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001 | Video | Text → Scout

[ Good evening, Tranquility. Your lovely white haired scientist popping up on your screens! Well. Not yet 'scientist' but... At least she's looking well. Adjusting to being on a space ship was some tough stuff... ]

I am looking to contact Data or Xavier about a position in the science department. If they do not see this message, does anyone know how I can find them?

[ You can see the she's sitting on the ground and leaning forward slightly to keep her head within the frame. If you've seen her before, you'd know that the grey hooded sweatshirt she's sporting isn't her normal get-up. She snagged it from Scout after a certain encounter a night or so back - realizing that it was much more comfortable to lounge in instead of her leather-material. ]

I'm also hoping to learn more about this device. Does anyone have any advanced skills with it? Better yet, can anyone modify my cables so I may link up with it directly?

[ She has the cords beside her, lifting them to show the feed. All three look like regular cords, but both ends of all three cords are only a match to the plugs located at her temples and sides of her head. You'd have to be there to examine them more properly. ] 

I cannot risk damaging them, they are the only ones I have. 

[ Standing from the feed, everyone can see that the jacket isn't quite long enough to cover her underwear entirely - so everyone just got a two second show of her long legs and tiny black panties. The video ends. ]

Sorry I didn’t tell you that I took your jacket.
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Link directly? You mean like a MSB -- or, a Bridge?

[That's what she remembers it to be, in any case. Some kind of device that someone from her world used to hook his brain up to a terminal. Of course, the results hadn't been that... great.]

You probably shouldn't. Not here.