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[She's used to this, following orders and directions, and even if her head is still a bit fuzzy, she knows how to do that much. She's already slid into her crewman's uniform without question. Blue-eyed with orange-dyed hair, she looks a little bit like she's ready for Halloween in this getup, but whatever.]

Thumos here, student ID 44932. Uh, any sisters who are out there should ping me, because this is really not cool. Sparrows should warn us before she starts piling this shit on to everybody.... Keyboard? Orchid? Thundersnow?

[She keeps spewing names, waiting for an answer that's never going to come. She stares at the comm a moment longer before she takes a deep breath. She sets the phone down and takes a pistol from its holster instead, checks it over to make sure it's loaded and ready. Ka-chink.]

All right then.

[[ooc; brb going to sleep, but I was excited about the ooopppeeennniiiiiing.]]
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Keyboard? Orchid? Thundersnow? What kind of names are those?

[Not that she's one to talk -- if she has a name, it still hasn't come to her yet.]
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[Makes sense.]

Haven't seen anybody using those names yet.
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I could be wrong. I haven't had the time to thoroughly look, but I also wouldn't get any hopes up, either.