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.001 [VIDEO]

[On the screen, there's a tense-looking CO in full uniform moving back and forth across the room. There is always something off-putting about Anne Cunningham. It might be the way she always looks like she wants to kill everyone, or maybe it's the harsh and businesslike way she talks. But whatever the case, even in the video it's apparent, and currently she's pacing around her room. When the transmission's been going for about fifteen seconds, she stops pacing long enough to focus on the feed she's sending out, leaning slightly against the wall beside her]

I've been here a month now, and I haven't noticed any kind of law enforcement around here. Maybe I wasn't paying enough attention, but from where I'm standing, it's like anarchy around here.

[her tone is clipped and she leans her head back against the wall]

I guess my main question is, who exactly's keeping order around here?

[private video to Murphy Pendleton]

How're the birds? They haven't escaped yet, have they?

[what she really means is "how are you and how's that drinking problem?" but she keeps it professional. Well... as professional as one can be when talking about birds that you're unwittingly sort of a surrogate mommy to]
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[Hello, Anne. Meet Rey. Ignore the fact that she's totally high right now while still able to maintain some level of coherent aptitude:]

Negative. No typical law enforcement that I have heard of. Independent security force instead, if you're interested.
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"Anyone" can simply sign up here... [Unlike with Natalie, Rey just sends this over the comm device, rather than tricking Anne into meeting her in person. How kind. Even though it would sure have been lovely to meet new people right now, wouldn't it?

[But no, Rey is going to keep a straight face, for now.]
Gunnery will provide you with standard issue weapons. Those who do end up joining security are tasked with jobs such as aiding others in need-- [even though Rey has slacked off on this in the past due to NOT GIVING A SHIT but oh man that should totally change now shouldn't it oh yes] --patrols, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera...
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[It's okay, lady, this one has no problems with waiting. She's very patient! Could totally stand in one place all day if she has to. Good thing she actually doesn't have to, because the world's so pretty right now, and she could just--

[She eventually gets a reply, then snaps back into attention:]


[Simple, one-note, same monotone, somewhat lightheaded. Really, Anne couldn't have shown gratitude at all and Rey wouldn't have noticed. The lack of hostility in her tone helps. She tends to respond pretty well to that.]
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[Oh Anne, do you have a staring problem, too? Rey can relate.]

Alright. Better than ever. [So blithely:] In fact, I know it won't be until these effects wear off that I'll be feeling dead inside again.

[Don't sound happy when you say that, Rey. Don't do that. Goodness.]
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[You have no idea, woman.]

I'm talking about the bottle of emotion that I bought last month.

...Technically, I didn't buy it. More of a trade than anything.
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[Welp! Not that Rey cares. People doing drugs are kind of an everyday thing where she used to be at.]


Correction: I gave him a gun, not money. More like traded for emotion, I suppose.
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It was justified. He needed it for defense reasons. [Or so she figured. Because why the fuck else would someone need to trade for a gun?] It isn't a considerable loss.