. We're gonna be up here until these things in charge decide they don't want us here anymore, and then we're all gonna be fucking wishing that we'd never tried in the first place. We're all gonna be wishing that whoever snapped first just fucking did it and put us all out out of our misery.
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As far as I know, people turn on each other all the time. People come and live and die or leave or both. No different than before, and no different now. Once you expect it, there's no reason to be afraid anymore.

[Whether or not if Rey actually believes any of that, it's all up in the air. It's what she likes to keep telling herself, since the people she's confided in seem to have this penchant of disappearing shortly afterwards. Somehow, it has a way of lowering her expectations of them.]
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Yes, most of the time.
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Because I exist, and I don't have a choice in the matter.
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Is it somehow funny to you?
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Some people might say a lot of things. They always have.