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[ Today the Khaleesi looks troubled. Not worried, but troubled. There are many that have arrived, and many that have left. This strange 'magic' that does this has great power, and it leaves her confused, and afraid.

It isn't her worries that cause her to speak though, rather the arrivals instead. She has no question, nor a need for asking, but more a simple wish of conversation (and a wish to know whom is like her) ]

There are many that have arrived, many from my own world as well as others, but they may as well all be foreign. Though they are from my world I know not one. [ The surname of Stark or Lannister not included ] I would not wish for any to arrive, to be here. [ Even if it would be nice, to see Ser Jorah or one of her handmaidens (she would say Drogo too, but he is gone) ]

Would you wish for another? For a friend? [ Or even a foe, just someone familiar ] Or would you wish to remain alone?
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I have been alone for some time. I'm not bothered by the fact that the same thing applies here. I doubt that the few I knew back at my city would have handled this situation well, anyway.

[After all, they were more important than her, and have much work to do.]
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Negative, but I would be more concerned with their present mental stability as is, without having abduction to deal with. [As if Rey's mental state is any better.] On that note, I'm not in much of a position to help anyone at the moment, either.
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They are not. I have no friends.

[It seems to be a mantra at this point. Like something she wakes up and recites because it's probably true.]
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[Rey's thoughts and feelings about other people are pretty convoluted at best. She doesn't know what to make of them, and even if she did...]

I cannot say whether I would or wouldn't. Perhaps. Perhaps they would not need my help.
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I wouldn't know. [She thinks about the city she left behind, and the people she could have left to burn there. They were a lost cause. She had tried to help, anyway. She didn't know why. The city still fell.

[Eventually, after a long pause:]
...Possibly, if they asked.
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Then I suppose not everyone would think less of me if I wasn't willing, depending on the circumstances.

[That's what Rey assumes, at least. There are people that she remembers who she wouldn't want to help out. They would be the kind to sleep with one eye opened when around her, anyway.]
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I see. I think I understand.