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Video. 3.

Heyyyyyy, this is Ned.

[ Heyyyyyy, that's not Ned. That's a golden retriever panting into the screen. The Pie Maker eventually leans into view while the dog moves aside. Definitely a dog with manners. ]

How many of us on board have... pets? [ Can't quite pinpoint the right word. He really means Digby as a friend rather than a pet. "Pet" doesn't sit well on his tongue, a taste he would easily spit and replace with... "a best friend." The lightened mood in his expression is evident, reunited and doomed together in space, but it's just a little odd how carefully distanced he is from the dog, clasping his hands together. An allergy seems to be the logical excuse. ]

I'm sure Digby would enjoy the company. He does at home, but you know, that's not really the case anymore. [ A pause. Something he had forgotten: ] Yeah, to the newcomers... Ned. Digby. [ A bark. ] Hi.

circumitus: its people like u that make people like me go to rehab. he has a lazy eye for christ sakes. (your girlfriend is a south jersey whore)


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They seem like they would be a hassle to manage. Why do people keep them?

[Things Rey Does Not Understand #677346734.]
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circumitus: even drones can fly away.... the queen is their slave... (chill out big head)


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[She just blurts:] ...I don't have friends.


They're good company because they're loyal? [Well, sure. Why not? She'd seen them used for fighting before, so.] I suppose that can be true. In some ways.
circumitus: 'Cause it makes him feel like a fish. (says he likes to get high and swim)


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[It's the only way Rey can describe how she "feels" about most people. She views them like a sliding scale, between tolerance and usefulness. Ned? She can at least tolerate. It's good enough.]

Their lives are so short. Someday, they die -- and you're alone again.
circumitus: Because you're marine grade... You rascal. (you need 400 proof or marine proof)


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[Poor Ned. Rey has no tact...]