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o3 ☢ but i'm good at being uncomfortable so i can't stop changing all the time

[ as always with a banner post, the opener cues up a half uncomfortable, awkward smile. sincere, but still twitchy. bruce: never going to like public speaking, thanks. ]

I spent some spare time lately messing with my communicator, and I thought I'd share the benefits.

[ more: he's been reminding himself to do this since speaking to ros, but 'the pretty red haired woman with the hungry smile who can't read inspired this' seems a little too much. better to be a bored scientist tinkering with things. ]

I thought it might be useful to have a-- reading function on these things, so to speak. It's not the most elegant job, but I can show my work if anyone else wants to keep going on something a little more structured.

...Anyway. The program I threw together reads text posts aloud. [ in something that sounds a lot like betty's voice, because bruce is a dork. ] I know language barriers aren't much of an issue here, and I can't promise an attached dictionary, but it's something.

[ he hesitates. ]

We're all very focused on the immediate, and we should be. But it might not hurt to add a few more-- non-essential projects to the pile, just to make life a little more comfortable. [ not that he doesn't want to be home-- well, all right, some of him doesn't-- but of all people, bruce understands the need to make something good happen, see tangible and rewarding results for your efforts in between everything else. ]


[ the half smile bruce turns towards his communicator is particularly pained, now. there really should be a lost and found okay, so he doesn't have to do something like this to keep from feeling wasteful and more than a little cowardly. ]

Last jump, I received a few things I don't need. If anyone wants them, I'll leave them all in a box outside 006 » 029. First come, first serve.

( 1 ) ipod, filled with jazz.
( 1 ) yoga mat
( 1 ) set bongo drums
( 1 ) large bag marijuana

[ and now his eyebrows draw together. ]

Don't say it, Tony. [ that probably guarantees trolling. reverse psychology for fun and profit, and banner out. ]

l o c k e d / a x v e n g e r s

We should probably all talk. Briefing?

[ because they've lost people, and they've gained others-- time to touch base. past time. ]

l o c k e d / a x v e n g e r s

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I could take the bag off of your hands, I suppose.

[First come first serve, right? Time to move.]
circumitus: its people like u that make people like me go to rehab. he has a lazy eye for christ sakes. (your girlfriend is a south jersey whore)


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