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I read the FAQ and stuff...It's gonna take a while to get used to things - but I guess I'm pretty adaptable. Waking up in blue goo is pretty surreal. Do you ever get used to it?
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[...Simply put?]

circumitus: (503): forewarning i'll probably have done those drugs with you (i wanna bring you to show and tell)

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[Sorry if she isn't the bearer of great news!]

Affirmative. Since it started.
This has been the ninth time so far.
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Correct, and yes. Those would be the first set of numbers on my arm - just like yours displays 009, I assume.

[She can sense "newbie" from a mile away. Much like spiders! But with new people.]
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[Rey never went to high school, so she wouldn't know, asdf.
[On that note, the "freshman" reference is lost to her, but WHATEVER.]

Negative. There are usually much worse things that come around sooner or later. You'll most likely figure that out yourself.
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A handful of us got sick and almost died vomiting blood not long ago - myself included. To say it was bad would be putting it mildly when you're bleeding from various orifices.
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We don't have a sufficient amount of information to be able to provide a definitive answer to what it was, or what caused it. I cannot even make any claims that it won't return, despite the fact that a treatment had been found.

Additionally, the sickness had been fatal. I don't see how oranges could have helped.
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Affirmative. Have not heard any recent developments regarding the sickness. It's safe to assume that it is, at present, not a big concern.

Also: The closest thing to a police force on the Tranquility would be the security team to assist in enforcing rules and regulations. This involves a group of volunteers, myself included.

[She takes awhile to process this idea of a joke.]

Negative. However, I am not the best one to ask about what people do where I am from.
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Yes. For now, it's all that there is.

[Oh boy. How to answer this?]

When: 2147 A.D.

I am from Earth.
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[Augh. You'll have to forgive her for being a little suspicious, Peter:]

Why do you want to know?
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Wouldn't know. Science isn't my field. Weapons development, nuclear theory, and indoctrination has taken new heights over the course of recent history, however. That much I know firsthand.
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I mean I saw it all happen. Watched cities fall and people kill other people for some time.